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  1. Zico

    Away End

    Speaking of away ends
  2. Aye, they've kept hold of all 3 PL forwards so expect them to do some damage this season
  3. Zico

    Away End

    sat in south stand twice I can think of upper tier v Birmingham in the league - won 3-1, around 99/00 then some midweek league cup game v west ham around 05/06, think me and my mate were the only ones in there
  4. luddites it's just a question of modern life and technology though really I do contactless, and don't carry cash unless I can help it, it doesn't make me frivelous though I have spreadsheets on my pc that I update daily for personal, business and joint bank accounts I know exactly where I stand, how much I've spent each week/month on what, and what I've got left till I pay myself again each to their own like, but for me, cash in my pocket or not makes no difference to how I spend it
  5. Watford on for the 2nd Monday in a row on SKY But to mix it up a bit they're playing Friday, on sky, this coming weekend
  6. We're never playing 4-4-2 4-2-3-1 would work for Dapo, but that's Bradley and John out, whilst IE only played that formation when he didn't have the wing backs for his favoured 3-5-2
  7. Zico

    Fan Zone

    Got you, thought it was being suggested folk will stop drinking water They should also bring in those consumable bubble things for events like 10ks and marathons
  8. Zico

    Away End

    Yeah but not to go straight into FVs pockets I wouldn't have thought They've got to make money to run the club
  9. Zico

    Fantasy League

    I picked him as he was basically the cheapest defender I'd heard of
  10. Saw this yesterday Nice gesture by the club a few replies in
  11. Villa are shite More to the point, Gerrard's record there is
  12. Pretty sure Barnsley last season went straight to penalities
  13. Next up fofana from Leicester for 85m
  14. Zico

    Fan Zone

    And replaced with what?
  15. Zico

    Fan Zone

    Meanwhile at West Ham The price of a pint is one thing, but 4.20 for a bottle of coke is taking the piss big time
  16. Zico

    Fan Zone

    Sacked it off pre match due to the queues Post match did just fine for a couple of beers in the sun This was decent pint as well
  17. No son? That's some fucking porky to be telling Now starting to wonder if he had a shed
  18. Too busy Massive queue for beer So went to harvester
  19. Saturday nights used to be like
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