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  1. Surely isn't down the road, Jeff?
  2. Not really for many reasons, mainly because he isn't president at the moment and second he has lost a bit of his ear, not his life. The rest is him whining as usual.
  3. I wouldn't want to put words into other people's mouths...
  4. Fair enough, I just don't think Trump is anywhere near as clever as you think he is.
  5. I don't understand what gives you that idea though? He went over to Moscow and Beijing and tongue tickled the nuts of Putin and Xi.
  6. I can understand that, but economically things are doing very well in the US at the moment aren't they? Let's be honest, those from the bible belt love big guns and big trucks so they trust Trump more to keep things as they are.
  7. I was thinking this was a decent start for a change...
  8. Isn't he a bit of a Trump MAGA fan or am I getting him mixed with someone else?
  9. How far is that from Oldham and Rochdale then?
  10. Don't you live near Burnley? I used to live in Blackrod which as anyone who knows is very small. The top end (NW) all have a Chorley phone number and some with a PR postcode, the middle all have BL6 with a Bolton number and the bottom have a Wigan number with BL6. Some weird folk get proper odd about boundaries. Must be a link to our historical past or something.
  11. I used to laugh at two blokes at work arguing over where they lived as they both had an Oldham postcode but one lived in Lancs and the other GM. As I have a PR post code it doesn't bother me but it didn't then either when I lived in BL just 2 miles down the A6. My mate from Hull used to nuts over Humberside Vs East Yorks. Easy fishing 🎣
  12. We aren't poking our oily beaks in anything. Just giving an Ally some kit they need after being invaded by a cunt.
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