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Stevenage (A) 21st November

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5 hours ago, Francis Fogarty said:

I was going to say what the last few posts said. 

It's about attitude and confidence now because we have a more settled confident side now, and it all stems from the change in keeoer.  Gilks won't last the season, we all know that (including Gilks), but if we can get sorted in time for the next window we'll be reet.

We could have got a team off Wways to beat us that day against Orient, and I'm including vile druggy thugs and those reeking of crime in that.


I've read back your original post and I misread it, apologies.  I thought you were implying our team on Sat would have put 6 past Orient! Yes I agree, we could potentially have put 6 past a team with Crellin in goal and a few others playing under par (if we had continued to attack, which is something BW teams down the years haven't done, we have been declaring at 2 for years much to my frustration when occasionally we could score more).  What I would say is experienced players like Baptiste should be leading by example and not hiding behind an inexperienced keeper, and it sounded like the Baptiste pass back in the first minute set the tone for the day, and that cant have helped everyone's confidence, BC included.  Anyway - onwards and upwards.

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Won nothing yet, stay miserable for another hour or so yet.

after 7pm on an away day - don’t pretend you are usually sober under normal circumstances

0-2 Delf & Doyle. A professional,textbook away performance & no goalkeeping gaffes.

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