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MOTM today Williams; won everything and was unlucky to get booked as he won the ball

Williams has some engine on him, he runs all day long, proper worker in the middle of the park, exactly what we missed earlier in the season. Not the prettiest player, won’t score a lot of goals,

Dead right Burnden and why has nobody given John credit for firing the ball in at the defender who was facing goal leaving him no chance of avoiding it. I don’t think it was as much a fluke own goal a

42 minutes ago, hughmungus said:

So it wasn’t a fluke goal, and then an own goal ?

And Southend isnt like Benidorm in February ?

Which bit is wrong ?

You made yourself look a right clown when you were posting shite at 2 nil down.


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15 minutes ago, BOWTUN BAKED said:

Which Fonz is going to turn up though? Far too left sided for the middle of the three role though, interchangeable with Mads though. Good attacking line up with strong options from the bench, what's not to like q👍

Competition for his place now, especially with Sarc back into the fold, needs to nail his name to the team sheet 

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3 minutes ago, Johnnyrotten said:

The bench does look odd, OK we're used to having no sub keeper now, but it seems to have spread to know central defensive cover too.  Hope Santos, Baptiste or Gilks don't get injured early on

Williams is centre back cover

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1 minute ago, Casino said:

Williams is centre back cover

Also, hasn't Joel Lynch returned back to training with us? Wouldn't be surprised if he signs a deal to the end of the season at least.

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4 minutes ago, Casino said:

Williams is centre back cover

I know he'd play there, but he's not a centre back. 

Just surprised we've got Delaney down there and he's not on the bench.  If IE wants Williams in midfield because he's the best available, one injury to any of the 3 right footed defenders weakens 2 positions rather than one.

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Well anyone who wanted attacking football can not complain about that selection. 

I still think bodies in midfield is a challenge and injuries in wrong positions won't be good ! 

Clearly going for 3 points. 

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Sleeves of underarmour

1 minute ago, burnden said:

Re moaning about us having blue sleeves ffs 

From EFL player’s equipment rules.  Note that it speaks of matching the sleeve, not the shirt.

What pisses me off is why the ref waited until  ko time to say something.

Undershirts must be:

  • a single colour which is the same colour as the main colour of the shirt sleeve; or
  • a pattern/colours which exactly replicate(s) the shirt sleeve


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