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  1. We had an absolute shocker here. Given that we only went down on the last day, and spent the £7m on an untried defender from the states and Marvin Sordell; surely we’d have been better off keeping him, therefore increasing our chance of survival and losing on a free in the summer.
  2. Got 25/1 on Lennon to us a few years back, although they only offered a quid at that price, then more at smaller prices. A bored insomnia-fuelled bet in the early hours. £288 back off £12. Just had a hunch. Made a hungover packed train back from Leeds on a Sunday afternoon more bearable.
  3. Bolton 0-2 Villa 10/02/96 2:26 here Day before my 7th birthday. Hated every second of it. My next game was the solitary home loss in the league against Ipswich in 96/97, which I also didn’t enjoy. My dad bought me a season ticket for the first season at the Reebok and I didn’t look back.
  4. His wife is from Bolton isn’t she? Seem to recall that being a factor when he signed for us. Thought both wives were all about the money tbh. But it’s rather telling that J’Lloyd’s family clearly don’t get on with his English wife; especially with his mum seemingly befriending the Iranian woman.
  5. I don’t think he’s good enough for that level anymore. In fact most of their players aren’t Championship standard, and very few have a re-sale value. Not looking good for them. Oh well.
  6. It could be argued that I’m a product of the generational hatred you speak of, but this has gone on longer than Tranmere (who are further afield) and Wolves (who are even further away, and also have three midlands clubs to contend with). They’re on our doorstep, and have played in our division for the best part of twenty years. Granted they were a bit try hard, but they’ve won the FA Cup as much as it pains me, and they’re currently a division higher. While some may argue that they don’t hate or even care for Wigan, it’s head and shoulders above anything close to a big rivalry that we’ve had in my lifetime. Quite happy to embrace it tbh. Not that I’d be too disappointed if they went out of business.
  7. When we played Accy away the first time round, I seem to recall the prices being very reasonable. We lost 7-1 so it was a fucking rip off in hindsight.
  8. From Evatt’s comments he sounds completely understanding. Although of course he wouldn’t say otherwise if there was a rift. He’s not effective enough in the current system, but he’s being moulded (albeit intermittently at the moment) into adding more to his game in a new role. If it pays off, Dapo’s value goes way up and he can have a more successful career. Just hope this happens soon, as if he’s benched much more there will be issues you’d imagine.
  9. 0-0 weren’t it? Big showing to try and show Parky that he hadn't joined a bigger club.
  10. Always surprises me that we made the PL before Sunderland and Derby. On Wilder, I can’t believe he took that job in the first place. Could’ve held out for the Prem surely. His stock is still fairly high and he can expect a Championship vacancy no problem. Boro are only heading one way; they’re fucked financially, no idea what the deal is with Gibson or how their fans feel about him.
  11. Had a glance through their forum last night. That site owner was absolute comedy gold, watching him get angrier with every post and then logging off; especially with those who didn’t agree with him or have the deep burning hatred for us that he did. Evened the day out on brain dead fans, having had someone try to argue with me that David Lee was our record appearance holder 🤯
  12. Saw the Wigan miss recently which I’d completely forgot about. Definitely remember Szczesny saving a terrible effort from him live on Sky; the day Cohen came on and scored the winner just after his dad had died.
  13. I need to add to this; he was with three other Morecambe fans outside Chorley Wetherspoons about an hour before the game. Therefore, he has obviously got off the train beforehand earlier in the day to take these pictures. That or he wants to see a proper stadium. Oddball behaviour.
  14. I much prefer us in white shorts personally. Pin stripes I could get onboard with too. Our most successful period in the last 50 years was in an all white kit. Desperate for a remake of this for the away:-
  15. I’d completely understand if Aimson wants to move on. I know he’s spent a fair amount of his career in the NW, but he’s not from round here. He’s not going to take Rico’s place in the centre of a three, which is where he is best suited in our shape. Toal will be expected to surpass him in the pecking order come the end of the season. Jones is much better suited on the right of a three, and now we have both Johnston and Iredale who can both fill in on the left of the three, whereas we didn’t have such depth last season. I actually rate him very highly from a defensive perspective. Seems to be one of the fan’s scapegoats. Perhaps because he isn’t as good on the ball and our play slows down a bit when he’s in possession. Probably more because Bolton fans love to pick someone out. 🙄 Barely puts a foot wrong for me, and is a better goal threat than Santos. He is more than capable of finding somewhere to play regular football at this level IMO. I just hope all of this doesn’t come back to haunt me tomorrow night.
  16. Midweek replay. We had more fans then them (obviously). Don’t remember the draw at ours beforehand mind.
  17. Any excuse to post our ridiculous H2H record against them. Which was annoyingly dented in the 6-3 debacle. I’m expecting a decent following there in a few weeks as I expect lots will see it as the first away of the season.
  18. Was referring to the goal specifically; whenever the club takes requests for old goals, I’ve asked for this one ages without response. There’s definitely a black hole when it comes to looking for goals in that second season at the Reebok. Completely agree though. Frandsen was a magnificent servant for us. Definitely makes my favourite Bolton squad, perhaps even first XI.
  19. Doesn’t get spoken of enough for me.
  20. I don’t remember him getting any stick, not that I’m in any doubt that it happened at some point. Limited player who was good for popping up with the odd goal. Couldn’t really tell you what else he did. He was good at holding the ball up. Wasn’t quick and never beat a man. No doubt a very important part of that team though.


    I can understand those who saw us take over Springfield Park not having a dislike of them. Geography also plays a part too. Whether you hate them or not though, I think you’re in denial at this point to suggest they aren’t rivals. There’s seven miles between the grounds. Currently a division higher. They hate us more than they hate anyone else. We’ve been in the same league for the most part in the last twenty years. They’re a bit of a bogey team. They’ve signed plenty of ex Wanderers. And worst of all, they’ve won an FA Cup in the last decade. Granted they have been try-hards; songs directed at us/our finances/Nat, kicking off outside the ground and claiming victories etc. But name me another club who comes close when you factor all of the above in. You can’t. Do you hate them? Maybe not. Are they rivals? Yes.
  22. I should know this already as one of the Adlington based Bolton fans who makes the occasional Chorley game; are card payments accepted on the turnstiles/bar, or is it cash only? Thanks and looking forward.
  23. Retired in his prime. Nine goals the season we got promoted in 01 was it? Proper dye in the wool Wanderer too. Class act.
  24. Respect what he’s done, and the Nations League has zero bearing on my opinion. End of a season, no one cares, trying new players etc. But I’d love to get a more competent manager in ahead of the World Cup. This team still has the potential to win things, and I’m still seething that we spent the last 60 minutes of a major final holding out for penalties. At home. Against an 80 year old centre half pairing that had played 120 minutes several times and gone (and won) penalties already. When we concede he hasn’t a clue. In ten years time we’ll look back with a shit squad and regret not having someone stronger in charge now. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think we’re all that in some areas. But we’re a much better team than the rigid Lampard/Gerrard/Rooney side that couldn’t play together.
  25. And yet they absolutely despise us. Magnificent.
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