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Pity we don't have a striker called Conan.

Total bollocks imo. That reads like the summary from a man that would have been happier if we’d drawn or lost.

Give it a rest about Doyle. He's nowhere near as bad as you constantly make out

It’s never been a red, he’s won the ball with his right foot and then kicks his back with his left because of the way the lad has slid in (possibly more dangerously). The ref couldn’t wait to get his red card out.

Can’t say I’m sorry to see the back of Williams, I’d rather have Tutte, but we’re going to have to work out how to hold on with 10 men 

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3 minutes ago, boltondiver said:

How many Bolton players has this ref sent off?

I think I’ve read somewhere that it’s 5 Bolton players this ref has sent off in the 6 matches he’s been the referee. 

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Typical example of Doyle'd poor hold up play, Declan John was bringing out, not only didn't Doyle show, he blocks doff the space for John ended up with us losing the ball.

And that chance then two defenders falling over the ball and Doyle stood watching, the guys legs have gone!!

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