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massively in today  I'm going to be a Dad  had our 12 week scan today

Cheaper than a night out, still A night out I can’t have So, in broad terms, fuck it

He's just a shit world cup

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Regardless of price, TIPA just don't do it for me 

That strong they don't taste hoppy anymore 

A few DIPA push the boundaries of being an enjoyable booze 

Sweet Spot for me is 6.5-7%

That said, had Soylent Green from Pomona yesterday, 5.7% pale, was lavely 

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On 03/04/2021 at 12:12, MickyD said:

Two 660ml Keo and two 660ml Warsteiner. I must be out of drinking practice because I was a wreck.

Spoke to my brother earlier. Told him how those four bottles had wiped me out.

He then asked if the half bottle of JD may have had a bearing on things.

Well, it was news to me. I don’t particularly like JD and coke.

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1 minute ago, ErnestTurnip said:

Wasn't going to drink today but in the interest of not killing folk in our house have just got back from Tommy Wrights.

Forgot it was Sunday so It was shut.

Bloodshed incoming.

Have you painted yourself into such a corner that NOTHING from a regular off-licence is acceptable to drink?

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10 minutes ago, ErnestTurnip said:

Today really required something overpriced and tasting slightly of mango.

I'll end up with some Tyskie.

If you are local, pop round, I’ve got a few spare

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Juat seen that, cheers for the offer.

The good man at the shop has furnished me with 4 Strongbow, 4 Stella, some cheap blackcurrant, and 4 packets of Riesen chews so I'm going 80s student themed for a change.


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On 06/04/2020 at 23:39, Zico said:

I see no end to my drinking

@deane koontz

Nothing has changed

On my 7th night in a row 

I'm convincing myself this is all nearly over so get a few more school nights in before things go back to normal

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Gonna try a big morrisons tmrw and pick up the jaipur ddh

If its as good as the reviews, definitely worth 3 quid a can

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Stolen from the Bolton CAMRA group

A list of pubs in Bolton Borough that are due to open for outdoor service during the week of the 12th April. 

Alma Inn
Northern Monkey (from Friday)
Victoria Inn (Fanny's), Markland Hill
Beaumont Arms, Ladybridge
White Lion, Westhoughton
Robert Shaw, Westhoughton
Cherry Tree, Blackrod
Red Lion, Blackrod
Blundell Arms, Horwich
Jolly Crofters, Horwich
Brewery Bar, Horwich (from Wednesday)
Crofters, Bradshaw
Railway, Bromley Cross
Spread Eagle, Bromley Cross
White Horse, Harwood
The Thomas Egerton
Mosley Arms, Breightmet
Market St Tavern, Stoneclough
Grapes, Stoneclough
Kearsley & Ringley Conservative Club (members only)
Horseshoe, Ringley
Unity Brook Inn, Kearsley
Rivington Brew Company (from Wednesday)
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Rivington Brew Co

Daughter has a horse in the stables across the yard.

Think my decision is made for me

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