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  1. So if pompey cancel we could play Cheltenham then?
  2. He's basically saying "i meant it but was probably not the right time to say it" If he tried to say "i didn't mean it and am sorry i said it" i wouldn't believe him anyway
  3. If he had it would've looked like this
  4. I'm just after any remnants from our PL era, the earlier the better If anyone beats Dzemali I'll be impressed
  5. See in that respect I'm happy I'll now get to watch the actual match which i wouldn't have had she not passed Thursday
  6. Coyle them Maybe Basham? Cahill finished last season There must be one somewhere Daniel Braaten or Sam Ashton knocking about in serie D
  7. See my post above There isn't massive disruption There's only inconvenience if you planned on watching football Which most weren't
  8. I'm an all or nothing type of person I don't understand why football stops but everything else carries on I anticipate the "national sport" arguement but I think I'm being generous in guessing 10% of the population was meant to be watching football this weekend The other 90% are cracking on as Normal So my logic is we're either in a state of national mourning, or we're not But in reality, a minority don't get to do what they had planned to do, but everyone else carries on as normal My plans for weekend don't even change so I'm not pissed off or anything, but I'm struggling with the logic, given there were meant to be protocols in place for when she passed I hope Charles dies during a football-less summer
  9. Yes, i know But pretty much everything else carries on as normal Folk will find something else to do If everything shut down it would make more sense I'm not even going to the match, I'm at a kids party at a farm I'd appreciate it if they were to shut as well, so I don't have to go But no, it's business as usual for everything but football and a women's boxing match
  10. One game as in, there was only one actual game being played that day which was cancelled So hardly as disruptive as 4 days of matches across all leagues
  11. No Well No one here is receiving it His family might be
  12. As said though It was only one game And the death shocked the nation, it was a tragedy Was still Business as usual the next day
  13. Meant to say Spotted Blerim Dzemali playing for Zurich last night v Arsenal Blast from the past Are there any other Alladyce or maybe Megson players still knocking about?
  14. I 100% agree with that point but I think UEFA would say no so as to not cause hassle for themselves and for countries who'd be like "what the fuck has it got to do with us" e.g. Donestk is currently occupied in the middle of a war with most of their fans probably at war themselves if not dead, but they crack on playing in Poland and as it happens UEFA have sold the rights for that game to Russian TV which I think tells you everything you need to know as to why I think UEFA would not be impressed if we postponed games because our queen died the week before - i.e. they don't give a fuck
  15. when did "farmers" league become a saying? whatever happened to "pub" league as the go to reference for a shite league I keep seeing it everywhere at the moment and I don't like it
  16. as said elsewhere she's not the queen of most of the countries in it, so not sure it's anything to do with anything plus it would also be up to UEFA, and why should they care?
  17. have some commone sense she died yesterday events have been called off today what does cancelling the whole wekend acheive? is everyone meant to stay at home for a day of morning and contemplation? and if they are cancelling sports events, why aren't they shutting pubs, restaurants, shops etc? there'll be plenty stopping what they are doing and showing respect on the day of her funeral
  18. Fuck all reason to cancel It's sad, but it's not a shock The country will come to a stand still and pay their respects when she's buried
  19. hopefully she can hold on till the international break
  20. Zico


    aye, nothing against non league, I more than enjoyed watching Horwich RMI in the 80s but I wouldn't get any significant enjoyment from, in the absence of a Bolton match, going watching Chorley or Stockport or whoever else is cheaper on that day
  21. aye, watched some of their game v zagreb and it wasn't that they were shit, zagreb were decent, some good players there but generally, hit and miss this season for them at the momenet Potter and Pottechino the favourites
  22. All those lads/blokes in the away end at Leipzig Shouldn't they be back home on the front line? Or is Donetsk in Russia now?
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