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massively in today  I'm going to be a Dad  had our 12 week scan today

Cheaper than a night out, still A night out I can’t have So, in broad terms, fuck it

He's just a shit world cup

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4 minutes ago, Traf said:

Govt asked us to use common sense when the pubs re-opened

Govt said pubs could open at 6am.

Common sense?

Not sure if these things are necessarily on a sliding scale, but opening at 6am made more sense than the original plan to open at 0.01am, at least. 

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On 04/07/2020 at 14:13, Spider said:

I quick look through the windows of 2 pubs in horwich and I can assure you the “measures” may as well have been sent in Morse code.

We are back to normal.

The Saddle and the V&A?

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On 04/07/2020 at 22:02, Escobarp said:

Pub in flixton shut earlier for a public order issue. Was shut for two hours so must have been some scrap. Suspect it’s one of many across the country. 

Drove past the Colliers on Chorley old Rd at about 7 last night. There was 2 cop cars and a van outside, dunno what was going on but about 12 people huddled about. My thought was, this didn't take long did it. 

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14 hours ago, ErnestTurnip said:

After a week with no ale someone bought me some King Slayer DIPA round today as a thank you, don't know if it's  been mentioned before but it's definitely worth a go if you're that way inclined.

That ikat is my current fave

Excluding cloudwater stuff, but theyre sily money, even with the discount, so its never more then 3 at a sitting

Cloudwater ccurrentlyoffering an 11 per center

Think ill pass

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2 hours ago, Rudy said:

Just had 6 of the finest pints of Guinness before a nice walk home with the pooch

I'm very jealous. I could murder a decent Guinness right now.

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Dunno if anybody owns a blade machine, but affligem is available now

Fantastic beer and probs best drunk at home :)

Ive got my first 3 beers coming from overtone tomorrow

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