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  1. Omeprazole I've been on it for about 10 years and never had heartburn/indegestion since
  2. England get 3000 so who the fuck are getting the other 19000? It really is a shit show from UEFA
  3. Who the fuck votes for that Bolton MP who has just been on Granada Reports, she is thick as 2 short planks, all she could talk about was social deprivation and the Government should help with more money, tell your voters to get the fucking jab you moron
  4. It is a shit show by UEFA, the crowd will be 25000 but England FA only get around 3000 tickets, there'll be more slant eyed cunts with big cameras than anything as they always seem to get tickets
  5. England fans are getting 3086 for the Croatia game, 2968 for the Scotland game and 2855 for the Czech Republic game, as England progress we will get more tickets as capacities increase so hopefully should get tickets for every England game
  6. Just got email from England FA, I got a ticket for the Scotland game out of the 3 group games, fucking wankers I had tickets for them all before the fucking virus
  7. Well known character Stan, I'm sure he knocked about with the Walkden lads for a few years
  8. Just been told that Stan the Man has died, he lived in Athy for a good few years, an old mate of Paki and Leigh White and Col Williams, popular bloke and BWFC through and through RIP Stan
  9. Went to Tel Aviv to watch England, it was the anniversary of the Mike's Bar bombing and we were warned not to go in just in case, the place was rammed by 5 0'clock, all the locals were coming out to shake our hands, I've never seen security like it going into shops and bars and the beach was brilliant, no mither at all
  10. They all (everyone in the caring profession) deserve a massive pay rise
  11. I was told it was 'dried seaweed' they packed it with as it softened when moistened by bodily fluids which helped the healing process
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