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  1. Why? Sunderland is a decent city for a good drink
  2. They are all decent blokes who have become ambassadors for BWRG
  3. He attends the Remembrance Group meetings, top bloke, he can't believe that we still remember him as a decent player
  4. Not gone yet, we're on the midnight Eurostar then driving to Dortmund for a couple of days then to Poland
  5. I imagine it will be similar in Poland
  6. Went twice with Walkden Whites on Happy Als, the Toddington Gallon on the way home was legendary
  7. I won 2 tickets for the game on a Piccadilly Radio show hosted by Pat Crerand, I gave my mate one of them so that he would drive
  8. 👨‍🦼👨‍🦼👨‍🦼
  9. The 3 pubs closest to the ground were closed until 6.00pm, one said a private party was booked, what a load of bollocks, if you run a pub open the fucker and make some money
  10. Straight out the car park on to Newmarket Road, A14 and A! clear as owt, you know Vinnie doesn't hang about
  11. Good day out, could have been better with at least a point, went on the terrace in my wheelchair, stewards were brilliant and couldn't do enough for me, parking in the official club carpark for free was even better, back in Athy for 8.30,
  12. They're looking to be colour coded with he tarmac
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