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  1. Proper emotional day. Don’t think I’ve ever been prouder to be a Bolton fan than today. Managed brief chats & pictures with SJM, Gethin, Ricky, Gretar and Wheater. All properly decent to speak to and the absolute salt of the earth. Never met Super John before but my god his love for this club stands out a mile. Special shout to Ricky who must’ve spent twenty minutes taking pictures and giving autographs. Laughed my balls off when he walked out of the hotel with his entourage and the air was filled with the smell on ganja.
  2. Wasn’t he classed as a striker when we got him on loan? It could be that when it was announced people weren’t fully aware of his position mind.
  3. I really appreciated his thank you to the fans in that interview. It was absolutely pivotal that we could show him we were fully behind him yesterday.
  4. Ian Evatt is our most prized possession right now. Way more than any player we have. I can’t believe anyone would think otherwise.
  5. Thought the crowd were very good considering. Had we gone two down in the first half five years ago there would be much more disgruntlement. Lee and John excellent. Really don’t get Kachunga. If he has a part to play it’s off the bench for me, where he chipped in with a couple of assists early doors. Massive result that; not because of the point, more down to the fact it’s shown we have fight and we’ve broken that dry spell in front of goal. Hopefully we can kick on now. We won’t go up and we won’t go down. But the togetherness is there after a difficult week and hopefully we push on.
  6. Off topic but this is a common theory regarding SJM at Millwall that I’ve never understood. If Wiki is to be believed, he got 27 goals in 52 league games there. More than a goal every two games. Before my time but what’s the deal? Presume their manager at the time just didn’t fancy him.
  7. I liked Sarce, and he was good for a goal and driving forward from midfield. Nonetheless I was very disappointed for Kieran Lee missing out at the start of the season, and have always thought that beyond goal threats, MJ, Lee & Sheehan were our best three. Going off the back of last season, Thomason is a real prospect and I wouldn’t mind seeing him given more of an opportunity now as well. Would have Politic back in January without a doubt. Some would argue he’s got better with injury and became overrated, but I have every faith this lad can go far, and has goals in him.
  8. Can’t make today; on a stag Buxton way. Kind of relieved, would hate to lose this. COYFWM please do these cunts
  9. We weren’t great. They were equally terrible and surely can’t be happy on that evidence. Absolutely do not like to criticise players, and get that he might be behind on fitness, but Kachunga is massively limited from what I’ve seen. Also, we were crying out for a change before they scored (Baka for Kacha would’ve been my shout). Nonetheless I’ll back Evatt to the hilt and this is in no way a criticism.
  10. Trying (+1) for tickets tomorrow. I like Wednesday; certainly more than their neighbours. Hillsborough is one of my favourite away grounds. Proper stadium. 100% win record watching us there too (2012 & 2014) which helps. Their match day squad in the 2012 fixture is an interesting read.
  11. One thing I’ve always noted about Wigan, is they do seem to have a fair away following when you weigh up their home attendances. Not a patch on us mind.
  12. Back when we had a spell of putting on free coaches. I’ve been twice and seen us win both times; first was the 2-0 win in a relegation battle (McCarthy’s first game) then the 4-1. I’m afraid of going again in case I ruin my 100% record. Won’t be there this weekend.
  13. I was surprised we didn’t take Yves-Andre on after that. Did a great job for us off the bench running the play down. Convinced Salva would’ve come good had he got more game time. Seen him speak highly of us on Twitter and looks out for us. Good lad.
  14. I’ll raise you Simeon Slavchev.
  15. Liked Dannzy personally. Ran his bollocks off. Never rated him before he got to us, but I think he did well for a season or so at least and chipped in with a few goals Was disappointed he got booed when he played for other clubs, as I don’t feel like he did anything wrong and we chose to release him IIRC.
  16. RE Declan John; they had him on loan until January last season. He never played a minute for them, which is when we took him for the rest of the season.
  17. “Bolton as a club still with outstanding creditors to settle up they shouldn't even be in the league” Baffles me stuff like this from opposition fans. What on Earth are they talking about?
  18. Driving my ten year old nephew and my dad. Dragged my nephew to loads of games in the last few years. He never caught the bug, bored and always claimed to be a Liverpool fan (best mate has been brought up as one; obviously never been to a game). Finally caught the bug watching us on iFollow. Absolutely loved it today on his first game as a season ticket holder. Buzzing.
  19. Really enjoyed that and apologies if I’m repeating what anyone has said. Gilks solid at claiming but feel like a more agile keeper would’ve gotten a hand on a least two of the goals. Can see a player in Johnston. Good ball playing defender despite the lapse for the first. John poor 1st half, decent enough 2nd. Dapo disappointing but we all know his qualities. Big supporter of Doyle but perhaps he is a step behind at this level. Although the has missed a chunk of pre season too. Very happy with Baka. Sheehan different class. Would’ve been gutted to lose. Disappointed with conceding three at home and giving away the lead, but buzzing all told. Atmosphere incredible at times. Can’t wait for Wimbledon.
  20. I noticed he spoke highly of us on Twitter once. Given that Jussi was so good at that time I’m sure he understood. Got some European games if I recall. I particularly remember him making a great save when keeping a clean sheet at Doncaster.
  21. I think Doyle will be fine. Yes he missed a few last season, but the best part of his game relies on being in the right position to score. You don’t lose that with age and he had to be in those positions to miss. Granted he has greater competition now and Baka offers something different.
  22. Ian Walker was great for us when called upon.
  23. Think Joe Kinnear signed him for Newcastle.
  24. This league is considerably stronger than when we finished 2nd a few years back, and I’m sure safety is the main priority. Are we really that far off the 16/17 side though? I think we’re better off in many ways player for player. The obvious advantage of the previous side being how dangerous we were from corners.
  25. Definitely our rivals as far as I’m concerned. If you think otherwise you’re kidding yourself.
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