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  1. My daughter said 2 young lads were 'off their heads jumping over seats into people'
  2. I've given my ST to my daughter's fella, it's her birthday and he's taking her out (to the match)
  3. I wonder if Glik looks for a bit of retribution on that dirty Argie cunt
  4. About fucking time Rashford did summat
  5. One of our players was still on his knee when we kicked off
  6. Oh there will be no razor blades, them days are long gone, they always build us up and raise expectations then kick us in the bollocks, roll on the sheep botherers
  7. Mount, Trippier, Sterling, Kane, Bellingham, no way are they world class especially on this showing
  8. What a disrespectful cunt that McKennie is wiping his hands on the photographers bib, I thought it was really ignorant, why didn't he use his own shirt, oh and Trippier can fuck off too
  9. Thanks mate, us frog hating tw@ts need to stick together😄
  10. This female ref isn't taking any shit
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