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  1. Zico

    Name The Ground

    Correct Impressive size Apparently they never filled it
  2. Zico

    Name The Ground

    Biggest terrace in the country
  3. Zico

    Name The Ground

    Ah Shit You're correct anyway
  4. What's she said? I just googled their names, didn't find anything about this but seems they might have had some sort of close working relationship or something https://www.mirror.co.uk/3am/celebrity-news/leigh-francis-myleene-klass-go-1878793
  5. https://www.theboltonnews.co.uk/sport/20125273.bolton-wanderers-sign-cambridge-uniteds-jack-iredale-three-year-deal/ Maybe a bit of both Ian Evatt is looking forward to seeing Iredale compete with Declan John for a place on the left - or potentially pit himself against young player of the year George Johnston as a wide centre back.
  6. Pointless Millionaire Chase Who Dares Wins Catchphrase (Roy Walker)
  7. Pretty sure Iredale was LB at Cambridge and when he first came the plan was to use him as LWB when the plan was to defend as alternative to DJ Then with absence of GJ and RW being full time LWB he's ended up in the back 3
  8. Daughter watches TV but it's all netflix, YouTube and Disney plus Used to watch cbeebies "live" occasionally but then most of the time was on demand via iPlayer Can't remember the last time anyone in our house watched a scheduled program on a channel
  9. Zico

    Northern Soul

    Love a bit of organ too so had a listen https://spotify.link/pAcqzRmMlDb Cracking tune Would never have had that sound as originating from Bolton but checked and indeed it was
  10. When we click, we click Otherwise it's frustrating First three games I thought we'd piss the league, since then not sure how it will pan out PJ final we're unstoppable, play offs we're shit Dunno if still the case but the two games ago we had the most clean sheets in 2023 This time last year we had the most points in 2022 or something like that We're almost there But we're not But we could be Not sure if we should be So frustrating
  11. As an aside I imagine everyone in London over 40 who did bother with a TV back in the day had one of these
  12. I need to look into this, I couldn't embed Ronnie Pickering on his 8 year anniversary New server Some config tweaking required Send me more money
  13. In a play off spot two points off automatics Decent attacking options Parky knows his stuff I reckon they'll get promoted
  14. Unlucky with the red card Lucky to come away with a point The wood work was both the 11th and 12th man today
  15. I agree But the times they are a changing It'll be a tough sell for future generations brought up in on demand world I hope they find a way to continue what they're doing Do people still need to hide behind the sofa when licence inspectors knock on the door? Did that loads at uni in the 90s Had some mates who let them in to demonstrate they didn't have a signal and only ever watched things on VHS
  16. This is what you call doing your own research
  17. I do We had a discussion about it a while back In the age of digital streaming on demand to multiple various devices then I don't think people should have to pay it just for owning a TV Don't get me wrong, it's a great service, just an outdated concept, if you don't use the BBC, you shouldn't have to pay for it
  18. Just seen that Beetlejuice 2 is our next year Michael Keaton, Winona Ryder and Katherine O'Hara all back for it
  19. Wouldn't surprise me if it didn't to be a pain in the arse for folk who would watch sky sports streams
  20. I probably should get in touch Every time I went, every six months or so, there were no issues and he tried selling me teeth whitening, every time Eventually I tried Want impressed
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