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  1. Also - Mr Myagi when he looks on Daniel with pride - the way he once looked at his now departed Son 😭😭😭😭
  2. Bigfoot and the Hendersons. At the end when Mr Henderson punches Bigfoot on the nose to save him by making him run off into the forest to be with his own kind and not get shot by the army But Bigfoot doesn't understand 😭😭😭😭😭
  3. Don't think I could ever be a debt collector - always seems like a grim job to me that.....
  4. Done! 👍 Quality of the posting better shape up now I've put hard earned cash in! 😁
  5. That's more likely to be from a recent maxfac op than the original injury. If I was hazarding a guess. Still looks a right state mind!
  6. "Scousebusters 3" Does anyone remember that highlight on Granada?
  7. I remember thinkijg Ricardo Santos was the worst player I've ever seen in a Bolton shirt and lamenting the demise of Yoan Zouma.
  8. Jon Hopkins composed something for the proms that was played the other night. I bet that was an interesting listen!
  9. I couldn't make it today but managed to watch it on... ahem Hung on a bit at the end, but we had to battle today. Thought Tomo was MOM - drove us forward everytime he got the ball. Just needs to be a bit more confident with his shooting. That Wigan result is hilarious! 🤣
  10. I'm with you brother! Feels like we haven't even seen a summer this year.
  11. That's because their menstrual cycles have all synched. They'll be fine by next week 😁
  12. Apparently she's got a book out or something? Although you'd never have guessed.....
  13. Not in the sense that you'd like me too
  14. See that's where we differ. I don't think it was about power and entitlement - I think was about joy and emotion and being in the moment.
  15. I also don't take my shirt off and run around the office, screaming, before pointing to my shoe every time I do something good at work either. Taking this incident in isolation - I think it's reasonable to give him the benefit of the doubt, and understand that he was caught up in the emotion moment. And that, on balance of probability he was just caught up in the money and that he want doing it for sexual kicks. If he's got a track record of it then throw the book at him. I'd never even heard of him till yesterday when he suddenly became the new Harvey Weinstein.
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