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  1. Maguire just needs to stick to the basics ffs
  2. Yeah me too, 1st kit modern and away kit more traditional. The missus flys out tomorrow for the duration, fucking peace at last. Wifi will surely piss me off of course so she can mither from afar.
  3. If you have amazon prime already they have a music library that isn't massive but you can download to listen offline with amazon music.
  4. Enjoyed it on iFollow, would have rather been there on a nice day like today with a few scoops but upcoming holiday means zero funds. Promising signs of a good season ahead 🤞🤞
  5. What, that Neuer is pretty?
  6. That German lass in goal is pretty. Come on lionesses, get another cos they can battle these germans and I expect them to score.
  7. This ref is rather inconsistent. The germans were putting it about a bit towards the end of the 1st half.
  8. Who gives a shiny shite about Wigan?
  9. This made me laugh out loud, probably more than it should have...
  10. He didn't know the world Cup was in winter? As it happens, it looks like the missus is going working out there for it, so peace and quiet for me, get in!!
  11. Bit harsh really but will take it
  12. It's not even 5 seconds anymore, more like 2 seconds max.
  13. Sorry, just realised this is the England thread!
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