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  1. Me neither Be up there but didn't see much to make me think they'd win it MK Dons assuming they keep that squad together would be a good bet for me
  2. Tangents Get used to them
  3. He just basically called you a cunt @MalcolmW You going to stand for it?
  4. This squad that was put together in January showed it was plenty good enough to challenge for promotion
  5. Pretty sure it was Warburtons then Definitely mentioned a name before it but the branding was just Bolton Stadium Hotel
  6. Or maybe it was Radissons Anyway It definitely had a sponsor preceding it Maybe
  7. I'm sure that's what they said earlier anyway
  8. Think it's Warburton's Bolton Stadium Hotel But the first word is interchangeable
  9. Dunno but norwich to Ipswich is something like 40 miles so it'd be like flying to Stansted to go to Cambridge away
  10. at the fixture release networking do at the reebok this morning, neil hart said the team got them this morning I also now sponsor Declan John
  11. Zico


    I meant 6/4 I use decimals betting and it's 2.5
  12. Zico


    £100 e/w on us at 14/1 for the title £100 on promotion at 4/1 £200 on top 6 at 5/2 so long as we finish top 6 I'm at least even if not, I've fucked it
  13. They've all looked shit since Reebok did one
  14. Robson was pretty much before my time but my memory of him is always being injured and shagging Claire Tomlinson whilst her leg was in plaster
  15. dissapointed we didn't get him, but don't blame him he's getting Championship football and if he impresses as he did with us, he could get a move to a top end championship club in 12 months if he signs for us he might get Championship football in 12 months, or he might not good luck to him
  16. Fuck me this picture makes me feel old Johnston looks about 12 and reminds me of Garp Charles looks like the lad at school who could grow facial at 15
  17. Zico


    So, is the situation such that a club can be bought without EFL approval if the bidder wishes to remain anonymous I doubt they would, but could the EFL still boot a club out once purchased if the owner didn't pass a fit and proper test (in theory of course, everyone passes it) Seems odd that the bidder and admins don't want to let the EFL know who they are They should be allowed to remain private but still be looked into by the EFL before completing a deal
  18. Story of our life that when it comes to transfers
  19. Suggestion here is we did alright fee wise https://www.theboltonnews.co.uk/sport/17738632.celtic-wrap-signing-boltons-luca-connell-generous-fee/
  20. Whatever happened to the other lad who was decent at the same time? Pritchard?
  21. Zico

    Name The Ground

    If you know you shouldn't say
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