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What do visiting managers say to their players just before sending their players out? "These blokes think they are Barcelona with their swanky stadium and tippy tappy building form the back... ta

Starting to get on my tits now this fucking idiot. Weve heard it all before pal. The only issue with our performances is you trying make a gaggle of spastics play like barca-fucking-lona.

And to think when we were in the lower reaches of the champ and in L1 some on here had us believe the Calibre of players we had were unable to play short sharp passing like this.    yet you’ve

Good to hear the encouraging comments from IE for Darcy and Politic, added to the faith he's obviously now got in Brockbank, Delaney and Crawford.  Compared to the weak line up for the 1st day v FGR, when all 11 starters were new signings, and only 1 outfield player on the bench, he is starting to give the 'old' players a fair crack of the whip. Senior and Riley have also been recognised as having a chance to be included in future.  Positive signs that IE may be looking beyond his own signings now that he has seen what they are about.

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Most disappointing part, aside from results, so far is that we're not dominating games like I expected us to. I thought that was Evatt's whole system, winning the ball back in 6 seconds etc. Not seen much of that. Teams look to be playing some decent football around us, not just hoofball like I thought the whole league would be.

Didn't necessarily think we'd be 5-niling everyone but I thought we'd at least always be the team camped in the opposition half, trying to break through a low block and prevent getting counter-attacked too hard. If anything I thought that would be our biggest problem, trying to beat teams who just sit off. We've only won games when we've had less possession and even in games where we've had more possession we didn't look dominant in any way.

Fitness levels have to increase massively and creativity and ball retention, or the players simply aren't up to it and we'll have to win games differently this season.

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Just looking across the threads at the vast and varied opinion on IE and how long he should be given; he should have gone, he should go on Wednesday after we lose, give him till Salford, end of November, Christmas, transfer window, end of season, 2 years. 

Christ, we’re a disparate bunch aren’t we 😂

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Would of thought there isn’t much scope in the salary cap of 1.25m left for January to change the squad much with them all being on season long deals . 

so it’s going to boil down to could another manager get any more out of what we have got ? I’m not sure probably different formation might help . 

I’m beginning to think give him longer and hopefully with 3 or 4 players back from injury see if things change around 

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I still think we are a couple of proper football men short on the coaching/scouting set up yet. Won’t happen but I’d get shut of TP and go on bended knee to BSA to replace him. Not to be involved in the coaching side, more getting structures in place to help I.E

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Fuck mop Cassie - you defended deluded Dougie to the hilt until the Fulham dicking then everyone concurred he needed fucking off.

Mounts very early called out Crellin as shite and was laughed at by some - wrong.

Gonzo pointed out we could be in serious danger of emulating those historyless Wirral tramps and dropping out of the league.

Who the fuck is Tobias fucking Phoenix - moneyballs. Did he ever play?

As Traf said it's not hard - we don't have to resort to Parky hoofball but a flat back 442 - and Crellin it's not confidence he's shite.

It's Evatts' team if he can't get a tune out of them then FV should get rid around Christmas.

Two years? New grounds in the tinpot League I suppose.

Allianze Arena to being overjoyed with a draw with Cambridge United.

As Radcliffe said we cannot be in this divison and getting bummed by the likes of Orient - we'll be fucked and...



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Solace I'm taking with Evatt is that he didn't get immediate results with Barrow, not sure how much of it I can take but it's something to cling onto. Hard to put too much faith in it though as it is his only other job, bar 3 games at Chesterfield.

First time this season that promotion is becoming a real doubt in my mind. Thought we'd turned the corner after Barrow and Cambridge, then the Bradford win. Last performance was really poor though and I think we'll have a few more of them with this set of players.

Praying that by the new year we've had some sort of click, figured out our best XI and the keeper is sorted.

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10 hours ago, Farnywhite said:

That’s a new one manager blaming the coach they have traveled down on for injuring our finely tuned athlete 😂 https://www.theboltonnews.co.uk/sport/18840766.bolton-wanderers-striker-make-shock-return-mansfield-town/


They want to try drinking until 2am Saturday morning before piling into the back of a Luton van with 40 other lads for a road trip to Southend, straight back on the piss all day and the return journey that night and then turnout for Sunday league the next morning.

That's tough, these cunts have got it easy. Baptiste wouldn't get in the pub team.

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