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  2. I definitely think we need another CB. Iredale / Santos / Jones looks very decent. Iredale is quite clearly the left sided ball player he’s been after. But any long term injuries and the standard clearly drops with Johnstone and Aimson. To get promoted you need to be able to chop and change without too much drop in quality. I think we have that everywhere bar CB. the 3 we have up top plus Dapo looks lethal but one thing I do think we lack is that next level pace up there. Barkhuizen is clearly the one IE thinks can bring that but if we don’t get him I don’t think he’ll go for someone else for the sake and be happy to start with what we have. fix those 2 “issues” and it takes us from the top 6 to top 2 or 3
  3. Craig Bellamy joining Kompany's coaching staff at Burnley. Ex-Blackburn player too.
  4. Casino


    And 5-60 for Leach
  5. Today
  6. Gone now - which is nice. Their best 2 players gone and decent loan player returned. Theyll struggle to replace them with a bit of luck
  7. Gonk


  8. Bolton Ipswich Sheff Wed Barnsley MK Dons Peterborough I think this could be our year for automatic promotion from league 1. Don’t think anybody's form was better than ours from Feb onwards. 2 or 3 quality additions to an already talented and settled squad with an ambitious, young, exiting and ruthless manager, means I’m not predicting anyone else to finish above us at this stage. However that’s very much rose tinted specs as I’m not paying too much attention to what other clubs are doing. Therefore I won’t be having a meltdown if we are play-offs or within touching distance come the end of September. However if I was offered a play-off final now, I’d take it.
  9. At this moment, I'm not sure we have brought in better signings yet in enough areas. We know we were defensively weak in a few matches, but I have faith in IE
  10. Current squad is good enough for it imo
  11. We need a few more championship level signings to be pushing for promition
  12. Hugh Woozencroft hosts a show on TalkSport Jules Breach is the woman hosting C4's England coverage.
  13. Not quite, but going. Burnley £4m And Parrott has gone back to Spurs.
  14. Sad to see (but not surprising) that Colin Murray is not one of the presenters on the new ITV offering for the coming season wont be the same without him Not familiar with either of the new presenters Hugh Woozencroft & Jules Breach ? https://www.itv.com/football/articles/itv-announces-presenters-for-new-efl-season
  15. Max Cherry


    Thanks for taking the trouble to find this. How wrong he was but not changed his tune.
  16. Think Twine as gone already.
  17. Bound to be the usual suspects. Peterbrough and Rotherham are like Fulham & Norwich - constantly swapping leagues. Wycombe seem to have lost a few so can see them falling short of the pace. The rest could come down to injuries, suspensions, catching teams in poor form etc. I reckon the top 8 or 9 will be close
  18. They've got very wealthy owners, willing to spend.
  19. Top 3 for us Barnsley will be there abouts Dont understand this Ipswich thing, Sheff Weds will be up there as will MkDons and Oxford
  20. Bolton 2nd don't give a Fuck about the rest
  21. Yesterday
  22. I think we’ll finish in or around the play offs. Ones to watch are Sheff Weds, Ipswich & Pompey imo.
  23. Finished strongly and have added a couple of good L1 players including Ladapo. They will be right up there IMO.
  24. CambridgeBWFC


    There you go, that isn't 100% behind him
  25. Dr. Feelgood


    I'm sure Billy Crellin's available.
  26. Brilliant! top work everyone involved!
  27. Over £4500 raised 👏🏻
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