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MoM: Fergal Sharkey

Agree with that; just replace Baptiste with a goalie so there is no chance for him to get on the pitch

Is this in honour of Muamba?

They started sluggishly, but finished by far the better team. And even though they weren’t great in first 20 mins, they didn’t look like conceding. 

Early goal in 2nd half and it will be difficult for Grimsby to get back into this. 

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Crawford is the biggest disappointment. He can do so much better with the ball but he gives the ball away too easily. 

Hickman is having a good game. 

First 25 we were poor. Last 20 we were better but we need to test their goalkeeper. I don't think he's had a save to make. 

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Just now, famouswanderer said:

Don't know about the Crawford comments, personally think he's looked good.

Santos has been fantastic for one and a half games now.

Need to score when we have those dominant periods.

I think he, like the rest, got better. Speeded up the passing and movement. Don't need long raking passes so much when doing this. 


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Agree with most of what's being said. Much improved on previous home games.

Still think we have an air of sloppiness about us, we'd have worked the keeper at least but for that.

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