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  1. Great day, thanks to everyone who made it there, I'm sure a good few quid was raised, on a footnote; the juniors presentation (under 10) before the event, raised £172.50 with a raffle, now this money usually goes towards winter jackets etc for the team but after speaking with all the parents they all agreed and donated the whole amount to BWRG, quality
  2. I'll go and open the club up and get ready for you reprobates (there is a junior presentation on first) so it's all hands to the pumps
  3. Was it heavy with poor directional control - George style
  4. I'm a disabled lesbian, colour doesn't really matter,
  5. Thanks Mounts, I may just have to do that
  6. I have asked a couple of Brokers and they aren't interested because it's only a small amount, I have emailed the company to see if they wil buy them back or sell them to another investor over there, I don't even know why I bought them, thanks anyway (both of you)
  7. Somebody will grass them up
  8. I bought £500 of shares in the company I work for and want to get rid of them, they are probably worth about the same as I paid, because the company is Australian (APM) it is saying I can't sell them as I live abroad (England) and need to go through a stockbroker, anybody have any knowledge on this. Thanks in advance
  9. That was a cheers Barry after thanks to Casino you shit stirring fucker, but I'm sure Casino could see that
  10. It's about individual opinions, and I'm certainly not getting into an argument over it, and I want them to win tonight but fairly otherwise it undermines the whole game of football
  11. Yes I have Virgin mobile and we have Virgin TV and broadband, I'll ring them, thanks. Cheers Barry
  12. It's different where whole towns are being massacred and blown to bits in my opinion, as ever though Micky it's about opinions and we can have then on here thankfully, plus I have good friends in LVIV who are now fighting so that adds a bit more to it for me
  13. Even in jest that is very low
  14. is there anybody who moves Virgin Tivo boxes, Virgin want £100 to move it 10 yards from one room to another, I'm hoping by moving it I won't keep losing the signal in the kitchen
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