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  1. Someone needs to tell him that wearing a mask is to prevent spread and not to stop you from catching it.
  2. All them covidiots outside the ground the last couple of weeks 👀
  3. And to think Khan got more than £7 million for fighting a nobody in Saudi! No wonder Saudi is likely to host the Fury V joshua fight
  4. I can’t remember who it was, but I did remember going to the clinic in Walkden for my daily cleanse/packing and the nurse asking if she could show all the other nurses my tattoos on my arse (eyes) this happened most days for a week or 2 with them all popping in and a few taking pictures (one being my mates missus)
  5. Not pleasant are they! Mine became infected, I had to get it seen to properly at Bolton Royal when I got home, they said it was a fkin mess.
  6. Not amateur surgery but an amateur surgeon. I had been really ill for a few days in Iraq with a sore arse (ended up being a perianal abscess). Got flown to the main hospital in Baghdad, lads all around me with war wounds and I had a sore arse 🤦‍♂️ Anyway at this stage I’m going in and out of consciousness, the Drs had no idea what was wrong with me so decided to take my appendix out, just Incase it was that. Which it wasn’t, and which then became infected. It’s was another 24hrs before they found the abscess. They’re not much fun!
  7. I’ll kick the ginger cunt in the shin and then give him a Chinese burn
  8. Agree with that, I think Khan has given the best Brit performance against Canelo. I’ve just been reminded that matthew Hatton also took him to points
  9. Stayed away from DC, my ADA has come good the last few days, all my XRP are in green but waiting for the next big push!
  10. Could do with XRP going up some more
  11. Big fire happening right now in London on a building that has similar cladding apparently. Probably a day or 2 too late for Labour
  12. I also know how lies work. Funny how those leaks all came from unnamed sources a week before elections and we have heard nothing since. (Like him twatting his bird that time) You seem to think there’s more to come, I think you will be wrong (keeping up with previous form). Time will tell
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