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Colchester V Bolton

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I'm giving Evatt all season and all next season at least, those on Twitter asking for his head need to give theirs a wobble. We need stability and I'm confident he will get it right, we need to be mor

Give the new manager time FFS, it's a brand new squad with about 18 players signed and a brand new playing style for the majority of them too, have some patience!

You appear to have very little if any patience as you did say in a earlier post:- "Evatt is even more out of his depth than Hill ever was and he has no idea how to fix things."

49 minutes ago, Farrelli said:

Interesting comments from IE in the BN. Apparently he has seen a couple of things missing in our recent performance and is hoping to address it starting on Saturday. 

1. He has told the players to stop playing shit

2. He has relaxed his half time sprint back to the changing rooms to conserve more energy

We will now win easy

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4 hours ago, Duck Egg said:

I imagine your pre season positivity is the subject of much hilarity on that league 2 forum you were posting on?

Nothing wrong with being positive. More a glass half full man.

I went on that lge 2 and yes at first i was serious, now i just give the abuse i receive.

Meanderson  i have never met any one so negative.

Block me on here. PS get rid of that shite name


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4 hours ago, Whitesince63 said:

Yes, Darcy and Crawford from the starting line up.

A clean slate for Saturday and we, can approach it positively hoping for an improvement in defence, midfield and attack.  Genuine question, would anyone NOT pick Crawford to start, and Darcy at least on the bench?  Do you anticipate improvement from the midfield picked v FGR or would you change personnel?

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7 minutes ago, Casino said:

Each to their own but theres no way I'm not watching it

Still be 400 quid saved

I am currently working on saving £40-£50 per home game and £150-£200 per away game. Bargain. 

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