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  1. I'm getting reports that the league has turned in to a bit of a farce this year, making it up as they go along! Wooden played Fernworth in the T20 comp and Fernworth used an old ball which had obviously become softer resulting in ping off the bat and probably a lower score. Went to appeal, went in Walkdens favour, Fernworth appealed that decision and it went back in their favour. Farce! In my eyes its simple - Should use a new ball as per rules, didn't use a new ball, broke the rules, points should go to Wogden.. Supposed to play FSC on Friday, got there and it was a bit wet, FSC had no interest in playing the game and refused to mop up the small area a couple of tracks along that was wet and wouldn't let the Wogden lads mop up using FSC's equipment. Umpires didn't want to be there so called it off at 6:30pm, should have waited until 8pm. Every other BCL game got on. Having said that FSC look a good batting side and seem to bat all the way down. Should be an interesting season!
  2. As long as the same goes for Tonge for not turning out! Having said that I think the seconds should be penalised aswell as the firsts!
  3. Are any more points being deducted for Keasley not turning out a 2's on Saturday??
  4. Had a punt on Fowler, Snedeker and Matsuyama E/W
  5. Someone has mentioned that A Hussain isn't registered aswell.. Probably another false rumour?!
  6. Score books can easily be amended to suit whereas teamsheets are in the possession of umpires from before the game starts. I know if I was completing an audit it would be done based on Teamsheets.
  7. Just found out some more information.. Basically, according to play cricket you had 2 players that had only played 1 game prior to the cup game. "Y Bashir" and "A Hussain". The rules stipulate you must play 2 games so an appeal was raised which has been overturned "on the balance of probabilites". I'm not au fait with league practices but are the teamsheets completed by captains not stored somewhere for review? Thus not needing to make a decision on the "balance of probabilites"
  8. no idea! Just hearing that we may be getting re-instated.. Not heard anymore on the matter yet. Given that you know nothing I'm guessing it's nothing more than a rumour
  9. You may be playing walkden yet.. ITK
  10. I was watching the game all day, an edge early doors that the ump later apologised for making a mistake by not giving, knocked his own stumps over when he fell over then was finally out..
  11. Your pro did have 3 innings for his runs though
  12. Our guy that was on 48 is livid.. That is quite the opposite of sportsmanship. Walkden 2s also enjoyed their first win of the season!
  13. I'm looking for an accountant to deal with my business accounts. Preferably someone who specialises in contractors/freelancers. Anyone on here or reccomend anyone? Cheers
  14. What's the best call for tonight's?
  15. Eagley away tomorrow for me.. Come on Walkden!!
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