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Vela was a whopper from day one, he just benefitted from the white tinted specs that so many of our recent 'heroes' have managed - the likes of Wheater, Madine etc. Utter shithouses devoid of any

I’m still very much in Evatts camp. He hasn’t got it right, he knows it and we know it. 20 new players and 10 games in isn’t time to Chuck the towel in. Half this team, TP will have lined up for

Suggesting Saravic isn’t fit was a comment after he tried to win a free kick on the edge of their box .They are local radio tossers & shouldn’t be given one ounce of credibility. Thought the

16 minutes ago, kent_white said:

Didn't have any choice really - seen as we didn't have any senior pros.

Not true, easy to say in hindsight but signed too many (distinctly average) players early on before assessing what he had.  Not only the senior players Delaney, Brockbank, Darcy etc but the younger ones Senior, Riley etc.

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Just now, Mounts Kipper said:

He’s already done the damage, just not good enough. 

He’s not but that’s the answer to another question 

Worst thing today is we were all optimistic.

Thought the corner had been turned! It’s even more of a kick in the bollocks!

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