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  1. The Expanse on Amazon Prime is brilliant if you like intelligent Sci Fi
  2. I know a bloke called Bernard Lerring who used to fight with weasels for a living.....
  3. That's good to see. It's been starting to look a bit shabby of late. I bet it cost a few quid mind!
  4. Good result that. What kind of team did Preston put out?
  5. Hell of a player by the looks of it. Love watching players before my era!
  6. Before my time - bit was Peter Thompson always that good? Also like the way someone got clattered by 3 separate players when he was clean through and goal and the commentator says "And this could be a booking here" Different world!
  7. Love that they want this guy 'cancelled' for taking the knee! 😁😁😁
  8. Greater than the sum of its parts. That's us at the moment.
  9. Zico I'm happy to chip in for whatever you need. I'd love to say I'd help but I'm not sure how much use I'd be really given I know nowt about this stuff!
  10. Lottery. Proud of them. Would have made the changes on 65 mins. Still think Southgate is a bit hesitant with subs in big games. Still he hasn't got much wrong over the last 4 weeks.....
  11. Don't see any reason why we're not in with a decent shout tonight. Especially at home.
  12. https://youtu.be/JyayJk_ft_0
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