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  1. Correct. Which says more about us than him.
  2. The ball bounced twice before it went in. We haven't got a plan B, and not much of a plan A. I'd like to say that it was shite, but it wasn't even that good. Merry fucking Christmas.
  3. The shop next door to the café (with Mick Miller in) B & S Carolgees.
  4. Stevie Nicks. The current one, not the scrawny one of yesteryear.
  5. Better wages yes. 9 league places and differing fortunes maybe not.Almost hero status here, new lad status there, nothing to prove here, everything to prove there. If he proves himself there he'll still be a Championship player. All I'm saying is that he (and us)could have done better.
  6. He's not improving himself there in the slightest. Very disappointed.
  7. She was in hot water a couple of weeks ago by saying on Facebokk that American comedian Arsenio Hall had been supplying Prince with drugs for yonks. Coincidence, I'm sure.
  8. I know the money has got to be right for the club, but the players have to realise that being as lazy and workshy but on less money is still not good enough. Its the attitude that has to change.
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