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  2. Surely in the evening it’s fine to discuss. Good news and I look forward to your review.
  3. If anything is running it will update you might get the odd service going
  4. No trains at all on Trainline. Do they put a timetable on nearer the time?
  5. He does get the abuse he deserves, on a regular basis In other news @tomskithe "fingering breakfast pub" is just about to re-open as a Vietnamese Restaurant.not sure if there will be any fingering involved yet though
  6. I think they’ve spent more than enough considering all we’ve been through. I guess the question is has it been spent well. Time will tell.
  7. Bwfc 0 Peterborough 1 More bad subs from Evatt Booed off at the end Shazza has had enough, and sacks the cunt......
  8. They did say some money would be available for players, but no numbers specified. Some may have been used, we simply don't know.
  9. Over-stretches. Hmm, of course such things can happen, but for all the technology and sports science, diet etc, such things don't seem to be minimised. Contact injuries, yes of course- theyre part and parcel of the game, but we do get a number of strains in various parts of the body. IoC should be able to shed more light, given his coaching knowledge.
  10. Twitter and facebook is full of pillocks expecting the 4.5m bond money to be splashed on players and Sharon to throw in her family silver into the transfer kitty
  11. I hope you’ve distanced yourself from this mate who wears a headset to watch tele and be a gamer. A tidy bird at my work does it and it helps supress office horn.
  12. Apologies it was the other name you write under😂
  13. It's a terrible thing when you start losing your memory TBF
  14. I can only recall you thinking this
  15. Head says 1-0 Peterborough Heart says 3-0 Bolton.
  16. Big crowd (again) big letdown (again) 1 - 3
  17. Mate had it, sent it back within the 30 days. He's a bit fussy though, as wanted 120Hz, as he fucks around with gaming shit, he also couldn't connect his wireless headset, and there is also no headphone jack if you want to be "wired" in. I didn't see it, as he didn't have it long enough, but he said it is/was a "chunky" bit of kit and didn't look very sleak (I think he said it's over 2 inches thick) With regards to relying on streaming, I think you can also plug in a normal freeview aerial as back up, if your broadband does go down for some reason. The sound he said was really good....but then it's a really "thick" unit, so you'd expect it to be I suppose
  18. Today
  19. Good point about income from outgoing players. I think some folk were expecting more spend from the bond income despite the club clearly saying that money was earmarked for non-transfer spend. Transfer money has to come from trading profit and we don't even know if we're making a profit yet. As you say, we can only hope the players step up.
  20. I have two tickets for Midge Ure at the Royal Albert Hall on 4th October that I can no longer use. Any fans on here who would like them. Ideally I would like back the £100 I paid for them but happy for someone to make a donation to East Cheshire Hospice who supported my mum in her last few weeks.
  21. I would be interested to know if you’re still on their NHS list when you do contact them. Be good to know if there’s a business model developing here. 👍
  22. even more reason for us to get 3 points
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