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  1. I might join in with the Kachunga song if he keeps it up
  2. Decent pedigree to coming through the ranks at villa then arsenal
  3. Those 3 plus Doyle up top with Dapo as #10 and mj and lee behind them That Would be good
  4. Signed as a free agent in October on a short term contract till January
  5. And the touch and ball through to doyle from kachuhga was top class. Had ge buried it there may have been jizz
  6. THappy with that result and performance all things considered though Baptiste should've buried that at the end Ended up watching on ifollow, seems we have fans every corner of the globe, I'm sure people message in making up random locations Bermuda, Cape Town, Tokyo and in the back of a car driving from North Carolina to Michigan today, amongst many others
  7. Jamie Pollock's son playing for them
  8. What's the difference between this and another quiz?
  9. 12,345 678 Cheltenham fans
  10. Dapo suspended as well after the other night (and apparently that was the cut off match as well) going to start looking like a proper makeshift side the way it's going 5-0 #click
  11. aye, red all day long, never in doubt
  12. Junior football memories from around Bolton in the 1980s - can you spot anyone you know? https://www.theboltonnews.co.uk/news/19737044.junior-football-memories-around-bolton-1980s---can-spot-anyone-know/ anyone off here? I recognise a couple of lads from Horwich St Marys 1987
  13. having watched it again on a big screen, I concur, I don't think it was dangerous, but he deserves a red for being fucking stupid, pointless tackle with at least 1 if not 2 others covering
  14. Unless you threaten players en masse at training sessions you're not an ultra
  15. That'll do Just about looking up rather than down Kachunga can have motm for me. Assist goal and some surging runs Didn't think it was a red, even though it was through the back of him from behind, but the reactions from our lot probably swung it Only complaint was we probably had the most corners we've had in a game this season and still did fuck all with any of them
  16. I saw a snippet on SSN with a quote from Rooney saying the Utd job would be hard to turn down I presumed he meant in general for someone like Zidane (who would apparently turn them down) I didn't think he was talking about himself, surely not
  17. didnt' stop you trying to convince yourself Everton got outspent by Sheffield Utd
  18. Even my mum commented on number 2 today and she wasn't even reading the sports section Anyway Today's starting line up looked thread bare to start with and now MJ is out We need luck on our side and a few games to go our way before January Confident we can bring in what we need to halt the slide
  19. Whenever i back Bolton they lose Whenever i back them to lose, they don't Tranmere fa cup replay in 03, we knew we'd rest everyone but Tranmere were something like 8/1 So backed them We equalised in injury time to send it to extra time Then they scored in the first minute of extra time Lost every which way Twats
  20. Can't remember which Russian team it was but they had loads of money but based a long way from anywhere So all the players lived and trained in Moscow and flew out for the games I reckon Newcastle will do that and put together a London based squad
  21. Aye, i live in Stockport and in no bakers or greengrocers recently did i see rosettes and shite like that in the build up to the game Magic of the cup my arse They probably have a bigger wage bill
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