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Yellow and red cards were introduced to the English league in 1976, with two red cards shown on the first day of their use. There was initially a bit of confusion over what they were supposed to be given for, with Blackburn Rovers’s David Wagstaffe becoming the first player to be show a red card when he argued with the referee after thirty-six minutes of the match. Sixty-seven minutes into his match for Manchester United that same afternoon, George Best was shown a red card for swearing.

Part of the problem was that referees began to become more and more demonstrative in the way that they officiated games. As violence on the terraces began to become more regular in the 1970s and early 1980s it was felt that the more ‘show off’ nature of some referees was adding to the issue. In 1981, therefore, the FA Council decided to get rid of red cards in the hope that it would calm down the reaction of the supporters in the stands if they had less visual impetus to get upset about. That didn’t work, of course, and by 1987 the decision was taken out of the Football Association’s hands. The International Football Association Board, which is in charge of the introduction of rules across the sport of football, decided that England was out of step with the rest of the world and needed to re-introduce cards ahead of the 1987-1988 season, which they did.


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Or wearing a gas mask

He’s doing a lot of moaning on Facebook at the moment.  I must admit though, he’s got a very good following, decent lad is Gaz

It's gotta be a trick: something pre 85, maybe not a sending off,but literally a card. Need to think outside the box...

1 hour ago, Zico said:


so they just pointed?

the fuck was that all about?

what did they do to signify a yellow card?


For a yellow card, their name was just taken down in the book. Watch Moran's reaction, he obviously thinks he's just getting a yellow, til he's told to get off!

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15 hours ago, Zico said:

and it's a very good one

currently doing the rounds on my whatsapp groups

utd fans are having none of it


It was a very good question that caught out some of the youngsters.I remember being excited when cards were brought back

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