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  1. looks like you have to pay to sign up £40 for adults https://www.dcfc.co.uk/news/2022/07/away-ticket-membership-information-confirmed
  2. just for some context of how big/impressive a win this is England: 55.98 million Iran: 85.03 million
  3. No Could do with a Kane hat trick 2nd half
  4. Lineker never did this when the Qataris paid him to do Al Jazeera punditry anyway, it's all just another reason why Qatar should never have had the tournament in the first place but they have, and we get it, so let's get on with the football from here on in
  5. Zico

    Name The Ground

    Forest Or Blackburn
  6. Zico


    Was just saying bills playing browns in Detroit today, fly back home tomorrow, then fly back Wednesday to play the Lions on Thursday
  7. Mount for Sterling and that's mine
  8. Definitely a pr stunt This is the guy who changed his name by deed poll to Hugo boss as a protest to them sending cease and desist letters to small businesses with boss in their name Hugo boss weren't arsed, they issued a statement welcoming him to their family He changed it back a month later
  9. Zico


    Apparently they sold 56k tickets in 48 hours https://www.instagram.com/reel/ClHSFj1DhUH/?igshid=MDJmNzVkMjY=
  10. Zico


    Knew there was a russian link, they did the WC in Russia and pretty sure they featured on TV over there
  11. FFS I will have to now
  12. £10 on a shot on target in first ten mins at evens The first/last goal and anytime plus shots on target bets on the Qatar left back Hassan Looks like I'm going to be having lots of bets over the next few weeks
  13. He's currently a coach at Leicester with no managerial experience Not sure he's in a position to make big demands
  14. Apparently Yaya turned them down first as well!
  15. Lens ground holds more than the population of their town, which is a bit mad
  16. One thing is for sure, there won't be a load of piss tanks sat in Qatar right now regretting their decision to go
  17. You're talking like we're a premier league team beating a national League north team in the fa cup, at home That might be the case 15 years ago We've only fallen two leagues, they've climbed about 4 or 5 Some might say you have delusions of grandeur
  18. Yet the irony is you're the one looking to jump off a cliff, so to speak, at any opportunity
  19. Maybe, though I don't think being able to drink in the ground was a deciding factor in anyone going Anyone shelling out is going purely for the football Which is why no one is going Which is why they are paying migrant workers to pretend to be fans
  20. Aye Chuck in Bradford, Swindon, Grimsby, Carlisle, Chesterfield, Wrexham etc There's plenty of teams further down the ladder with much bigger populations It's really not anything to reflect upon following a vital win
  21. Aye, actions speak louder than words There's been lots of words against Qatar but little action Actually find it most amusing that Qatar boycotted Budweiser We don't like alcohol here, so fuck off, none of this "we're uneasy selling alcohol, it makes us queasy, but we'll do it anyway because it's the world cup"
  22. John was only on the bench because of injury, suspension and internationals Toal had more chance of coming on
  23. Or more a reflection on how high Fleetwood have climbed We're no strangers to league one There's plenty teams from towns and citys with big populations in league two and the national league
  24. Who gives a fuck hos many people live there, it's irrelevant What's relevant is they would've been 3 points behind us had we lost and we'd be outside the playoffs Instead we're joint 4th
  25. Zico


    Six feet of snow due in Buffalo over the weekend so now they're playing their home game against the Browns in Detroit It's sort of local but still 250 miles Do games ever get postponed in the NFL?
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