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BWFC V Grimsby

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MoM: Fergal Sharkey

Agree with that; just replace Baptiste with a goalie so there is no chance for him to get on the pitch

Is this in honour of Muamba?

1 minute ago, SatanGreavsie said:

Fucking robbing bastards - put me code in but when it said "use previous account" it charged it £10 there and then

Yeah I got stung like that for Newport game, and only caught second half.

This Grimsby kit is a lovely colour.

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2 minutes ago, Not in Crawley said:

What are folk doing? Its worked everytime first time.

No idea. I’m amazed some of the folk on here survive the modern world with wizardry such as internet and contactless payments etc. 

it’s really not difficult this?

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1 minute ago, Not in Crawley said:

Thought about you today, our local sausage shop uses your avatar as a logo

It used to be animated and was used by a Laura Hool when he joined WW when we drew Plovdiv in Europe.

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Crawford has been surprisingly poor this season so far for me - and he’s started this game the same way. I thought he’d stand out by a mile but he just seems to be a bit sloppy with his touch and final ball. Hopefully he’ll get better (in this game and the rest of the season) because from what we’ve seen previously, I’m convinced he’s miles better than what we’re currently seeing.

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2 hours ago, Casino said:

Take it youve checked junk

Thats where I get 11 a week

Massive pain

turns out that's where it was, in my mate's dad's junk


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