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  1. Apparently Newcastle hard done by after the ref reviewed it Don't think I've seen a ref stick by their decision after being told to review
  2. What did he say? I wasn't sure about that midfield but they played very well and after some mistakes recently thought Santos was very good Most surprising was John on the bench, thought he was out for some time with us signing Beck, thought he might come on for Iredale who looked knackered second half Don't rate Baka as a starter so the sooner JDB is back the better Few twitchy arses when Trafford went down with no sub keeper Guessing Sadlier didn't take his chance the other night
  3. We always seem to play shit/draw when it's cheap tickets
  4. What do they do in terms of logging your payment? The car park is a camera that logs when you enter and leave as far as I'm aware So what is done to stop you getting a fine if you pay?
  5. I've been parking there for as long as I can remember with no issues whatsoever other than waiting a while sometimes to get off after They do have some blokes at the bottom end who will take cash off you in return for parking but seems random and pointless The only time I've ever been fined was when I stayed on for more than three hours which was a fair cop
  6. Tesco As good as anywhere And free (so long as less than 3 hours)
  7. Yeah but it was Magennis and Wildschutt
  8. Zico

    Name The Ground

    It is Never seen that before Only memory I have of old Stamford Bridge is cars parked up behind the goals
  9. Zico

    Name The Ground

    Am sure this is dead easy for the elders but never seen this before and it looks mental
  10. Well we're meant to have a solution for that
  11. It was discussed at length and I gave it my approval I even let him wear Declans shorts at his unveiling
  12. Aye Was on the bench Saturday Can't imagine he got a serious injury Sunday-Tuesday that led to this last minute deal, not without hearing about said injury So long as I get first dibs on Beck I won't be too fussed
  13. we don't play a front 3 though, it's generally a front 2 with a midfielder behind those 3 started v Villa, but that's it every other game has been a 2 man combo of Charles, Dapo, Baka, JDB and Kachunga generallty supported by Lee or Dempsey we may end up with those 3 up front at the end, but we're not starting that way
  14. here he goes couldn't hound out MJ so now he's on to Dapo
  15. well they've just lost a manager with one championship and one league one promotion and replaced him with a manager with one championship and one league one promotion so as you were
  16. I agree that Dapo is best suited further up but as said, I could only see that's where Sadlier gets his chance right now either that or in place of Bradley, but that's not happening unless he gets injured if he goes in midfield he replaces Dempsey so if he's angling for a start right now, I'd say he gets in ahead of Dapo or he has to bide his time on the bench replacing Demprsey
  17. aye and IE said Sadlier has to take his chance which he did last night so he's due a start soon, in place of Dapo, probably, as there's nowhere else for him to start
  18. aye though the Salah threw me, forgot he played for Basel once I got Jon Arne Riise in my head from playing for Liverpool and Roma he wasn't shifting Neymar eluded me too for some reason and of all the players I couldn't spell were Muller and Aguero
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