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Stevenage (A) 21st November

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Won nothing yet, stay miserable for another hour or so yet.

after 7pm on an away day - don’t pretend you are usually sober under normal circumstances

0-2 Delf & Doyle. A professional,textbook away performance & no goalkeeping gaffes.

1 hour ago, Burndens Bogs said:

I'm getting quite used to my new Saturday routine.

10am - Dog out on a 2 hour walk

12 noon -Lunch

1pm - Supermarket for the days refreshments

2pm - Burnden puts the teams up on here, have a read of some of the pre match comments.

2.50pm Put i follow on and watch our match

5pm - light a wood fire and put tea on

5.30 - Evening meal

6pm till Late - Refreshments, alternate between watching TV and reading all the post match bollocks on Wways.

Late - Bed.

Conclusion - Not quite "Living the dream"

I miss actually going to the match. 


Ha ha love that 👏

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3 minutes ago, Francis Fogarty said:

I think there's another couple of goals in it for us.

I’m a little bit concerned, we should have put this to bed, can we play better than that? Can they play worse?  We need to score the next goal thats for sure. 

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26 minutes ago, MickyD said:

They dropped the Borough part of the club name 10 years ago but the seats still spell out BORO on at least three sections of the ground. 

Is it beyond them to swap the positions of the red seats to update to the current name?

Their nickname is Boro (I had to check that).  I didnt know they'd dropped "Borough" from their name, so cheers for the info, I'd no idea.

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