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Kit for next season

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I wouldn't wear a replica shirt, but on the other hand I also wouldn't pitch up at a game with a coat that had goggles built into the hood.

£30 for last season's ST holders. Fuck the rest of em.......

Looks like an inventory of the clothing at a Goan orphanage.

3 minutes ago, DomRepWanderer said:

Are we expecting a new kit or are we going with what we've got?

dunno - if it means we can save some cash then I'd be happy with the old one - if it means that we can make some more cash, then lets get a new one.

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With no guarantee of actually going to a game this year, the one nailed on form of income would be a new kit.  With the new positivity around the place, get them on sale while its summer and fans can walk around in them at £40 a go.

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3 hours ago, Kane57 said:

The new Atletico kit is absolutely sensational, apropos of nowt



Apropos achieving surround sound. 

You've got to have a basic grasp of Latin if you are working in Currys. 

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