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  1. Just book a local appointment?
  2. Alonso did everything he could right to the limit of the rules, he is superb at that and in some corners really pushed that limit. He is an excellent driver. Bottas fucked up, he simply broke too late for the conditions and shunted Lando.
  3. I reckon when our Linford lunch box won gold he was off his tits. (allegedly your honour)
  4. Social media doesn't help at all. Just think, not long ago you might make the pages of the gutter press for a day or two. Now you are on constant 24hr repeat, have the opinion of every Tom, Dick & Harry thrown at you, Z-listers using your situation to try and improve theirs, etc etc. It's relentless and somehow we need to temper it. I would fucking hate to be famous or in the spotlight for whatever reason these days.
  5. Finally points for Williams, get in! Feel for Lando though.
  6. Anyone travelling to many parts of Africa need to show proof of their yellow fever vaccine at entry so for travel it isn't new. But requirements domestically is obviously new ground but I suppose so is this cunt of a virus.
  7. Yeah but I mean she could have said she was too injured to carry on but instead brought up mental health as well. Maybe she put too much pressure on herself, who knows. You don't get to the top for so long without making some serious sacrifices so maybe she's hit her limit?
  8. To he fair, she could have just feigned injury. Good on her. Piers Morgan making himself look even more of a tit I see, the gift that keeps on giving.
  9. You are pretty much right. However, if we are growing stuff here and it is going to waste despite a domestic market for it, that is bad for the UK and the environment. Albeit on a small scale obviously.
  10. Oh... https://twitter.com/BBCPolitics/status/1418230091201622024?s=19
  11. Oh... https://twitter.com/Haggis_UK/status/1418097570958749699?s=19
  12. Double jabbed shorter isolation with a PCR test makes sense to me. Why is that not in place already? It is going to spread like wildfire now with the younger lot, that is obvious. Problem is, all our low skilled low pay work is done by them.
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