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Stevenage (A) 21st November

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Won nothing yet, stay miserable for another hour or so yet.

after 7pm on an away day - don’t pretend you are usually sober under normal circumstances

0-2 Delf & Doyle. A professional,textbook away performance & no goalkeeping gaffes.

12 hours ago, Ratwhite said:

These lot like to draw, not a clue what to expect. 

I expected us to get walloped at Cambridge, I expected us to win at Orient.

I'm not expecting anything tomorrow, (for safety and sanity)


Most of us expected to beat Grimsby, Oldham and Mansfield (if these threads are anything to go by).  We all expected to lose to Salford.  That's the league we're in, everyone is bang average, including us.  But let's look at every defeat so far as BC, before Crellin.  A clean slate, 100% record with a proper goalie. 

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8 minutes ago, gonzo said:

What would be the reason for emails keep going to my junk folder?

It would be a mass email so your system might pick it up as junk. You should be able set the sender as a known contact if it happens a lot. 

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