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  1. Nah, Malcolm just needs a reboot
  2. I knew I should've took miami up on the £20 bet he pmd me about Mick's voting habits ffs
  3. Phase 4 can wait if it comes to it, phase 3 will do for the summer anyway Don't get me wrong, sooner we get back to normal the better But being able to sit inside pubs and restaurants will do for most folk I'd have thought? Be reet come August for the footy i reckon
  4. He also ripped off "I'd Like To Teach The World To Sing" and the theme tune from "You and Me"
  5. actually just found this which is quite good
  6. aye, I like Oasis, I could happily listen to a playlist of my favourite songs all day long but he was shameless when it came to ripping other songs off, this one being the biggest culprit for me:
  7. bloke goes to a restaurant, ask the waiter what soup of the day is "oasis soup" "ok i'll have that" finishes meal "why was it called oasis soup?" "you got a roll with it"
  8. Zico


    TIT FRIDAY @athywhite1958, @stevieb, @Spider, @MickyD, @DazBob, @Winchester White, @bolton in bedford, @marple whites, @Burndens Bogs, @fatty, @tshape, @Cheese, @Rudy, @Steejay, @MancWanderer
  9. Zico


    just the one correct guess 26-49
  10. My old boss, Jewish, used to say the reason why Jews have big noses is because fresh air is free
  11. Aye, the whole of the Bolton community have to take responsibility for this
  12. I'd be amazed if BooHoo or PLT had ambitions to sponsor a L1 shirt
  13. The bus should've smashed it's way through regardless of it was a decoy
  14. They're the poorest quality online beer subscription service, in terms of beer quality, I've tried It depends on how discerning you are, but if you're not a fan of cans to start with don't bother
  15. I am now too, cheers for letting me know
  16. also thought I'd check out the brit winners this year to see what's cool and all that the fact Biffy Clyro are being nominated for best group and getting beat by Little Mix says it all for me about the state of the music scene right now I like the Foo Fighters but if they're still being nominiated in the best international group category then fuck that also also seems Bruce Springsteen is having some sort of comeback think I'll stick with anything before 2005 from here on in
  17. Wolf Alice aren't bad heard of them, never listened to them before thought I was being down with it getting into music but they've been around several years now still, it's as contemporary as my listening has been in some time probably
  18. Zico


    Aye, just checked, looks like that's it for next season
  19. Zico


    TIT THURSDAY table tighter than a gnats chuff @athywhite1958, @stevieb, @Spider, @MickyD, @DazBob, @Winchester White, @bolton in bedford, @marple whites, @Burndens Bogs, @fatty, @tshape, @Cheese, @Rudy, @Steejay
  20. Zico


    you all got one but you got both
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