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Reet after all these divisive threads let's get back to what unites us - apart from the whites - being sexist, objectifying perverts...

I want you to nominate women you'd love to 'woo' - real life or celebs in all the ages, 20's to 80's.

I'll start.

20's - Lola Knight (babe channel)

Dua Lipa (singer)

You diiirty old man.

30's - Jennifer Lawrence (actor)

Fernanda Ferrari (babe channel)

Rachel Riley (presenter)

40's - Zoe Saldana (actor)

Danni Minogue (singer)

Thandie Newton (actor)

Alex Polizzi (presenter/hotelier)

Michelle Thorne (porn tart)

50's - Famke Janssen (actor)

Halle Berry (actor)

Kylie Minogue (singer)

Monica Belluci (actor)

Lynda Leigh (model)

60's - Anneka Rice (presenter)

70's - Sigourney Weaver (actor)

80's - Jane Fonda (actor)

The list is far from conclusive - I will follow site rules and provide picture evidence at a later date.

I urge you all to do this task.

It cleans the soul and harks back to a bygone era where we all felt free to be sexist pigs.



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I'd still 'woo' Jane Fonda 😀. I'd close my eyes and think of 'Cat Ballou'.

Eva Green - I'd drink her piss.

sweep/garp combo, casino says it's on porn hub

Suspect that 'formative years' plays a big part in who you'd nominate.

Sophia Loren, Gina Lollobrigida, Racquel Welch, Ursula Andress etc. Possibly names the younger end on here wouldn't know. From an era when women had curves and stick insects were of little interest.

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Get on youtube, @bolty58
and search Fernanda Ferrari - stick insect she ain't - a throwback to the sixties 😉 Apart from her tattoos - nobody must've told her you don't stick bumper stickers on a Ferrari.

6ft tall and stunning.

Everyone else do the same - any negative feedback will make me  presume you're a woolly.

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13 minutes ago, Burndens Bogs said:

20’s Pixie Lott, 30’s Cheryl Cole, 40’s Amanda Holden, 50’s Jennifer Aniston,60’s Jayne Seymour. 70’s Goldie Hawn, 80’s? GTF that’s just weird 🥴

Great shouts, BB.

Jayne Seymour was on 'Who do you think you are?' t'other day.

Would've inspired a wank if only she wasn't finding out about how her family were killed in The Holocaust.


Amanda Holden is a top shout - total filth, real life filthbag.

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Rita Ora (29)

Holly Willybooby (39)

Amanda Holden (40summet)

Gillian Anderson (based on the fall not the crown) (52)

Ill have to come back to the over 60's, ive had 3 wanks already and my porridge is going cold.


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I’m with Gonzo on Ora, Kelsea Ballerini & Lauren Alaina

30’s, Kimberley Walsh, Emily Atack

40’s Kirsty Gallagher, Reese Witherspoon, Cameron Diaz

50’s Kylie, Liz Hurley, Shania Twain

60’s Nigella Lawson, Jerry Hall

70’s plus? Not sure - probably the mums of them in the 40’s. Dolly Parton


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20’s Rita Ora . I’d sell my mam to smell her bathroom bin

30’s Catherine Tyldesley . I reckon I’d end up on 24 hours in a&e with my head up her clam

40’s Kelly Brook. I’d watch her films just to have a go 

50’s JLo she’s getting like a fine wine 

60 Rita Wilson fancied her as a kid, I would have let her traffic me

70 Helen Mirren. I reckon she lights up a fag after shagging

80. Judi Dench, I reckon she’s filth and a bush like Don Kings head 

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19 minutes ago, Burndens Bogs said:

Ok I’ll give you Jane Fonda - she looks great for her age, but she’d be at the very back of the queue from my list...  she’d be gutted I’m sure

Yeah - but the rule is one bird or birds (yes birds - let's get back to basics) from each age category. The younger lads can even sling legal teenagers in.

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4 hours ago, Youri McAnespie said:

Another for the lucky 50's club...

Liz Hurley.

Google image search her name and 'bikini'...

Thank me later.

It'd be a dream come true to have a missus like that in your 50's.

She could easily have a toyboy half her age.


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