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  1. I think their stance to help those poor fuckers trapped in dangerous buildings is a good one. No way should leaseholders have to pay a penny for dangerous cladding to be replaced on a building the don't even own.
  2. Paying 11 million people to stay at home will always be looked on favourably by some. Plus the vaccine rollout has been a huge success and general folk tend to have short memories. However, Labour have really offered bugger all until very recently. I suppose it is hard in a national crisis to criticise too much and be seen as obstructing progress. Maybe when the investigations start properly and the skeletons are uncovered they can start to make up some ground. Also, once Covid-19 isn't taking up all the news people will start to see whether the Tories are working out for them
  3. Fuck that, postal all the way. There is little chance I would have bothered otherwise for a Councillor and a police commissioner I have never heard of.
  4. She's tucking it behind her legs.
  5. There is no such thing as a cracking bush, surely? I bet it is bigger than that Witherspoon fellas barnet... Gip.
  6. That is amazing, how the fuck do they do that?
  7. It set off early! Elon Musk is a bond baddie in the making
  8. How's about them doing the right fucking thing? This helps everyone regardless the thick cunts. Anyway, I had my jab 8 weeks ago and just had my invitation for my 2nd which will end up being just over 9 weeks since the 1st one. Didn't expect it yet but they must be rattling through them
  9. Look at the size of the fucker! Looks like something Belladonna would just about accommodate.
  10. What's this about Ferrari? They have certainly surprised us with their pace this year. Williams are behind but that P11 quali may give a slight glimmer of hope. Maybe I have to admit I am hoping against hope though.
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