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  1. Thank you very much to those who replied, tickets purchased for me, daughter and 2 grandkids COYWM
  2. Anybody got a spare membership number, I have mine, my daughter has hers and one kid registered, I need one more for a kid for Saturday, I don't know why but we got all four for Morecambe at home
  3. that Rudiger off Chelsea is an absolute arsehole
  4. Cracking headed goal by Brighton against the rent boys
  5. Summat happened at Spurs, looks like a fan collapsed delayed the game for a few minutes, hope they are OK whatever it was
  6. not Harry's night, goal disallowed for offside
  7. Tottingham are shite, it was funny just before half time with Kane saying to the ref "I promise you it was" regarding the not given penalty, they're at it again claiming a penalty - never touched him
  8. So glad Arsenal got knocked out, biggest bunch of whinging moaning cnuts ever, Saka, Lacuzette, Arteta, just fuck off
  9. I agree, great watch, nice one Farnywhite
  10. Oh reet, enjoy it wherever you are going
  11. Bob is out there with his missus - in a COVID hotel
  12. Leigh Boys Grammar for me, rah rah rah
  13. Dixon has no option but to play it short, a, because that is the way they do it in training and b, there is no fucker wanting the ball upfield IMO
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