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Wanderers Ways. Neil Thompson 1961-2021

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  1. Sorry it was doing my head in, had to flip it!
  2. @SatanGreavsie - check your inbox mate 👍
  3. Really sad news. RIP Neil and thanks for this place.
  4. 👍 Humble apologies, although was expecting more stick for having spent two years in that shithole to be honest...
  5. Easy! Lived just around the corner on Athol Street for two years, Boro!
  6. Sure somebody can come up with some more appropriate words for this one, has a great section that would rival Delilah’s laughing bit, and good opportunity for a dig at Rovers too. Satan, where are you??! https://www.scoutsongs.com/lyrics/happywanderer.html
  7. Burnden Stand was closed on the day of the disaster, filled with food hampers and other supplies for post-war distribution, but room was eventually made to accommodate those who had exited the Embankment on the side of the pitch to let the match continue. So probably 3000 seats unavailable at kick off....
  8. It’s a Magees Ales bar, think I remember my Dad telling me there was one there and one on the Manchester Road side adjacent to the police control box, where I know there was a bar in the 70s and 80s.
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