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  2. Boltons is much worse than Peterboroughs, but not as bad as Luton or Stevenage. Most town centres are shit these days to be fair.
  3. That's how it should be. I wish journalists would interview politicians like that. Yes or No, no other answers please.
  4. It was always a ridiculous idea, why they persevered with it for so long I've no idea. I don't know one single person who has ever thought it was even a remotely good idea
  5. Aw - what a really sweet, kind and considerate thing to say. I'll be fine, but thanks for expressing your concern for my feelings.
  6. Anyone defending that is a bit daft
  7. Sushma'snacks out, Spice Valley in A real shame about BrewDog, though
  8. We miss a striker like Jon Mcginley
  9. Populism appeals to all sorts.
  10. You mean to say the racist, misogynist Donald Trump managed to attract black female supporters. How did that happen?
  11. Please tell me you’re not upset about this
  12. Also, the conference delegates were selected for their loyalty to Biden so they'll inevitably pick the candidate he endorses
  13. I can't see there'll be many black and female Trump supporters willing to abandon him for Harris
  14. Obama's hoping for a presidential nominee contest, but he'll almost certainly be disappointed Biden's nominated Harris and the big donors have thrown their weight behind here as well, so she's as good as coronated
  15. Funnily enough, so did I! Only saw him sat in his car though, presumably waiting for his Mrs. Daughter spotted him as we'd parked right behind him.
  16. Blame covid, get Harris in the hot seat asap
  17. Apparently it’s true. The funds would have to be diverted into a different pot if it isn’t either Biden or Harris on the ticket and would be hard to use directly for the campaign according to their electoral rules. It’s very complex apparently with hard tax implications. I wonder if this has been looked at internally by the Biden team for past few weeks and maybe why he delayed his withdrawal?
  18. Close run thing at the moment. But if KH stands - I imagine there will be a lot of black and female voters who jump ship. Could get interesting this....... ***Insert popcorn emoji***
  19. Saw Jon Dadi at tesco middlebrook back end of last week, looked pretty agile. Wasn't stalking him but did notice he slotted his trolley into the trolley park thing from a couple of yards out, no messing. Surprised Wigan haven't announced he's signed yet.
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  21. Which will just about be the Republicans election theme. As Sir Kier would say 'country before party'. Also what do they do for next 3 months ? He is too ill to hold a debate but well enough to run the country ? Obama seems to be very quiet.
  22. Wouldn't say Greenwich is a fair comparison given it's a tourist destination with the Cutty Sark, Maritime Museum etc Derby city centre is shit and Peterborough not much better. Not been in Bolton for years so it must be bad if it's worse than those two
  23. CJ training with Stockport FFS.
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