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  1. I can't even get on the site. Never mind post something!
  2. Plymouth better be fit to run round like that for 90 minutes at Wembley!
  3. Enjoyed that in the end. Good point - don't think we created enough to deserve 3 - but moved the ball around lovely. Much better than the past couple of weeks! 👍
  4. Playing deeper as a deep lying playmaker. Neat and tidy bit not really created much.
  5. I was right - it was Jones though and not Bradley! 😉
  6. Bastard - I read that just before Jones put the cross in! 🤣
  7. We look so pedestrian when we get to the edge of their box. It just breaks down because out lack of creativity. Unless Bradley gets around the back I think we're going to struggle.
  8. I'll come out of hiding in that case! 😁
  9. I'm only pulling your leg mate! Hence the wink emoji! 😉
  10. @bolty58 - you've gone and spelt it wrong! 😉😁
  11. I'm gonna send him that! Sorted! 🤣
  12. I totally agree. GDP is a clumsy tool to inform a decision about an issue as complicated as immigration. But it's the one most often trotted out, and it's meaningless without context.
  13. He also posted this....... "Friends, many of you will be concerned by the BBC News article about greedy work-shy doctors demanding unreasonable pay rises this week. Yes, it's true that the median junior doctor (anyone who isn't a consultant or specialist, which ranges from graduation through to 10+ years after qualifying) is higher than the median pay in this country. After the debt of 6+ years at university, plus countless professional exams (which we pay for ourselves), and yearly fees to the GMC, indemnity, and Royal Colleges (which we pay for ourselves) while working 48h a week, including nights and 1:3 weekends making lifesaving decisions, this doesn't seem unreasonable to me. And yes, it's also true that we get pay rises as we progress in seniority. This again seems fair - as you shoulder more of the burden of responsibility and decision making, you should get paid more for that. The manager of a shop gets paid more than the till staff because the buck stops with them. But this isn't about any of that. This industrial action is calling for *pay restoration*. We don't want more money for doing our job, just want to be back on a par with where juniors were before inflation started outstripping pay rises back in 2008. Ask yourself whether a junior doctor today, be they a first year FY1 or a final year ST8 trainee, is seriously worth 26% less than the same doctor in 2008? We're working harder, with more hoops to jump through and higher costs associated with training, but being paid only 3/4 of what our colleagues were 15 years ago. And that, in my mind at least, isn't fair. Nor is it how we keep the best and brightest doctors in this country, caring for you, when they could easily go abroad and get paid twice as much to work less in Australia or America. So this is ultimately a question of how our Government values junior doctors, and by extension how they value your health. Are the people trying to perform your surgery, run your clinics, report your scans, or fix your broken bones while struggling in a grossly (some may say deliberately?) under-resourced system really only worth 3/4 of what they once were? I hope you'll see through the propaganda coming from the Government, and support us this week. It really isn't an easy decision, walking away from our patients, but we're doing it to safeguard your NHS going forward."
  14. Just changing the subject slightly. My mate is a junior doctor and has just posted this. Their pay since 2009 adjusted for inflation.
  15. I think we're probably in agreement on this to be honest 👍
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