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Funny how we can all see the game differently. I thought that was his best game and despite my liking of Brockbank at RB, I was thinking how difficult it’s going to be for him getting his place back.

I could. Me and my mate both jumped up going mental. And I heard him say 'its offside - it's offside' in a miserable as fuck voice. So I told my mate to stop celebrating and told him the linesman must

Winning obviously helps, but he's the second player this week to say the dressing room is one of the best he's been involved with  

They look very narrow, they’ve set up to flood the central midfield. Feels like John and Jones could have a big impact today 

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Just now, Eavesy said:

What’s the best way to listen to the match on the radio on a tablet?

Is it possible or all blocked?

Turn the volume down but put your ears really close

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Was that just a shout out from Drew Peacock?


Skipped back, no, it was Sue but the jock made it sound like Drew





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I'd liek to see us work keepers a bit more.

Even in recent wins we've not enough outside f the goals

Can't rely on a great Shots on target to goals ratio

Considering how we recently come out after HT too, I'd say a goal or 2 before HT would be massive

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