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  1. What on earth has happened to it? It used to be decent - but now it's basically inaudible in the ESL. Yesterday during the tribute to the Queen I had no idea what was going on until the crowd went silent and the Club Chaplain started speaking. Have we somehow managed to purchase a downgrade? Or could we not afford the one we already had installed? Anybody got any ideas?
  2. I thought they bossed it for the first 20 minutes - and then inexplicably turned from a decent footballing side into shithouses. Second half they didn't look interested in scoring. I'm with Casino I thought 2-0 would have been a fair reflection. And we'd have been bullied out of those points last season. Ref was awful and really slowed the game down. Thomo played well again but Dion Charles MOM for me.
  3. Jesus - the comments after that article! And the ones on Facebook! 😳😳 One bloke commented that he went to Jersey on holiday as was pleased to see a 'lack of dark faces'.
  4. He did very well. I think he's more direct than Lee, Dempsey or Morley and gave us an extra dimension today. Got a little sloppy as he tired towards the end, but a really strong showing from him today.
  5. I don't see what the point in all this is? Theres always loads of serviettes near the tomato ketchup.
  6. Get's better every time he doesn't play that lad! 😁
  7. I've been really impressed with Sadlier whenever I've seen him play. I'd love to see him get a start to see what he's capable of over the 90 but I think that's unlikely. I'd be sad to see him go - and even sadder to see him line up against us. He looks excellent at this level to me. Absolutely nothing like the new Darcy.
  8. I'm still convinced 90% of lager tastes absolutely identical and nobody could tell the difference bar the colour and the branding!
  9. Sheehan would have been a great option yesterday when we were struggling to break Morcambe down. Think he offers something a bit different to Lee/Dempsey/Morley. There's more competition for places in this squad than I can remember for a very long time.
  10. Yeah me too. I can't see how any ody can watch last night and think Dempsey had a bad game? I thought he was excellent.
  11. If he was - then fair enough. Hiw you could prove it one way or another is a different matter though I suppose? I mean I managed to mishear a racist comment from 750 people so I'm not one to judge! 😁
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