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1 hour ago, London Wanderer said:

Ha. Well I'm a virtue signalling, China loving, snowflake traitor. So not in a much better position tbh. 

Plenty of rats along the way... Just not that one. It's just not possible. You need a lot of people on board to do it. Takes a lot of senior government people, scientists, economists... All it takes is one leak from one person or a hack and you're fucked and looking at World War and economic crash. Absolute nonsense to think it was deliberately released imo. 

I must admit after the WHO said they don’t believe it was man made I’m slowly moving away from it but there is summat not right with it all still. Whichever way you cut this, a country as populous as that with a highly mobile population managed to contain it so quickly and importantly recover so quickly just doesn’t stack up. 

I don’t know what’s gone on and we never will but something is amiss. 


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My uncle lost his battle to this in Royal Bolton this morning, so he will be one of today’s numbers.  last rites over the phone held by a nurse with no family there. made an exception yester

That was one of the loveliest things to ever happen. Stood in my garden sobbing like a baby! Proud to work for the NHS 👏👏👏👏❤️

I’ve sat with my mum who is slipping away, literally breathing her last today. She idolises the Queen, and whilst she didn’t in all likelihood hear that, I know she would have loved every single

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Spoke to the mum of a nurse who works in the intensive care part at Bolton hospital. 

Often ask about her when I see her mum.

This time she said numbers were lower but still bubbling along a base line number. She did comment though that those in there were young. She didn't go into more detail.

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