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Nicky Hunt seriously injured.

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For all the shit players we've had I never understood why Nicky Hunt was regarded as one

127 games in our best PL days

That long field punt for Diouf to head in v Plovdiv was as accurate as you can get, and that's what he did consistently

When i say i don't understand, i do, he was local so an easy target and local full backs were always an easy target

Maybe im biased, i had him first goal v Liverpool at 33/1


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Not sure what it was with Hunt. I rated him, and he was a starter for the most part in our four consecutive top eight finishes, so certainly had ability. Wicked cross on him too sometimes. 

A combination of local boy and looking a bit gangly/clumsy perhaps. Not sure if he came across as arrogant to some too(?). 

Strange how he was playing in third/fourth tier by his late twenties. Is he a centre half now?

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Just now, Alf Hartigan said:

Saw him at the petrol station last week, he's a lot taller than I remember.

He was a decent player for us, definitely under achieved since.

Opposite direction to Chris Basham

You may be able to answer a question for me then...

I was sure I seen him drive past me through Harwood a few weeks ago, but wasn't 100%.

Does he drive a white X5?? 

I always liked the lad. Had his moments but a decent player for us. 

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