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36 minutes ago, embankment said:

So what was the building overlooking the pitch ?

Genuinely interested 

It was the building that New Brighton Tower (think a slightly smaller Blackpool Tower) was built from.

I can't place a picture on here, but it's on this ...


The Tower was demolished in 1920.  The building, hotel & ballroom, in 1969.

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Fuck me, how far did you ride?

Let’s stick to battlenips 

16 hours ago, Casino said:

I was trying to find a liverpool ground that might have been the answer to brad wiggins question earlier

Pretty sure it says NB played at an 80k capacity stadium way back

Apparently so - Was for a long time the biggest sports stadium in Northern England - on a par with the Crystal Palace 

Have seen figures of 100,000 capacity quoted in some articles 

Get a better idea as to its size from picture below 


Gallery: Amazing archive photos taken above Liverpool and Wirral | New  brighton, Aerial view, Brighton

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On 01/01/2021 at 12:10, MickyD said:

Spoke to some Pompey fans and their shirt sponsor at the time was Ty Beanie Babies. A big red  ❤️ With TY in the middle. They hated it.

@tshape this made me titter....

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1 minute ago, ZicoKelly said:

You are so close to embedding an image there 

I know it's probably not Chelsea, but Chelsea 

Ace picture though

First effort.

You're right. It's not Chelsea.


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1 minute ago, Underpants said:

First effort.

You're right. It's not Chelsea.


In your imgur app, push the image then copy url 




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