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  1. Villa took 1500 to MK Dons in the Papa Johns last night not sure if I'm impressed or not
  2. aye, amusing as I was forwarded this so just replied with this
  3. Governments do first If ours wants to do business with oppressive Saudis or dodgy Russians then football can crack on
  4. Can you prove this for me before i send it to my mates pretending it's my stat?
  5. Not doing it I don't want better communication
  6. Reminded me of a few games last season Gash first half but there's always a comeback in them
  7. Zico


    I don’t understand why more don’t drink in town!
  8. 12,345 678 Gillingham BLM
  9. Probably called Evatt a cunt in front of everyone
  10. To be fair, Sheehan and Sarcevic both on 3 goals, plus Sheehan does set pieces
  11. be intresting to see if @jules_darby gets any money back on his player sponsorship deal, or if he gets lumped with Brandon Comley for the rest of the season
  12. one thing we did have before all this was great team spirit and togetherness whatever has gone on, got to hope it's not fractured/split the dressing room in anway they should all be professional, but the captain just got the boot and straight out the door no messing, so I'm sure there'll be some opinions either way throughout the squad starting XI wise, whatever, Sheehan can start instead, we are better when they don't both play, generally but we're not exactly strong in depth
  13. Brockbank or Baptiste Or Isgrove if we get desperate Squad game and all that
  14. But would anyone be concerned about their well-being?
  15. Where were Bolton this time last season?
  16. consider this a warning
  17. @boltondiver does when he listens to dexys
  18. Disappointing if we lose 3 in a row but whatever I'll be more concerned if we don't beat Gillingham, as I assume they are mugs
  19. did some googling on the carpathaians, appears this is their top boy
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