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  1. Another big defeat for Colls at Gainsborough, they have got Bamber Bridge at home on Tuesday, hopefully they can stop the rot
  2. Brentford are shite, I hope Burnley are better in the next game tonight
  3. They did, the ref definitely leant towards Wigan
  4. I would love Leigh to batter Wigan tonight but just can't see it
  5. athywhite1958


    I was saddened when a couple of Colls lads and ex Colls lads ended up at Bury because they deserve better, a lot of the Bury fans latched on to Radcliffe Borough and were a pain in the arse, I imagine they are a lot worse now believing they are 'somebody' back at the bucket shakers, I hope they go bust because they are wankers of the highest order. IMO
  6. My instructor's head fell off when his wife walked into the sea at Blackpool and was never seen again (until they recovered her body) a few weeks before my test, another bloke had to sit in the car with me on my test day
  7. What a horrible cheating mard arse that Jesus is - cunt of a man
  8. I couldn't understand the programme, to air it they must have actual evidence (or I imagine a hefty lawsuit is to follow) but there was nothing to say where this is going next, confusing.
  9. I'm fortunate enough to have been through the dross and shit throughout the 70's, early 80's and subsequent relegations in the 20's so I do not let a result spoil my weekend any more, the young 'uns will ,learn to live with it too, it is all about being a Bolton fan
  10. Just got home, that was shit, losing to what is effectively their under 21 team, we need to convert chances and start shooting from the edge of the box, anyway still got cans of cider left, it isn't the end of the world (or season)
  11. I went to Manchester Uni - Crewe Campus which is where the management & business studies were taught
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