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  1. aye, because the more discerning drinker goes to the Bay Horse (either)
  2. bit harsh on palace i think they're ok and hope they stay up no harm in going there anyway had he gone to scotland i'd agree with you
  3. fat cunts go for runs and wank more works for me
  4. jay.c man let it go, we'll never get to play them and if we did we'd get battered, leigh rmi would probably batter us except down the right wing of course
  5. as i said in other post leave it otherwise it'll become like ice hockey and there'll be flashing lights on the crossbars and some red ginger playing an organ when the ball goes in
  6. fcuk it makes the game more interesting anyway balls to video replays, might happen to us next game
  7. didn't see it but flicked back to football first as they were discussing it and it they dismissed it as being nothing at all blues fans were booing him all night, easy target nothing came of the boro incident either fcuk em all
  8. and to be honest who could blame him you would, I'm tellin yer, you would
  9. it's still Div Two though plenty of our lads go out on loan and never come back Nicky Hunt being the exception
  10. wigan to go up then we can play them fill their ground do the double on them
  11. we'll be 5 points ahead of Norwich IF we lose both games and IF they beat Villa away, or 4 ahead of Saints IF they beat Newcastle and Fulham we're not going to lose every game for the rest of the season and those below us won't win every game that said it's hard to see anything from next two given we never win at St Andrews and Arsenal are a bit good
  12. tis actually 9 points we're only 12 or so off safety, and 16 off the target of 40 bad run yes, but there are worse teams, a lot worse it may not be the top 8 we'd hoped for back in November but we'll def stay up, no doubt about it
  13. to have a lead at the moment would be nice
  14. if Ben hadn't gone down, nothing would've happened at least this way Rooney get's shafted
  15. ah ha Ugo Ehiogu on a roll now David James b??ll??cks
  16. did you know at this time of year it's often quicker to post mail 2nd class than 1st because they have backlogs of 1st class mail which takes time to get through whereas as no one does 2nd class they get through them quicker tis true I tell yer
  17. Paul Ince shit erm it' hard this one i'nt it
  18. he's ok once you get to know him so long as he doesn't try bumming you
  19. ..turns to Luke and says "Luke, I know what you're getting for Christmas" Luke is shocked "no, no you don't, how can you know?" "I've felt your presence" merry christmas
  20. heard it the other day also that tune with the preacher bloke condemning artists where he reels off a load of 80s artists fundamentally shite but a good listen
  21. how many roads must a man walk down bob dylan and i'm only 27
  22. going home in a bit how can I be bored when there is this website www.candystand.com quality
  23. fook me, dunno how old is that? prob something about him being a hitman or something
  24. apparently Utd and Arsenal are giving him the glad eye http://football.guardian.co.uk/News_Story/...1379023,00.html
  25. welcome back yer lanky streak of piss you still got that porn? can I have it back?
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