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Looking at putting a lean-to timber framed pagoda on back of house. Looking to do it myself but want someone to give me some ideas about timber requirements; 3x3 or 4x4 for verticals, 3x2 or 2x2 for stud work (ends will be boarded both ends), glass roof panels or Perspex (weight would be an issue here)

Ideas please.

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My dad had one with 3x3 posts. It didn't have a roof as such, just cross beams.

The more weight, the bigger the posts. If you're filling in both ends have you given consideration to wind?

Most treated timber is "softwood", hardwood stock would be more expensive. 

Funnily enough, I've just blagged 4 'posts' from some electricity workers who were replacing poles carrying over head cables. Old poles which go for scrap, but are heavily treated and are in good condition.

Previously I acquired an old telegraph pole in a similar way and made bird feeding stations out of them. 

These can be bought online, and for me will give longer life than new treated timber.

Not necessarily as pleasing to the eye, but fine for a more rustic look.

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6 minutes ago, Casino said:

I'm going to get somebody to make me some hardwood seating for next summer

I may be able to help to an extent. 

I've got access to some mahoosive chunks of oak, and may also have access to similar chunks of Ash soon too.

If you can find a suitable joiner, they may be interested in some of these materials. 

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