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Just wasted one of my 20 days doing a full day glossing so I'm going to tidy up whatever is in stock regardless of what it is.

Decision to be made whether to just pour it all into a big pot with some ice and call it a cocktail or go through small bits of pain each time summat shite crops up.

Decision definitely made is after 30 ish years of DIY i'm paying some fucker to do it in future.

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Cheaper than a night out, still A night out I can’t have So, in broad terms, fuck it

would have been my mums 87th birthday today, first one without her. raising a glass of champagne in her memory. love you mum.  

massively in today  I'm going to be a Dad  had our 12 week scan today

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1 hour ago, Rudy said:

American IPA from Aldi is decent for £1.09 a pop

Tried it, was okay. 

Proper Job & Empire are better though 👍

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I’m very much in today. Boys day out. Massive numbers of different households. No masks needed cos we are in a pub and there is no risk there remember. Be reet 

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Like Proper Job and Big Job when you can get it. Had a normal strength cider the other day that was a decent drink in the sun, can't remember what it was called but it was made from Granny Smith's and had a weird name.

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8 hours ago, Widnes Two Hats said:

Courvoisier, keep away from Metexa 😄😄😄

Cheers fella.

Me and the Mrs went for a few scoops yesterday. 
Took the dogs for a walk and called into retreat. Service was shocking, ran by kids. Really disappointing.

Went to Fannys and it was brilliant, and the Guinness was perfect 

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6 minutes ago, radcliffewhite1 said:

Shortage of places to get in yesterday

options low so we tried a holts pub and it was full wtf getting turned away from joeys

Full of classy clientele 

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On 30/08/2020 at 17:01, radcliffewhite1 said:

City centre holts

so probably

think these had teeth 

Goats gate in whitefield is the best Holts pub I’ve ever been in.

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4 hours ago, tomski said:

Goats gate in whitefield is the best Holts pub I’ve ever been in.

Haven’t been in since the refurbishment 

Been some trouble in the last year according to the MEN a 20 man brawl other week

pizzas are meant to be👌

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