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  1. The Bolton fan getting nicked at the airport. Is that an example of the 2 tier policing that doesn’t exist?
  2. You’re getting yourself mixed up with a lad called spider who claims to have voted tories for most of his life
  3. Top bloke, he moved to Walkden when he first signed and I pretty much kitted his house out with “off the back of a lorry” electrical items. He was on 4k a week when he signed and he wanted me to knock £50 off a washer dryer so he could make some money on his brother.
  4. “Any member of this forum” 🤷🏻
  5. Thats what I thought but apparently because the player who made the encroachment then set up the goal it’s an indirect free kick 🤷🏻
  6. Why wasn’t he sent off? What a weird 5 mins of footy
  7. People who back out of bets that would see a children’s charity benefiting. Scum bags, straight in the volcano
  8. Good question, going off that there’s best part of a thousand kids who haven’t got a school.
  9. Pretty sure you said you would, then you wouldn’t accept certain posters words on here as to who BB had voted. Basically you lied saying you didn’t bet, made a silly bet and now it look like you’re back tracking on giving a kids charity some money. Looking a bigger cunt than usual at the minute which is quite the achievement.
  10. Pretty sure you said you would pay up not long back?
  11. I thought you meant in general. I’ve no idea if this was the case in the school or the hospitals. However if the IDF know those buildings contain numerous terrorists is likely they will target them. Like Britain, and many other nations have done in recent conflicts.
  12. 4 Hamas fighters holed up with just a pair of binoculars and a secure radio could cause more damage than 50 fully armed Hamas fighters.
  13. He might not be an oddball. “As I always say, no one reads manifestos unless they are oddballs”
  14. A) How long does a country hold back for when their own are being targeted from said building? B ) Probably the best idea but would depend massively on the numbers you are fighting and area. Either way it’s likely to require some heavy bombing before hand C) That does seem to be the easiest/best option going off previous conflicts. They are pretty much your options. Every scenario will be different but it all comes down to protecting your own whilst getting the “baddies”
  15. Another pair who shouldn’t be allowed to see the outside of a prison walls again. Their pictures should be plastered all over.
  16. My point, quite clearly, is this kind of things happens on regular basis with in war zones around the world, we never seem to see the same Outrage on here, or social media for those other poor kids.
  17. Crazy hey, there was famine a couple of week back according to posters on here and now they’re back in school, go figure. Theres been plenty of wars over the year plenty of schools attacked, hospitals, parks, shopping centres. Where was the outrage/upset then? Apologies if I’ve missed it.
  18. Not old fashioned. Just proving my point 👍
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