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  1. Last 12 months “call an election” “We need an election now” election called ”but but Glastonbury” ”what about the euros” ”People will be on holiday” 😂😂
  2. Oh yes 😂 I’ll check
  3. No, I was booked on the 2110 (I think) but managed to get on the 1853
  4. I’m not getting the Dempsey wank fest that is happening. Yes he was our best player when he came on and showed a bit of grit but it was only a few months back he was having a shit time and was very poor. Now after a decent 45 mins people are screaming out for him to be captain. 🤷🏻 As for some of the social media posts stating that Parky was a better manager than IE because he took us straight back up (with a squad of premiership and championship players) do these people not remember the dire football he served up?
  5. Then on the flip side you have shit planning. I went in to the torch before the game and I only saw one set of toilets and no portaloos, what are folk supposed to do 🤷🏻
  6. No doubt Israel or America will be blamed.
  7. It’s really no surprise that the prices are so high when you look at the amount of pissed up space cadets a Wembley trip attracts. The cost in stewarding and police must be massive.
  8. I hope to god we don’t sign Ogbeta on a permanent
  9. Bollocks. If ever there was an excuse to fill the missus in then this is it! Crack on lads 😉😂
  10. Fuck off. Theres 10 mins to go, you’re losing 2-0 and a player just strolls over for a corner, if he needs a manager to tell him to get a move on then he’s in the wrong job. Not one of those players played to their best today
  11. This is my only lasting memory of the game, it was at that point I fucked off. Some people will somehow blame that on Evatt.
  12. Because he’s improved us every season since he’s been here. Why are you against him?
  13. Evatt has improved us every season, his record is superb, at some point the players need to take some blame. There is obviously some mental problem with big games/clubs. To many fans think we have a Devine right to be in another league. We don’t, we’re beginning to sound like scousesrs/ united fans.
  14. We’ve just lost a cup final, of course it’s fkin bleak
  15. Shuddup you girl, sat in a kitchen getting smashed, kids in the next room smashing things. Roll on next season
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