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  1. Cheers all for the wishes. Luckily it looks like it was only a minor stroke. He was sat up last night when I went to see him. His speech was still slurred but a massive improvement from when I first found him at home. Again big well done to the NHS staff.
  2. Royal has just been to the hospital with his old man. Walked in on him having a stroke today! Ambulance was there within 30 mins and he was in the stroke unit at Salford within 40 mins of them turning up. He’s currently got plenty of nurses fussing over him which he’s happy about. Well done the NHS.
  3. I will find out how big they really are when I get to Turkey. If their brand is being replicated then they’ve made it
  4. Luckily they don’t need a hard photo for the ID, the money they can save on that they can use at an internet cafe (if they’re still a thing)
  5. It’s 2023, IDs are mainly don’t digitally. Or are you suggesting those mainly old people find a Photo Booth, pay £5 for some pics, then post them to wherever is making the ID? Youve really not thought about this have you.
  6. You’d said there’d be no problem doing it your way 😂😂 classic cheese.
  7. I was confused by your football comparison that’s all. If people want to vote they will. Having ID is no major problem.
  8. Well then they will have the same problem uploading a digital photo for the ID you mentioned.
  9. You can apply online, takes about 5 mins.
  10. You mean like the Voter ID card that was available to everyone that needed it. For free.
  11. Aghhh the attention seeking fuckwits 👍
  12. So bringing football memberships into the conversation was pointless! That’s unless the point you’re trying to get over is if you want to watch a match become a member, if you want to vote have the correct ID.
  13. But in footballs case the end numbers are higher
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