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  1. So I should still let her give me a baby oil massage and a blow job before I ram it up her. Well, given that I am a new man I shall take your advice, thanks Missus C Widnes joining the Championing cause of post-birth women everywhere.........
  2. What, even if it's your wife who's had the baby
  3. That taxi ride to Horwich did you no good whatsoever, did it 8-[
  4. Congratualations Spud Has the doctor indicated when you will be able to resume a full sex life? Bet it's a nightmare having to make do with oral and anal til she heals properly. Well, I'm assuming that you dont want to be chucking your sausage up the mersey til she's fully healed Anyhow, tell the mrs that she's spent enough time in bed, the dishes are piling up
  5. I have a great deal of sympathy with you Missus C, my train from Manchester to Widnes is like that every night. They send a 2 carriage train during rush hour and its even worse in summer What annoys me is that the driver apologises every day for the fact that the train only has 2 carriages but nobody has done a ragging thing about it and i've been catching this train now for about 7 years and it's always only had 2 carriages. But what really annoys me is the lateness of trains. Last December, I saved all my tickets and wrote on the back of them exactly which time train I was waiting for and how late it was. Then I sent them all back and asked for a refund. So, this absolute knobhead phoned me up and told me that they only give compensation if the train is over 1 hour late, I explained that if I miss my connecting train then I am well over an hour late but he insisted, compensation is only given if the train is over 1 hour late and not if the journey takes over an hour of the advertised time So the next question was, 'How can I claim compensation when you cancel the train before it gets to being 1 hour late' He said 'exacly' and put the phone down Trains............................. They'll be the death of me
  6. Anybody got Windows 98 on disc that they'll sell me (or give me for free) not bothered if its a pirate etc It's for my dad, he's gone and bought a laptop and there's no OS on it I cant find my discs anywhere Ta Widnes
  7. Well, at least you admit it wonky and thats the first step to recovery Now you have to put your testicles in a vice and tighten it by banging the handle round with a lump hammer
  8. It won you cheeky monkey, amendments next time please [-(
  9. What happened to my winner from 21/8? MARKET RASEN 16.10 - Croc An Oir Have I been given a handicap 8-[
  10. Homer Which one did you go for? I'm considering starting up a WanderersWays football card
  11. Satan You lucky bastard, if you need a partner send me a PM.... I wanna get in on the ground floor with this one Ta Widnes
  12. Shut up you big girl* *Can I change my vote to IAN now please
  13. Are my eyes deceiving me of have some posts been deleted since last night Surely we aren't starting dictator censorship already are we? What the devils going on
  14. Well I've seen Casino's tits so Jess, could you please post a picture of yours so I can make an undiased vote Thanks
  15. People who take drugs should be helped and given support not persecuted and driven underground. Remember, we would not have the masterpieces of Van Gogh's or the clasics of chopin if it wasn't for drugs. Just say no* * Should a stranger ask for a line
  16. I think in some cases its thoroughly justified Eh santa garp eh, with a blunt stanley knife perhaps
  17. Nobody is going to pay stupid money for somebody whose contract expires in January The most we could expect is a million, keep hold of him, guaranteed Premiership safety is worth a lot more than a million
  18. I always liked the Jam especially Setting Sons and All Mod Cons, The Style Council were utter drivel and I have no idea what he was thinking bout, I also think his earlier solo stuff was a bit kak but its kind of grown on me However, The Jam win it by miles, Did you know that Foxton now plays with SLF and he's still got the same haircut
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