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  2. I love how Gethin joins the attack from RCB in our team. Doesn't do it too often either, seems to make very good decisions tactically. Johnston on the other side tends to not overlap. He sometimes gets forward but will cross from deep and rarely gets to the byline like Gethin does. Our back 3 looks like a really solid unit. If we can keep them all fit for the season that will be a huge bonus.
  3. I'd buy a long sleeve 99/00 top if I could find one
  4. Ribblesdale League have agreed to merge with the BCL from 2023. More details to follow......
  5. About a 48” chest I think.
  6. I think his success at Sheffield United was built on his overlapping centre-backs system, which I'm assuming has since been found out.
  7. Last top I ever fit in. Back in the sinead o Connor days. What cup size does xxl go up to?
  8. The best of the modern era in my opinion. Any idea where they'd have got them from? It just seems weird they have multiple sizes brand new.
  9. He's another dour/quirky wanker like Warnock/Holloway etc. Very hard to warm to.
  10. 12 from 6 would be fine. 12 from 6 keeps on our current PPG, which is promotion form.
  11. Nice one, chaps. Jnr was only born in '05, so I've just bought that for them.
  12. Probably assistant bar manager at beehive. Greene King Covert ops
  13. Haha he probably will have sent everyone to harvester or Chorley
  14. 32 appearances under Southgate! I was only counting midfielders, so I didn't include Dele Alli's 24 caps or Eric Dier's 35.
  15. Traf

    Lincoln (H)

    Them signs have been up ages, but the cameras hadn't been switched on up to at least 2 home games ago, as I've always parked there. Been on Parklands for last two games, now that my lad works there 😉
  16. The seats at the side didn’t have direct access to the kiosk/bar. They invited patrons onto the pitch to get there. Because it was a nice day most say on the edge of the pitch chilling.
  17. I also massively appreciate this thread. Its great reading. But don't be 'that' guy. No one likes you apart from the insight of what boozer you can get in as an away fan.
  18. I like reading @matty2094 and @Mantrawork but I think my days of trawling other forums are long gone. Going to Lincolnways as the ‘voice of reason’ is pretty gay.
  19. Brum more likely to change at Preston
  20. ooof . jesse lindegard is probably higher up on the england "depth chart" too
  21. Literally between the housing estate and waste land before lynstock way
  22. Maddison - wrong club syndrome.
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