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  1. Sorry Rudy - you mention "months back" Can I please ask why this wasn't brought to our attention in a more timely manner?
  2. There's still a statue of me outside as in inspiration to the kids who followed in my footsteps!
  3. I couldn't be arsed walking all the way over there! 😁
  4. Hayward was full of soft shites, as me and @miamiwhite can attest to having smashed them up and down Junction Rd for 5 years 😁👀😁
  5. Is that right? I had no idea we had that system in place. In that case - I've no idea why you can't come back 😁
  6. Are you Benjamin Netanyahu is disguise? 😁
  7. And also because there's no guaranteed system which will allow border control to double check both vaccines have been administered.
  8. Can't they just build up?
  9. I think he's right. Even as someone who's left leaning 'woke culture' makes me cringe. As does calling each other 'comrade'. I think a Labour party standing on a manifesto if modest tax increases to support world class public services - and making sure multinationals are taxed fairly, striving for equality of opportunity but generally looking after our own does very well in an election with a competent leader. To be fair - I'd be happier a little more to the left than what I've described above - the problem is the utter fucking gobshites that tends to attract.
  10. I don't think so - you just generally call me an unwashed, lentil munching, lefty scumbag! 😁
  11. Hang on - have I been called as a witness or something? 😁
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