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Interviews with ex players - BWFC Remembrance Group

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Great forum this, we have started to do live q&a live streams with ex players feel free to come along and have a look if you could like and subscribe be a massive bonus thank you. COYFWM  htt

Did not know anything about this group till i saw this link  Found all the remembrance videos that you have put on you tube  On one of the recent compilations I spotted 2 "faces" I know from

Hopefully the video clip from Twitter will embed for people to see

13 hours ago, anewman said:

I spoke to fish recently he’s up for doing a stream too 

I think you mean "Feeeeeesh"

I cant hear the word fish without shouting in my head - Feeeeeeeeeesh

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Settled down last night with a couple of cans to watch Big Trev stream:-


Really good watch and what a character he is. The tales of his exploits after his playing career were worth the watch alone ... I had no idea he had reached demi-god status elsewhere in the world.

Hats off to the admins as they obviously do their research and preparation in advance.


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Jeff Chandler re-run Sunday 21/02 @ 20.00,  at members request, any questions or comments would be brilliant, we have also added a new feature where you make a comment or ask Jeff a question via a video message just send to me via the face book page or e mail to bwfcremembrancegroup@gmail.com Thanks.

Facebook & You Tube- Bolton Wanderers Remembrance Group




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Caught up with the Robbie Savage one today. Very good. An alternative view on our foreign legion days! Not keen on the likes of Campo and Anelka playing for us. Perhaps he needs to team up with Neil Bonnar 😂

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This week we have a stream with a absolute football icon and legend, 2 European cups, numerous other winners medal for various competitions and of course played and managed Bolton wanderers, trust me theres some fascinating story’s and you do not want to miss this stream.
As usual leave any questions or comments for Haguey to read out and if your liking our Streams pop over to our you tube channel and like and subscribe, also don’t forget we are looking for sponsors of our streams and if you would like to help us do what we do then go to our donation site, Thanks
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29 minutes ago, Biggish Dave said:

Anyone going to the legends night on 17th July? Looking forward to it, my era of players there

I'm supposed to be flying to St Lucia that day, but if that's off, I'll be at the do.

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33 minutes ago, burnden said:

Remember the 33 flag is up in the ground 



Fantastic of the lads who have done that . I would of gladly contributed to the flag if I had known about it . 
Remember my grandad telling me he was on the Manchester road end that day and the crowd was that large they were  unaware of what had happened till later 

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