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  1. As well as being a horrible cunt Evatt's a stubborn cunt..... Kachunga is fucking shite....
  2. Skippy might be changing his mind about Saviour Eddie now..... 😁
  3. Of course they'd cut it, stupid question. If they were playing today they'd be a lot fitter, like every other cunt from that era.
  4. Follow them on Twitter, seem good lads... But, surely they'd have been better booking 2 weeks in April? We've got loads of matches then... Hopefully they can change their flights.....
  5. March 25th - an international weekend, so would've been cancelled, probably......
  6. Still time for a few more goals....
  7. 12 groups of 4 sounds better. Top 2 plus 8 best 3rd place sides in knock-out. Although I do think they should've stuck with 32 teams.
  8. South Stand Upper for you lad? 😂
  9. I read Dec 12th on EFL site... I think....
  10. Maybe it's you? 😁
  11. Our coach from The Hulton Arms was attacked by BC fans. It was like the Alamo..... To be fair it was one of our lot that caused it......
  12. Allocations - UEFA 16 SOUTH AMERICA 6 (There's only 10 in total!) CONCACAF 6 ASIA 8 AFRICA 9 OCEANIA 1 There's also a play-off tournament which provides 2 more places as well. Although UEFA teams can't qualify for it.
  13. Although the 2026 WC is increasing from 32 to 48 teams, UEFA's allotted spots is only increasing from 13 to 16 teams. So still unlikely to be all the home nations in it....
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