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  2. 2 seasons is probably now considered a long time in football, Lampard is a bright fella, whether he is the right fit for Everton, time will tell. They will probably have that new ground bounce as well.
  3. Massive job for him to take on considering how his last one ended can’t imagine a right lot of patience about the place hope it works as seems a nice fella and one of the premierships best ever
  4. Awful appointment but as discussed with our resident Toffee on Thursday, I think whoever takes the job at Everton will be a car crash as so much is wrong behind the scenes. He won’t last 2 seasons.
  5. 3-2 win for the Whites. Dapo, Deon and Declan. 19,675
  6. Wish him well. Loved him as a player, seems an intelligent fella he will be decent appointment imo. Best they can hope for is doing a west ham and tickling the top 6 mind. Need to stay up first.
  7. Graveyard with fairy lights.
  8. 2-1. Santos with a bullet header from a corner clinches a come from behind win.
  9. Today
  10. Got that nervous can’t sleep feeling before a game, first time in a few months. Got a massive chance to make a statement here, 3 wins on the bounce and beating a team in automatic promotion spots would show we mean business. but having gone 2 games without conceding a goal makes me feel like it’s time we conceded one, and if it’s an early one I fear their tails will be up and may score 2 or 3. Can’t help but feel they’ll test Trafford much more than Ipswich and Shrewsbury did. wouldnt mind us switching back to 4-3-3 for this game, we were all over them in reverse fixture just couldn’t finish our chances. however, they’ve improved and we’ve changed our team a lot so probably largely irrelevant. Definitely take a draw but big, big chance for us to turn our season around now.
  11. Went to Sunderland away, they’re not that good. We should have buried them. Take our chances tomorrow, we’ll bury them…… 3-1
  12. Yesterday
  13. I'm not sure, they're very inconsistent. They either seem to be on it or off it, no in-between. We need to get at them from the off, kick towards their fans first and get a couple of goals.
  14. Traf

    Name The Ground

    Yeah, I think so. Probably the game where they just stayed in the League.
  15. Yet my cash out is still lower than my stake. As Garrp would say, “never cash out”…
  16. Fuck the draw, smash ‘em
  17. Poor Frank Lamp won’t understand a word anyone says. Stay South of Watford Frank….. it’s for the best.
  18. Strange appointment more mediocrity for a while. - good.
  19. They'll finish between 8th and 10th. Like every other season. THE most boring club in English football bar none.
  20. So, after 144 years as just plain 'Everton' it looks like they'll be changing their name. There may be an early flurry, but until they get themselves organised, ship out a pile of coasting players and pay a lorra, lorra money for some proper ones the only change will be a more friendly, sycophantic media ... for a while.
  21. After today's signing skybet have trimmed us to 100/1 from 150/1 for promotion
  22. Add Dapo to the shooters Johnny and we should be looking forward to some crackers.
  23. The bay always paints it’s nicer side……..
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