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Hill or Mr Grey???

Would just like to see a bit of gamesmanship from us for a change we even take free kicks further back . 2-2 couple of sendings off .

What’s the score next game

Just now, Burndens Bogs said:

A bit like Roger DuRed.

As an aside, my local pub when i lived in Bolton used to be a strong Whites pub, a lad( who we knew) once had his Man U shirt ripped off his back in there, it was set on fire and left to burn hanging from the front door knocker - no real aggression just friendly "banter" to teach him a lesson.

A change of landlord and cellarman later, it's now full of placcy armchair reds whenever Man U play, they all disappear as soon as the final whistle blows.

I miss the old days.

I think a lot of pubs in Bolton will be like that nowadays. Last time I was out in little lever utd were playing on a Saturday lunchtime and it was rammed with that lot. None of them been to old trafford. 

come 3pm and Bolton were on the dodgy stream and the place was empty apart from about ten of us. 

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1 hour ago, jeep said:

Bwfc 2

Accrington Stanley 2


And then cue the dickheads in ESL poking fun at their fans with "It's only a draw, it's only a dra - a - aw, how shit must you be? It's only a draw!"

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2 hours ago, ErnestTurnip said:

I'll take a nice organised, hard working 0-0 with a couple of heart stopping moments due to individual errors but overall a display of cohesive team football that sends us home content but not overly happy.

What’s the score next game

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