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  2. Didn't affect my morning mooch round Canopy Market at Kings Cross either. The bloke charging 16 quid for a jar of honey nearly caused a heart attack though. Plenty of bewildered Geordie's ahead of their game at arsenal tonight wandering around among the hipsters.
  3. Not got a clue what the team will be today apart from Coleman in goal !
  4. I'm hoping that twatting they got in the BSM semi final will have drained them mentally and we can catch them at a good time. I would take a point though and I think 1-1 will be the result.
  5. They want to believe it. Unfortunately, it's all the Tories have. In their death throes desperately trying to appeal to rank thickos and bigots. I'd imagine most Tory surpporters can't wait for Lee Anderson and his ilk to do one. They're an embarrassment
  6. We had a lovely few days there last June and weather was gorgeous. Darts end of July is a good craic too.
  7. Today
  8. Islamists have taken over London now! Got the mayor in their back pocket….. That’s according to Lee Anderson chatting away to GB news. The ‘London is Lost’ brigade are back out. Christ he’s full of shite. Do people actually believe the crap he comes out with? Imagine the outcry if a Labour MP had said similar things about ultra Zionists running London. They’d be out the job, and rightly so. Read the other day that we’ve seen similar rises in reports of Islamophobia as we have of antisemitism.
  9. Mum and dad always go for a week just before Christmas, they love it. Nice walks along the front, good food. Can't remember what hotel they go to be it's one of those all inclusive for retired folk packages.
  10. It's less shit in Winter because the (generally) lovely person to knobhead/scotchman ratio favours the more lovely mature visitor I reckon. We took some people with work before Christmas and had agreat, if coldand blowy day.
  11. Every game is an away game for half the crowd at Elland Road
  12. Daft as it may sound as soon as Undies showed the legs I knew it was Stanley Bowles & QPR but alas too late as I scrolled down !
  13. Is it scotch weekend ? That was always a lovely weekend !
  14. But He changed his mind. Having taken one stance, he now has an alternative stance based on events since his original decision. It’s the way to be, analytical, honest, true to oneself. Thats all I’ve done, but you didn’t like it 😁 Seems you’re the one unable to maintain a position after all. Embrace it my good man.
  15. We all must be. Although not being the focus of the cameraman, he does appear to lash out and smack Iredale round his swede.
  16. She is over there trying to build a niche for herself. She could not give a fuck about anything else. Spouting lies and running down this country, whilst claiming her MPs salary and the extra £115k a year she gets as an ex PM. So I do find it unacceptable that she is claiming £200k per annum to spend her time self promoting in the USA. I would say the same if it was a Labour rep doing the same.
  17. I love Blackpool, doesn't take itself too seriously, people are generally lovely, nice chippies. It's actually nicer in winter I think. Although mid week I've seen some sights on work trips - there's some serious poverty in the centre from what I've seen on my brief visits. But give me Blackpool over somewhere like Brighton any day of the week.
  18. 5-0 Wanderers @Zico It's definitely on today
  19. Any spares? Still after a couple if anyone can help. TIA
  20. ☺️ I'm always a bit curious as to why people who don't live in London get all het up about marches here. It's not spoiling my trip to Crystal Palace Food Market this morning.
  21. I hope they've sent this to boy wonder
  22. A full 10 minutes after the match ended it was like nobody had left ground, belting out their songs. Don't they have car parks to get off or trains to catch? Hard to think of a more vociferous/passionate set of home fans (plenty get that away but very rare at home).
  23. That was the conclusion I came up with, I really don’t like the place.
  24. Traf


    It's not the coughing that carries you off, it's the coffin they carry you off in
  25. Offered the flag or the seat? 😉 Despicable behaviour.
  26. He did, it's pretty clear he cuffed him around the back of the head, before the afters on the ground. He's got the red for the initial swing, Iredale has been booked for retaliating.
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