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On 14/01/2021 at 13:47, Burndens Bogs said:

😀On that particular occasion (15 years ago omg),  new footwear (pre broken in Timberlands iirc)cost me dearly! What i wouldn’t give for a “re-yomp” right now 😂Physically i’m in a far better place than i was back then P,with daily 5-6 mile yomps & regular cycling blasts. It’s our mental states that are perhaps suffering over here at the moment mate,with all the mind numbing and seemingly endless Draconian restrictions 🤪. A day on the lash, watching the Whites,followed by a few more beers,a lovely drunken curry,then a painful yomp up COR would be absolute heaven right now.

Aye mate - I feel your pain. Beltin' drunken curry that was :thumbsup:

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I got a few bits, its expensive but its quality, and you can get discounts if you look around, have a Beta SL goretex a Cerium down jacket and a lighter inner down jacket.  Managed to get good di

Much prefer leather for walks where the terrain is wet. Had the lighter half and half type stuff that is waterproof, but found that walking through long, wet grass, the waterproofing treatments w


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21 hours ago, Burndens Bogs said:

Yeh i do MTB'ing myself, but if i went walking in my MTB gear at this time if year i'd be freezing cold. In this weather on the Mtb i use maybe 2 thinnish layers topped by a softshell jacket  and shorts, my body heat keeps me warm.Walking with the dog obviously doesn't build up the same body temp, so my top layer is usually a waterproof baggy jacket with a fleece underneath and a long sleeved T shirt under  that, i wouldn't use that attire whilst out on my bike - too hot .Although i like to wear shorts while i'm out on the bike, i wouldn't go out walking in  shorts at this time of year.

Yeah get where you’re coming from. I’ve bought so much MTB gear over the years that I’m reluctant to buy separate walking gear other than boots. I just mix and match, thick and thin layers, etc. The long MTB trousers def the biggest winner 

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Someone once said “forget the gym take up running and walking. It’s free.”

Yeah, right. I’ve spent well over 4 figures in the last 8-9 months on gear.

A coat for every season - I’ve cheap in Regatta, mid price North Face, upper price Rab and a couple of Belstaff jackets. 3 pairs of trousers (2 zip off into shorts) TNF, Rab & Montane. Berghaus fleece (hardly ever wear it). A variety of mid layers TNF and Montane. And tons of base layers Montane, Inov8, Nike, Under Armour. 

Also plenty of cheap stuff from Sports Direct (base layers) and Decathlon.

As for boots - got both leather and Goretex. My Timberland’s were bought off the cuff at the airport for a trip to Iceland when I realised I had no suitable footwear. They took a long time to break in, but been great. Rarely get wet or cold in them. However they did get breached up Goatfell in Arran in the summer. I’ve recently added a 2nd pair - Inov8s. Goretex uppers with graphene grips. Very comfy. Expect them to be bombproof. I’ve already got the equivalent trail shoes from Inov8.

Added a Nike wafer thin gilet to my collection. It’s perfect for cold weather runs but now also acting as a mid layer under my Rab rain jacket (which isn’t particularly warm on its own). 

Conclusion: buy cheap buy twice. Most expensive walking gear is expensive because it’s good quality and not necessarily because it’s got the branding. However, there’s stuff to be had at Decathlon, Regatta, etc that’s perfectly adequate. 

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