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  2. Not without reason Fergie got rid of him, and then he was bought back.
  3. You can't do that. Your email is your unique login 'name'/I. D. Take two seconds to set up a Gmail. Maybe just add a relevant digit[s] or word[s] to your own email address. YourimcanespieJuniorPlanned@... Youri McanespieJohnnyBroke@... Etc. Make the password the same for all the memberships and the same password for the email accounts (but different to the membership ones).
  4. Today
  5. The problem then is we havent got a threat from wide?, Unless Evatts thinking Ameochi, sorry prob spelt wrong!, that he can fill in as winger for Dapo? It cant be Kachunga!
  6. Have they sacked their manager ? If so this is fucking ace 😁
  7. Wasn’t he classed as a striker when we got him on loan? It could be that when it was announced people weren’t fully aware of his position mind.
  8. Us playing on a Friday night may well impact our attendance. The fact England are playing, especially in a game they'll win at a canter, will have barely have any impact at all.
  9. Villa took 1500 to MK Dons in the Papa Johns last night not sure if I'm impressed or not
  10. Prob the lowest home gate of the season due to the above!
  11. And it’s a long way from Worcester…
  12. Sacked the manager. Fall out with Sarce. 😁
  13. Could see Dapo in the pocket more often from now on. Evatt even saying he could play as a striker.
  14. So it’s November and it’s cold and England are playing a WC qualifier that can be watched in the pub or home. Say your not a season ticket holder; pay £25 quid and travel to watch our game or watch England - many will stay away plus people who travel 3 hours both ways will think twice. I will probably see my mum in the day then go to the game but wouldn’t travel up that M6 just for a Friday night game. At least 1000 less like I said
  15. I was expecting Old Fuckers, Ant Hill.
  16. Would think so - seem to recall seeing something that if a saturday game was postponed to mid week it was still classed as a sat game
  17. Suspect it's classed as a Saturday game
  18. So you wont be going to Wembley when we get there?
  19. Only Fools And Horses Slaters that copper. Appears in one of the classics “To Hull And Back”
  20. 17 minutes injury time. lost again - lovely.
  21. Great bar that welcomes away fans, well worth a trip if you’ve not been.
  22. Should be on iFollow if it’s midweek, I would have thought?
  23. Just register any kids under your own email address and use a different password. Doesn’t do much for the number of email addresses that the club have got, but ticks the ‘knowing who is in the ground’ box and can always be changed in future
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