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  1. Spotted - little whit in Bolton whites hotel
  2. Might be a shortage but it’s getting unaffordable for most to get on to the market. Add to that the interest rate rises (with more to come), increases in household bills and I think we are headed for a number of people being unable to cover payments, leading to a sell off and a correction. I don’t believe it will be severe but 5-10% reduction could happen in the next 2 years. 390k mortgage in May with 100k down would have cost circa 1,400 PCM. Now it would be 1,800.
  3. It’s been a while… I bought mine for 185k just over two and a half years ago in Wogden. Spent 25k on it. Had it valued a few months back at 270k and got an offer of 300k (straight off the bat). I’m hoping to take the money and run. Have a house lined up in Greenmount but tempted to rent for a bit and see what happens!
  4. I've just got back from two weeks cruising the Caribbean. I really enjoy the concept and I think it works especially well for places such as the Caribbean as many of the islands are smaller so can be done in a day. It also gives you the option of beach days or doing a bit of a tour of the island. I've done a Med cruise and didn't really enjoy the ports of call as much as they are generally too far from the city and don't give enough time in each place. I was skeptical but would advise anyone to give it a go. The choice of company and ship is always quite important but that's down to each individual's taste. I've done NCL once and P&O twice. For me the American ships offer more "fun" but some like the British feel and the sort of home away from home that P&O offer.
  5. Furniture allowance, rent allowance, car allowance, healthcare and 2 return flights home a year.. And a nice tax free salary.. Not too bad!
  6. I'm getting reports that the league has turned in to a bit of a farce this year, making it up as they go along! Wooden played Fernworth in the T20 comp and Fernworth used an old ball which had obviously become softer resulting in ping off the bat and probably a lower score. Went to appeal, went in Walkdens favour, Fernworth appealed that decision and it went back in their favour. Farce! In my eyes its simple - Should use a new ball as per rules, didn't use a new ball, broke the rules, points should go to Wogden.. Supposed to play FSC on Friday, got there and it was a bit wet, FSC had no interest in playing the game and refused to mop up the small area a couple of tracks along that was wet and wouldn't let the Wogden lads mop up using FSC's equipment. Umpires didn't want to be there so called it off at 6:30pm, should have waited until 8pm. Every other BCL game got on. Having said that FSC look a good batting side and seem to bat all the way down. Should be an interesting season!
  7. Cheers C, flying out this afternoon hoping not to be back for at least 6 months!! It will certainly be an experience but hoping it will be worth while!
  8. I'm taking the missus out for some dinner tonight somewhere in Horwich or surrounding areas. Where do you recommend? Also somewhere for post dinner drinks? Ta
  9. Cheers gents and lady.. I'm hoping to get over to Abu Dabi for the Grand Prix in a couple of months so will give you a shout mate! It's a semi transfer. Staying with the group but moving to a new business within the group so it's a new contract etc!
  10. Well as some of you may have seen of FB, I have accepted the job offer and handed my notice in. Will be off in around 5 weeks!
  11. As long as the same goes for Tonge for not turning out! Having said that I think the seconds should be penalised aswell as the firsts!
  12. Are any more points being deducted for Keasley not turning out a 2's on Saturday??
  13. Cheers Birch, should be a good opportunity to progress my career. Have found dohaways!
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