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Wednesday-Saturday is only the same time frame as Saturday-Tuesday And Sat-Tues-Sat is the same time frame as Sat-Wed-Sat. IE wants to stop moaning about irrelevant shit IMO. Refs? yes O

We're not making the Play-offs. Just enjoy that result for what it is - a fucking cracker of a comeback, and another reason most of us love the Wanderers.

When did we sign Phil Hook ? Sounds like he had a blinder tonight and upset Nigel

Can’t see any way this games going on tonight. Over here in South Yorkshire we’ve got about 6 inches of snow so even if it thaws, which it’s doing now, the pitch will be too wet. Such a shame because I think we were all looking forward to seeing one or more of our newbies tonight.

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No snow in North  Nottingham but it rained really hard and everywhere is soaked . The pitch at field mill was poor last time a game was played. More heavy rain forecast . Might be a throwback to a 70s heavy pitch if it gets s go ahead 😀🎄💦

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Thawing quickly now and rain forecast but the pitch there isn’t good at the best of times so let’s hope it’s not too wet to play. Hopefully they can get it right because I’m sure everybody there wants to get the game on and we need to hopefully keep the momentum up after Saturday. Fingers crossed.

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1 hour ago, Tonge moor green jacket said:

Get the lads in shovelling snow of the pitch. 

Aye, & all the teachers who aren't working.😁

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55 minutes ago, Casino said:

id prefer it was off

i guess evatt would, too

Agreed.  If we play tonight that's effectively a wasted game for the new signings (I'm only concerned about Maddison tbh), a few days training before the next game wouldn't do any harm.  Although Mansfield are probably be thinking the same.  Noticed they let Maynard go to Newport on loan.

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Pissing down here don't know about Mansfield .Wife asked if we were at home would it be off , I reckoned not.

Might be wrong but my recollection is we have only lost one game through waterlogged pitch at the Unibol v Cardiff yonks ago.My Cadiff mate reckoned Big Sam put the sprinklers on to get it postponed 


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