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  1. Has Thogden found Rudy? 3 mins 20 in
  2. He does come across as one (nice guy not a nonce)
  3. Is his dad a nonce though?
  4. That’s the first time I’ve seen this 😂😂
  5. https://vm.tiktok.com/ZMNsLXJvW/?k=1 Get these 2 back
  6. Unbelievable aint it. There’s a BMX track just been built in LH (pump track I think is the proper name for them) I’ve had my lad there a couple of times and the usual little shits are trying their best to fuck it up .
  7. North Walkden FC have had running battles for years with Salford council, numerous times they have had to call games off because the grass was to long.
  8. I can’t work it out, the ones I see around Manchester (the shitholes basically) are well looked after, it’s like the kids have a bit of respect for them and maybe realise it’s a way out for them.
  9. Even the school fields where my lad used to go for a kick about have been fenced off now. You’d think during the school holiday they would open the gates and let kids have a kick about but like you say there’s always someone wanting to spoil it.
  10. Just watching the Crystal palace documentary on 4. Many of the kids seem to be getting picked up from inner city areas, its similar at the Manchester clubs, drive around Moss side, Cheetham hill, Broughton, etc and you see 4g pitches that are free for the kids to use. Last week my lads mate had the police called on him because he and 2 others sneaked onto a schools 4G for a kick about. There needs to be more free facilities for the kids in all areas.
  11. 😂😂 I told him to make sure he tells Scholes (who was sat behind his team) that Gerrard was better than him. Not sure if he did or not.
  12. You need a go henry 😂
  13. Thinking more Magnet and Steel
  14. Did anyone have any issues tapping a piece of plastic onto another piece of plastic or remembering 4 numbers today?
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