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Man U fans??

...and odd Shoes

Either way - people might be conditioned to the types of lifestyle they'll need to start living if we hope to bring greenhouse gas emissions in any meaningful way. Hell of a way to get there mind!

1 minute ago, miamiwhite said:

Can't this week mate unfortunately but will be on the same rattler next week 👍 

No probs, i had a ride up a fortnight ago, getting my railcard some mileage in before lockdown kicks up again in the area.🍺

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12 hours ago, ZicoKelly said:

What if the universe is what you perceive


You're sat in a room with someone, when they leave the room, they cease to exist

Yeah but whose that sat on my bog having a shit then? 

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14 hours ago, leigh white said:

If i'd caught the 26 instead of the 18 bus outside the Miners Arms in Astley in 65, i could've ended up a red that Saturday going to my first ever match.

Does that memory give you a cold sweat. One of those close shave moments😬 

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1 hour ago, Marc505 said:

Still laughing to myself this morning about the theory of the twin towers being a giant extraterrestrial tuning fork 😆

Frightening how many complete zoons are out there. I was listening to some dumb yank woman this morning with all sorts of thoeries about vaccination and why it should be avoided.

The world is getting crazier by the day. Soft arse treatment of 'The Beatles' execution squad a prime example.

Only when the male of the species reimposes the natural order of things will common sense prevail =@

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