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  1. I think he's got the potential to become a very good manager. Especially if he gets a few quid to spend and doesn't have to rely on freebies and loans. He performed a minor miracle last season and some of the football we play (when we play well) is up there with as good as any Bolton side I've seen. We've not really any idea what happened with the Sarce thing - but I'm guessing seen as Sharon sanctioned the move that she agreed with IE's take on things. I think we're lucky to have him.
  2. Already at the club according to a bloke I've just met in the pub!
  3. Say what you like. I hate the cunts!
  4. Only if you count a trip to Bury as a holiday! 😁
  5. "Welcome to Bolton. The home of Bolton Wanderers Football Club" Along with the clubs logo. Might have been up for a while but I noticed these the other day. Must admit I always thought Blackburn had the right idea as you go over the tops towards their place. Nice to see we've done something similar!
  6. Bastard - just logged on and saw this and thought we were 1 up! 😁
  7. My Uncle who has sadly just passed away was a huge City fan his whole life. Genuine home and away regular, but also knew enough about other clubs that you could have a good chat with him about the whites (RIP). He'd get all misty eyed when he talked about the 'old city'. Much as he enjoyed the success that money brought - I always had this feeling that he didn't enjoy it in the same way as he did back prior to the foreign investment. The spark had gone a little and it was never quite the same for him. I imagine this will be similar for a lot of proper fans up in Newcastle in a year or two. For me - as things stand I've got a club and a set up I can be proud of. It feels like it represents Bolton and its people. And I don't think anyone should underestimate how important that is. Especially in this day and age. To me at least.
  8. Not forgetting the runs out left backs have been making to open up the space for Daps. As soon as the defender changes direction to follow the LB Dapo cuts inside. It's ace seeing us know what we're actually doing!
  9. He was fantastic with us. Gutted we couldn't get him permanently!
  10. Read this in the Manchester Evening News today. A 'where are they now' run down of Dougie Freedman signings. By Christ it makes depressing reading! https://www.manchestereveningnews.co.uk/sport/football/dougie-freedmans-bolton-anniversary-signings-18129956
  11. You must be sat near me. I saw every swerve and dip of that as it left his boot. Wonderful!
  12. In what universe is playing at Sunderland a 'cup final' 🤣
  13. Took my little lad to his first league game today. He's 6. I might leave it a bit before he comes again. Christ it was hard work! 😁
  14. Good indication of where we are at the moment. We did ok - but Rotherham just looked more savvy. Shame that goal didn't stand as 2-1 would have made it interesting. They will be there or there about come the end of the season. We make more noise when there's just the usual suspects there!
  15. I didn't think it looked that bad of a challenge tbh. Bit clumsy.
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