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Wanderers Ways. Neil Thompson 1961-2021

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  1. Not today’s game but probably the best place to post.
  2. I reckon there’s a good chance you still don’t like united though. 😉 Anyway it will be good to see who the hypocrites are when/if he starts finding the back of the net,
  3. This is going to be awkward for some of our squeaky clean fans. I’m sure they will just turn their backs if he scores.
  4. They’re on another level. It’s worth going if you get the freebies, it’s like a carnival atmosphere outside the ground, and a decent atmosphere inside. Still a few thousand empty seats though which is baffling considering how good they are.
  5. Can’t turn down freebies gents. If I can make my lad stand in the pissing down rain for 2 hrs at Accrington Stanley then hes allowed a bit of slack to go and watch some of the best in the world!
  6. Game number 264 that proves we have some of the best and some of the mongiest (majority) fans in the league
  7. Just got back from the City game, cracking atmosphere considering it’s known as the Emptyhad. Carnival like atmosphere outside the ground. DJs on inside the ground, Noel Gallagher giving speeches before the game. I almost forgot there was a game to be played
  8. It looked like it to start and he’s mentioned it previously, regardless when you have players who aren’t pressing in pressing positions, who aren’t chasing back, who aren’t able to make 10 yard passes then the blame lies as much with them.
  9. No matter what system you play you put in 100% especially when you’re playing the pressing game. Not one of them did, everyone of those players takes some blame along with the manager.
  10. Bone idle, lazy, useless fuckers. The lot them, awful.
  11. City we’re heading and shoulders above them today, as already mentioned the speed and and effort they put into getting that ball back is on another level. Stat of the day, united has more shots on target at their own net than city’s
  12. R.I.P. Neil, thoughts are with all your family and close ones
  13. Ditto, I was screaming at the box for them to get another. Living in Walkden I obviously have a lot of united mates, the delusion amongst them is on another level. They think they have a right to be be finishing top 3 every year and getting to at least 1 cup final every season. They’re now saying Ole isn’t doing it the united way. Sorry lads there’s never been a united way, there was a Fergie way, but not a United way
  14. People saying Isgrove was brilliant? I’m sure I watched him waste 10 crosses, was I watching the same person?
  15. Bar the last 5 mins that was fkin awful. 3 or 4 new players needed ASAP.
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