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  1. I'd buy a long sleeve 99/00 top if I could find one
  2. aye, was originally meant to be for atheletics as well, but wasn't in the end, so the pitch was miles away The delle Alpi's design was widely criticised due to the poor visibility. This was caused mainly by the distance between the stands and the pitch. Views from the lower tier were also restricted due to the positioning of advertising hoardings.[5] The stadium's location on the outskirts of town never found favour with fans, and the stadium design left spectators exposed to the elements. These factors contributed to attendances significantly below its capacity;
  3. Back in the 00s they were regularly getting less than 10k for CL games They had a cup match v Sampdoria where around 250 turned up Yet they are the best supported team in terms of fan numbers across Italy
  4. Guess it was the one where they cheered after thinking the ref had given it
  5. Zico

    Lincoln (H)

    Didn't hear your company name shout out when Dempsey came on
  6. Zico

    Lincoln (H)

    Sums today up that On another day Lincoln grab an equaliser and we rue missed opportunities Hopefully JDB getting back to fitness will change that because for as strong as our attacking options are they aren't yet producing consistently If JDB can take some preasure off Charles maybe he'll relax and stop trying to do it all Anyway Highlight for me was that late save from Trafford, immense
  7. Two of those are cockneys to be fair
  8. Zico

    Lincoln (H)

    Didn't make Sunderland last season so was watching on a stream At 5-0 in 87th minute I went to cash out at 150/1 or whatever it was But my stream was behind and it was already 6-0 Though I had John last goal at something like 40/1 so there was some comfort to be had
  9. Zico

    Lincoln (H)

    A signal to cash out
  10. Clearly you aren't Turkish Name another one other than Tugay, Sukur or Tuncay Or Akin Bulent. Or Bulent Akin
  11. pick up from the Premier Inn at the Beehive
  12. come on Dr we need to close the gap on Millwall
  13. Depends "Local" away games and home games are a pain if you do other things in the AM, like I do when I'm in charge of the little one Further afield, maybe less so, more drinking time after isn't too bad either All in all though, fuck 1pm
  14. Plymouth v Ipswich today Draw will do
  15. Last night Southgate became the first englishman to be relegated as a player, manager and international manager
  16. Well i meant for us so yes, Deano in the 5th game there
  17. Quiz question Who scored the first goal from open play?
  18. Speaking of the san siro Inter and AC have agreed to knock it down and build a new ground Seems a shame
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