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  2. I've played there. 1998/99 season, I lived about 3 miles away.
  3. Do Bolty’s PMed results count?
  4. I don't drink.. I'd still say "fook that"...
  5. Israel. Simply because the world would be alot safer and peaceful without Islam. On another note... my daughter (12) asked if her (muslim) friend from school could sleep over on Friday. When I said she could she replied " OK... but her parents have said you're not allowed to drink alcohol or have any in the house while she is here". Cheeky bastards. My house my rules. You lot think any different?
  6. "You are part of a clandestine network of organised criminals" SI TED HASTINGS Line of Duty completed. Cracking cast and excellent viewing 👌
  7. This is one of the weirdest vids from Sandie Shaw.
  8. Emergency service drivers (Police, Fire & Ambulance) drive at the risk of their own licence for no extra pay. Whilst there are certain exemptions driving to an emergency, the way you drive must still be without danger to others. Maybe the camera footage indicated plenty of “reasons” to terminate the chase which were ignored. I’ve no doubt a police driver has a bit of ego which leads to them taking extra risk. A very dangerous precedence if he gets found guilty of anything at all in that other police drivers may hand in their driving qualification if their police forces d
  9. That’s the one I wanted Guess who went out and got a Tower one before I could do owt To be fair though they are fucking amazing. She’d do a fucking salad in it if she could. Oven barely been turned on since it was bought
  10. We still have the timetables for the trains in the library.
  11. I believe Boris in in talks that for any country giving UK 12 points they will be added to the green list.
  12. Just wait till the uprising to claim back Leigh railway station
  13. You forgot #DownWithThisSortOfThing, :lol:!!!
  14. Oh I’ve done them properly and they’re amazing. Nearly as good as fried. These were just a quick try as I couldn’t be arsed and they were so much better than done in the oven. got the grill version.
  15. Check the link i put up earlier re the tunnels mate, Hamas might just employ you yet 😉 😜
  16. The Crime of the Century on Sky Docs. The opioid crisis that hit the US via OxyContin and Fentanyl. Maybe it’s just me and my line of work that makes it interesting but fuck me I never realised how it came to be so bad Spent a bit of time in Murica in the 90s in the Pharma industry. Bent fuckers over there. UK was always a vanguard of safety thankfully
  17. I bought my current car off a guy in higher Broughton. Water Park Road. Its still going strong. #goisrael Literally my only preference on the debate. #downwithpalestine #carefulnow
  18. I think a bit of people's justice might be best for the scrote.
  19. Or as Miami might like... Prophet on a string 😁
  20. I want all those Salford folk who got kicked out of Sedgley Park and Higher Broughton and got moved on to L/H to claim that land back.
  21. But you did say "Clubs get rid because they believe the players are crap or too expensive. Championship players who are good will be too expensive and we don’t want to take chances with crap or injury prone again". How did Sarc & Doyle not fall into that category when we signed them? And if Championship players who are good will be too expensive, surely that applies even more to Premier League players.
  22. Getting faster mate. So Radcliffe is welcome to take lane 3
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