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  2. Wasn’t Roy Greaves part of that midfield and would it have been too early for a young Franny Lee? So sorry to hear stories like this but as has been said it’s just so common now as people live longer.
  3. Declan Rice is and will be the biggest unsung hero in our team. The amount of danger he snuffs out before it has a chance to get near our dodgy defence is different level. Lad's got a sixth sense.
  4. It should be available to them, as with everyone. Don't know what earnings have to do with it.
  5. Certainly a concern. A risk that dna evidence becomes all-pervading, and basic proper policing is reduced.
  6. No problem at all with 70s footballers getting assistance The PFA can levy their members
  7. That Johnny Owen one got binned off about a year ago didn't it?
  8. Maybe we need to make a distinction between many modern day footballers who will make huge wealth over the course of their careers and the likes of John Ritson who made little more than blokes who did other jobs during their era. The NHS doesn't provide social care - that's provided by councils. And if you've got more than about £25K in savings that are vast charges.
  9. Yeah it's a good show that. Nice and easy for a Sunday morning. The Sunday supliment too. All the best shows are off grid. Trans Euro express is a belter.
  10. Really? I never knew that.
  11. Today
  12. Alfie May cones from East London. He was determined to 'go home'. He signed for Charlton. Joining Bolton was never on his agenda. You may as well say we should be signing Mbappe. Now, limited success with Vic & total confusion over signing Dan are quite different matters.
  13. People would be having fun planting dna at crime scenes 😭
  14. I’m all for it. Reduce rates of rape pretty drastically The misuse thing is interesting. Unless you give consent they shouldn’t screen for medical issues or cross reference to tell you that your dad isn’t really your dad.
  15. All dogs should be DNA checked at birth and a little man in a van employed sampling dog shit on pavements... automatic fine (you probably just guessed right... I've just stood in one)
  16. Dont think he played in the team after we got promoted, think he went to Bury. Think your right about the Mansfield goal.
  17. Anyone needing a fix the Euro U17s continue today including England v Portugal. At 1830. We spanked the French 4-0 in first game so hopefully have another decent crop coming through
  18. The point was the headline of the article saying dementia care is expensive so funding should be made available to ex footballers I agree with the last sentence, but that's not the point either
  19. Hopefully the club will see the reaction on the socials and rethink. Director of Football Dewsnip is ex Everton and seems to put that as #1 criteria on appointment
  20. I wouldn't, but the argument may be that as a newborn, they're not in a position to give consent. So it would have to be from the age of adulthood, by which time they may have already committed crimes- and wouldn't give consent if it was required. The human right lot would be all over it, and it would make the Rwanda scheme look like a kiddies tea party in comparison. There would be huge concerns over how the data may be used too, especially if any were "stolen".
  21. Jack Cork released by Burnley - exactly the type I'd go for if we could convince him to do a 2 year deal on not a fortune
  22. They'll know he's a complete tool but presumably have him on there to increase their reach because of his online presence. Not many I can stand listening to on there for more than a few minutes, the better shows for me are some of the non primetime ones like the Sunday morning one with Johnny Owen and Mark Webster, they do good features and get good guests on it.
  23. Not sure how that's relevant to the particular point being made. It's pretty much proven now that it increases the risk. Rugby similar. Everyone had the right to NHS treatment too, irrespective of perceived wealth.
  24. Oh how shit! Scoring goals in a similar manner to Lineker for example. The age old method of width, crosses and goals by a centre forward. You seem to be trying to find a way to lodge criticism, but pick the very thing that he can't be criticised on.
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