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  2. Oh they're definitely nerds, they're my tribe. The 'wog' thing is something I don't think I'll ever get used to. I don't think it football will ever win over die hard fans of the oval ball codes and unlikely to capture the imagination of the country fully until they believe Aus can compete for the trophy, lots of talk of brave efforts, etc but they're really only interested in winners.
  3. Bit unfair on Baka that Looked more useful in his sub appearance Friday, but he’s certainly not the answer
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  5. England seem all out to get to a lead of 400 ASAP?
  6. Yes, 8 seems to be the highest https://www.espncricinfo.com/series/south-africa-tour-of-west-indies-2005-61837/west-indies-vs-south-africa-4th-test-208321/full-scorecard
  7. It usually is going off at the Swinging Pig but not in that way! Been there when it looked like an England game away in the 80's but without the plastic furniture! The two Aussie neighbours closest to me asked me what I thought about it this morning (they were gardening, I was adjusting the main jet of one of my steeds). Neither had watched it or intended watching a replay of it! Both AFL fans (Kangaroos and Lions) although to be fair, one of them leaves for Europe on Wednesday and is attending the Palace v Fulham game on Boxing Day. Utterly uninterested in the World Cup so I don't think it likely you were drinking with nerds - simply the way they have been brought up and influenced here. No interest in 'wogball' (they call it this because Italians, Spaniards, Greeks, Croatians, Serbs, Macedonians etc. who live here are termed 'wogs' which still makes me think WTF every time I hear it) and call AFL the greatest game in the world and RL the greatest game of all. I think it would take an actual World Cup win to have any hope of a change.
  8. R - don't encourage that sad twat FFS. Sheep - the Skippy thing is very tired and unoriginal me old son. I think Eddie Howe is a very good young English manager - tactically more aggressive than the FA puppet. As a couple on here will be aware he's a bit of a ringer for my younger brother! Not gone off him at all; the virtuous bullshit could easily be coached out of him - far more easily than waistcoat. If not I will switch my support to Irfan Kawri.
  9. I honeslty think hes sticking to the system and will bring in another player for Kachungas role. None of the others fit the bill, bod is clearly not fit and baka is bobbins. Charles needs chances and plays well too deep if Kachunga isnt playing. Dapo wants to be wide or in place of Charles. I get what hes trying to do. Hes just not been very good at it, there will be someone else in that position come Jan I'm certain of it.
  10. I like Eddie Howe, seems a decent chap. Not sure hed be leaving Newcastle tbh.
  11. That’s the one, as far as I’m concerned nobody knows nothing. Get well soon Rico 😉
  12. I was at a friend's birthday last night and no one was talking about the match, no one seemed to be interested in watching it so maybe it has again failed to capture the public imagination here or maybe I was supping with a bunch of nerds and it was going off with excitement at the Swinging Pig, I'm not sure.
  13. Usyk fight long overdue and I guess Fury just wanted to get a few rounds in. I just hope Chisora got well paid for that.
  14. Same. Weekends I've watched most games but feels like I'm forcing myself to watch a W C rather than enjoying it
  15. College games are on BT Sport. Next weekend is the Army V Navy game, not the best football wise but the sheer over the top yank nonsense that goes on is always fun to watch.
  16. 13 hours Rose and Monkey today watching the games, absolute session this, but I still don't quite feel this World Cup. Incredible games, mad groups, but it's not June is it
  17. I'm of the let's not conspiracy theory and have Rico back home for his family sake mentality. The guy is a dad and husband first and foremost and footballer 2nd.
  18. No Bolton fan will be "happy" if we get to the play-offs and lose. What the fuck are you talking about? Would you rather us finish 6th or 7th?
  19. Loved both of them. Especially SJM, Walker better finisher though. Modern game think SJM would have been better than Walker as SJM was better with his back to goal and pressing. Walker would be 'bring him off the bench to get us a goal' player these days sadly. Class player, great finisher.
  20. I need to get on these games
  21. As well as being a horrible cunt Evatt's a stubborn cunt..... Kachunga is fucking shite....
  22. The turn with back to goal from right to left Frandsen had down to a tee, Charles has tried a few times recently with some degree of success. I'd prefer to see midfielders doing it to allow Dion to find space. We are improving imo. When the likes of Toal get up to speed, we'll improve again. Yes I'm biased and have had a whiskey or 2 but really do think we are improving. Johnston for example gets bullied of that lanky twat on Friday last season. He had his shirt off his back most challenges this season. He needs a new contract and sharpish imo
  23. Skippy might be changing his mind about Saviour Eddie now..... 😁
  24. Loads of respiratory shit doing the rounds, highly unusual for 27 year old professional athletes to be in the " Winter Pressures" cohort though. I've taken every jab on the chin (usually request left arm TBF ) and still in @L/H White zero covid club. Mum is same too, 82 massively demented won't stay away from other folk. In the genes? Medical miracles? No just nails from H/Well. mofos
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