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  1. A few of the big talking points of this tournament have been Eriksen and the need for Defibs and another is this German girl. 10s of thousands of kids will be turning out tomorrow to play grass roots football without a difib yet the best part of 30k has been raised because a girl cried. Now I know people can donate how they like and that up to them but sometimes I really do question what’s happening in the world.
  2. The usual Facebook scientists have spent the last week comparing G7 and ascot photos to photos of a couple of primary school kids in masks. With some text along the lines of “it’s always about them...the elite” Since when have primary school kids had to wear masks and when has anyone had to wear them outside? Cockwombles
  3. Can anyone explain why only 2 x England players have to isolate after being in contact with Billy Gilmour? Why not both sets of players?
  4. I reckon beginning of the school holidays, mid July time
  5. Nowt wrong with a bit of bumming from time to time. Not into all this rainbow shite though 😘
  6. Do arse bandits get treated any different nowadays?
  7. I thought I would head inland instead of to the coast yesterday so decided on Bolton Abbey. The place was rammed. Nice place though
  8. He’s a right Knob this mon. Why should it be MSM?
  9. https://www.theguardian.com/media/2021/may/27/bbc-presenter-lisa-shaw-died-of-blood-clot-after-astrazeneca-jab-family-says The anti vaxxers/covid deniers are all over this
  10. 😂😂 he’d be on blower to the old bill
  11. Even like Marcus 😉
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