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  1. came to Horwich swimming pool in the early 80s to do some exhibition swimming brother had his photo taken with him
  2. one with a majority wasn't too healthy either
  3. whilst I'm sure Leverkusen wanted to go unbeaten, Atalanta probably wanted it more as they aren't guaranteed a CL spot as in 5th all be it with games in hand
  4. you reckon he'll do a Big Sam? "yeah I'm leaving because I need a break" before rocking up somewhere else shortly after leaving he's either having a season off or he's full of shit
  5. you know how managers etc complain about playing too many games just seen Spurs and Newcastle took full strength squads to play a "pre-season" friendly today in Melbourne, including some due to play for their countries in the euros (or at least in the training squads, like Trippier and Maddison)
  6. If there's one out there I'm sure they can find one We found Sheehan, Magohma, Collins, Charles, Baxter, Johnstone etc
  7. Aye Saturday was the worst But he still got us one game away from promotion By all means question if he can take us further than he has But don't now just dismiss the progress we've made under him and FV
  8. sounds like he chose Mansfield over Rangers too https://www.rangersnews.uk/transfer-news/rangers-linked-keanu-baccus-makes-st-mirren-call-before-dropping-clue-on-next-destination/
  9. more than likely 250k fee was agreed he wanted to come “The move didn’t really go too smoothly and I’ve learned from situations in the past when things go smoothly that’s where you’re meant to be and vice versa. “Nothing against Bolton at all, but I’ve learned when a team really wants you they’ll do most things to make it happen. https://www.theboltonnews.co.uk/sport/23723330.bolton-wanderers-move-wasnt-meant-says-keanu-baccus/
  10. I suspect @Wanderlust is on StagWays right now telling them how lucky they are
  11. that'll be why he won't go if he has to sit in them
  12. I'm sure someone could argue that we went from challenging for the play offs to challenging for the top 2, and we lost in the final rather than the semi ultimiately we still lost in the play offs anyway there is only one way to improve next season so if IE does stick around, it's either promotion or gone that's what he needs to reflect on, does he know what he needs to do in order to do it, does he know which players can do it and which ones have come up short in the big games will FV back him with the players he needs to do it because we need to add to the squad and maybe change our approach in some way him and FV need to come up with a plan then decide if it's viable more of the same is not going to cut it
  13. It'll be @anewman, he says this every season
  14. aye, convincing myself that if we can address those issues with new additions and turn that into a squad that can get promoted, we'd be in better shape for a crack at the championship if this current lot went up and that issue wasn't addressed, we'd get bummed senseless most weeks, probably
  15. had a look don't remember him at all from the days of playing kids don't remember getting 250k for him wiki says he's played 1 game in his career, for us, and zero in 3 years for Norwich
  16. Zico


    Who did IE say he was sulking to? To his face in training, "stop sulking you twat and start training", or to the board or something?
  17. I wouldn't be getting on a plane again if I was on that
  18. and the idea he has something to think about came from thin air
  19. Zico

    Euro 24

    looking light in midfield as well and half of those defenders have been injured or not playing great up top though
  20. Zico


    might listen to that
  21. I neither know or care what everyone else wants to hear, but that's what he said, and it isn't something that has been pulled out of thin air it pissed me off at the time as we were going into one of our games in hand to try get into the top 2, wasn't what I wanted to hear I think he'll stay and sometimes he's just a bit of a self pitying fanny and a bit fragile, like his team, when things don't go his way
  22. “And as I have said, I have 11 games to go and then I’ll reset in the summer and think about what happens in the future. which when you consider he gets job offers to triple his wages in the championship, suggests he may think about life away from managing us
  23. only after Alonso, Rangnick and Nagelsmann turned them down (don't blame the last one) tries to play nice football but massive risk
  24. aye I know JB is having his best season yet with Madrid in that position, but he's spent the previous 4 deeper so he can do it Saka will start so remains to be seen who will play the other side be good if we could make Cole Palmer fit best forward options in years worst defensive ones though
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