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  1. Our dentist used to be great then they got bought out by a big firm pushing private and cosmetic stuff. My eldest missed one appointment when he was ill (all four of us used to go at the same time so 3 of us still attended) then when it came round again 6 months later I had to cancel his again as he needed to resit an exam. They then struck him off NHS as I didn't give 48hrs notice despite telling them 2 days before, they did it to the minute. Cunts.
  2. Aye, this is his hope, that's why he added the other bollocks about bins and meat.
  3. Not quite true that, 27% agree with Sunak's new position. 17% want to abandon net zero entirely which isn't the same thing. 38% agreed with the previous plans.
  4. This was apparently a modern house! Summert must be wrong there.
  5. Bloke on the radio earlier said he had a Misubishi heat pump and his leccy bill is £900 a month! Fuck that!
  6. Aren't major policy announcements supposed to be made in the HoC?
  7. I fancy Lisbon, looks nice. 3hrs to Porto for £22? Would be nearly 10 times that in good old blighty.
  8. Plenty have before and no doubt will do again.
  9. My dream as a kid was to fly a Harrier, having a dodgy spine and being colour blind meant no chance. I couldn't be a nurse, the missus has had to deal with 4 child deaths in the last fortnight. Trying to resuscitate them, accept they are gone and then inform and console their parents is something else and it takes its toll on your soul.
  10. It is a classic and also of its time. We move on, thankfully.
  11. Sure, not illegal. You could argue our age of consent laws are a bit archaic. Some argue 18 should be the age of consent but with Romeo & Juliet clauses (as in other countries) so that it protects older adults grooming legal age kids but doesn't prosecute a couple of 16 year olds.
  12. Lads lessons are £35 for an hour. I remember when I was learning 25 years ago it was £10. Not sure if that follows general inflation or not?
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