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  2. Just back. Won the quiz, raised a glass. When are you having the next one ???
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  4. Thankyou you bunch of not rights. 4 nights in hospital for a 18 minute labour. I've had enough of the general public. Get me home to be antisocial in peace.
  5. Congratulations Blondie, let's hope Albie grows up watching a successful team, my gut feeling is he will.
  6. He does look like Morrisey, pair of cunts, but Barton more so
  7. Congratulations to you and all the family and i hope baby Albie turns into a proper Wanderers fan 🙂
  8. I've seen the vids and read the news reports, I've still no idea what the hell was going on?
  9. Excellent news. Welcome to the world Albie
  10. I saw joe and the mescaleros backing the Who around the same time they were fab the Who not so much just went through the motions only gig i’ve ever left before the end .
  11. Congratulations to mam n dad , welcome to the wanderers family Albie lad.
  12. Wife's sister has invited us to come up to their rented holiday cottage next month. It is in Ambleside, we spent a lot of time in the Lakes but mainly in the North West bit stopping in Keswick and Portinscale, twenty years ago. We always avoided Ambleside as we thought it was too crowded and too touristy... can anyone make any suggestions about where I should: 1 Go during the day 2 Eat and drink 3 Avoid people You need to know I can be a right cantankerous and argumentative fkkr
  13. Congratulations! Albie is a great name. Glad you are both fit and healthy 👍
  14. There’s a great documentary on sky called white riot about the rock against racism gig in Victoria park . They do a version of Garageland in it in rehearsal that I’ve never seen before it’s fuckin brilliant proper shiver down the spine stuff . The reason I like the first album and London Calling the most is because I can play them start to finish and not skip a track . London Calling especially benefits from a full listen through there’s just so much going on but it all seems to fit together . The songs don’t seem to sound as good in isolation IMO .
  15. Congratulatons. I'm just off to pub quiz so I'll raise a glass shortly.
  16. Got to admit I was in a strange place in 1978... I had just moved to west London with my work and had an Iraqi girl in tow who knew everyone . On the day of BWFC visit I ended up in a house in Chelsea and was house guest of the Clash manager (I think my lass was shaggin' him as well). Lots of people coming and going, probably including Joe Strummer or whoever. It was all very odd and I missed the match but saw my fellow supporters walking past the house, as I said I was in a strange place at the time. I prefer normality these days.
  17. Congratulations luv, glad it was nice and easy for you. Yer fella will be pleased that your pipe work hasn’t taken any damage, I expect he’ll be keen to get back on in a week or two. I’ll raise a glass to the new Wanderer 🍺🍺
  18. ... & so near Grange-over-Sands !
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