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  1. We need more women pundits
  2. Stick a cap on and sit in west upper, jobs a good un
  3. Embarrassing some of the comments from City fans. I think they genuinely believe football started about 10 years ago
  4. Come on you scouse cunts. I can’t stand their fans but I want Liverpool to get all 4
  5. What was viera doing on the pitch? Was he trespassing 👀
  6. Name and shame them 😂😂 who’s bright idea was this?
  7. Got to be a 3 year ban minimum
  8. Same charge for him as well.
  9. I would have loved to hear the late Dave Higsons commentary last night. “You dirty pig Billy Sharp, assaulting innocent fans”
  10. Brown bread him now.
  11. https://www.thescottishsun.co.uk/news/7123241/smoke-grenade-rangers-fan-hand-title/amp/ did anyone see the photos after this? 🤮The lad will be left hand wanking for the rest of his life.
  12. Just realised the sharp used to play for Forest as well!
  13. So using your simple mathematics you would have to say women footballers come under the same figures. I can 100% assure you they don’t . So that 1 example proves that the X amount of the population is gay so the same percent of footballers are gay is totally false.
  14. Great work here. Even I’m impressed 👏🏻
  15. Southampton fans singing the national anthem 👏🏻👏🏻
  16. Disgusting. Where’s the balls
  17. It’s a shame that after all the positive news this has produced you come across reports like this. https://www.sportbible.com/football/idrissa-gana-gueye-missed-psg-win-montpellier-rainbow-flag-lgbtq-20220516.amp.html
  18. You’ll still need it for a night out in Bolton
  19. Ok, using all the figures we have roughly how many gays do you think are playing elite football in England? Like kent said you can’t really take a countries demographics and apply it to football. With some of the examples being thrown about it’s like saying 7.5% of Britain is Asian therefore 7.5% of WW posters are Asian. We all know that ain’t true.
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