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  2. I’ve said it before. I’ll say it against. Priory #1 is themselves. Priority #2 is their party (because that directly helps themselves). Priority #3 (at best) is their constituents / the good of the nation.
  3. These MPs really are a lamentable lot, in it for themselves, not many I would trust to run a bath.
  4. I wouldnt have the bottle to do that shit in the first place I can see what micky is saying Flintoff may well be happy to crack on, but thinks leaving a wife without a husband and kids without a dad isnt a justfiable risk
  5. Conte gone. If nothing else it has ruined Trans Euro Express this week as its now a Spurs phone in.
  6. Today
  7. The current team appear to have a genuine affection and respect for each other whatever clubs they represent. We've not had this before, mainly in the 'golden generation' years as admitted by players themselves. In previous years we simply haven't been good enough, Carlton fucking Palmer, say no more. 1974/78 was the time I started watching England, how did we do in those tournaments, oh hang on?
  8. way off the mark, opinions though. He's brought a unity that I've never seen before.
  9. He'll always revert to conservative, dull, boring stuff when the chips are down. Too loyal to faded talent. In the end he'll never quite make it, despite the talent available to him.
  10. https://www.standard.co.uk/news/london/dog-attack-police-horse-video-east-london-victoria-park-owner-seized-b1069630.html
  11. I've looked into swapping seats today It reckons there's absolutely no seats ESL, no seats at all in WSL other than in the north corner. Next to no seats NSL I'm not having that. No chance
  12. Got to look after his own horse I suppose. To be honest, the dog is "lucky" not to have been twatted profusely by a kick.
  13. Good Friday so Exeter will sell out and I reckon we will as well
  14. Thought he explained it well in his interview. Like Gerrard as a pundit too, maybe that's his future, and as for Southgate, easily the best man to bring us a major trophy IMO.
  15. If we can sell out then this will be a full house. They have nearly sold out for their midweek game @ home to Barnsley.
  16. This absolutely horrendous. Im sure the other police officer couldve done something? That cunt in the camouflage is fuckin useless
  17. BobyBrno


    My sister is 62. That would be a shock!😊
  18. Id say thats exaclty what he meant by saying lost his bottle. Dont think it was a jibe, just a general saying isnt it?
  19. Ipswich & SW for me but I agree with what you said earlier. Cheltenham away this Wednesday is a massive game now. Hadn’t lost since October and then 2 defeats in 5 days!!!!! Football is so unpredictable and that’s why we all love it I guess.
  20. You don’t understand what I wrote? Allow me to simplify: You say he’s lost his bottle because you enjoy people risking their life for entertainment, I say growing up and putting family first because I don’t.
  21. ? Must be some reasoning there I suppose.
  22. Me neither. I like the fella as a person, but he reminds me a bit of Joe Biden. Should be chilling and enjoying his life.
  23. Still a bit disappointed today. Some lively touches and yet not much end product. Playing in too low a gear maybe, as the team were second half, but perhaps that's excusable as the season draws to a close.
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