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IE is absolutely spot on. Hes still got my full support and fwiw I’m confident that he will sort it. some of u lot thought it was gonna be a cake walk this season. So do some of our pla

They are easy, negative observations that anyone with an ounce of football knowledge would struggle to disagree with.  And of course you have the higher ground as you’ve got a whole host of poor

I hate playing Oldham. Never got over that Darren Beckford goal. Bogey team, going to curl up in the cupboard under the stairs and drink a 10 pack of Guinness (I will have a bucket)

16 minutes ago, Mounts Kipper said:

Check if on sale at Tesco you get 25% off if you buy six, I buy the yellow tail Chardonnay it’s £7 but £5.25 with the discount. 

Ive not seen it in tesco for 2 years

The jammy red sticks around but thats like sweet ribena

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On 19/10/2020 at 19:42, Casino said:

the number of times you need a sub goalie is very low

I would however have one as we dont seem to have any intention of using other than a centre mid and 2 wing backs

You may expect iles to ask about the thinking

I say you may, as i dont, cos  i have him as a thick twat with no clue

I recall Super John going into the goal on a Tuesday night... was it the Anglo Italian Cup?

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And back in the days of crowds staying, almost to a man, to show appreciation for a win, a performance or a striker becoming a stand-in keeper. Nowadays, (if only) folk are more interested in leaving on 75+ minutes to escape the bottlenecks around the ground.

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Chubby fingers
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The thing about Burnden was you could approach it from all angles, I could get the number 10 or 23 buses, walk across Leverhulme Park, park the car behind the Tech or walk from town after a scoop.

You could disperse after the match all ways so there wasn't the stress of getting out of the friggin car park because you had to use the M61 or Chorley New Road to get away



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15 hours ago, desperado said:

Absolutely brilliant that! The cheers every time he touched it. And that finger tip save over the bar 😂

The volume sounds a bit on the enhanced side of things on that video it's at Maracana levels at times 🤣

Loved everything about that team, even the kit was a simple classic.

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