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  1. Big Wednesday fan here. Kieran Lee has been one hell of a player for us. I’d actually say he’s been our best player since we got relegated from the premier league in 2000. Only problem is that we ruined him by overplaying him when he was injured. Had a bad hip injury that nearly finished him. A central midfielder that can do everything and makes the game look easy. He’s a box to box player that links the play between midfield and attack. At his pomp around 2015-2018 was one of the best players in the championship and could easily of played in the premier league. Often got unnoticed by other fans and the media but what a player he was. I hope he keeps fit for you guys and he shows off how good he is. His bad injury is a problem tho. Good luck to you guys and hope you get promoted this season.
  2. It means a lot more to the kids than simply playing football. They learn so many life skills being part of a team going out every week trying their best for themselves and eachother. Its more than just a game.
  3. No comment In other news, I’ve always been a big fan of ex Sheff Weds midfielder Kieran Lee 😁
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  4. He’ll keep them up
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  5. this i coached grass roots to help out; my ladcouldnt play, but they needed someone. none of the parents were prepared to step up, which was disappointing. i took that team to two promotions in three seasons, and handed them over when another coach came free. in that time, i hoped i taught them to respect officials, opponent and themselves. i asked them to work hard, persevere, and not to just accept defeat. i gave them responsibilities, confidence, and belief in themselves. i brought the quiet kids out of their shells and developed theless able, including them where they would normally pushed out. a grass roots coach is a selfless volunteer: i got more rewards from that than any paid coaching i've ever done
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