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  1. That was probably the best pre season friendly for a long time, thoroughly enjoyable
  2. If you don't ask..........
  3. Our next road trip starts at Cambridge on 28th August, after the game we drive to Harwich, overnight ferry to Rotterdam, drive to Dortmund to see a German friend and bar owner, stay 2 nights then drive to Budapest for the Hungary V England game, stay for 4 days/ghts, drive to Warsaw for the Poland V England game, probably stop off before Warsaw for couple of days then 4 days in Warsaw, fly home because the driver is driving to Africa
  4. Look forward to seeing you mate if you come down
  5. It was hard work, loads of lads crowded behind us, pissed and banging into folk, stewards were terrified, bloke in the next bay to me has MND and one started abusing him, after the game it was terrible the streets, broken glass everywhere and gangs of youths spoiling for a fight
  6. I paid £45 for the group games, £60 for the round of 16 and the semi final and £81 for the final, each game I got 2 tickets (BOGOF) Being in a wheelchair has some benefits (I'd rather have the use of my legs back)
  7. I went to both England games at Middlesbrough, Southgate and the players are told by the FA to take the knee (allegedly), I didn't boo or clap, for 10 seconds I stared at the floor, easy
  8. I think you and Rudy should do a battle of the best breasts pictures 😜
  9. I can't get into my account to reset the details
  10. Can't get on on my laptop but can on ipad
  11. The new mini series 'Before We Die' got off to a decent start
  12. I went to school in Leigh and learned the Plagank Laganage Lagangago=Plank Lane Lingo (ag before every vowel
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