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  1. That's a lovely post - thank you....
  2. He's only gone and equalled the record today!!!! His interview after the race was so humble.... top man 👍 2 more chances next week if he can get over the Pyrenees.... Game on....
  3. Cheers for the heads up - 3 tkts purchased for Barrow 👍
  4. jeep

    AFC Dons away

    Are you including the walk to the ground from the tube station?
  5. Those are fantastic! Thanks for posting 👍
  6. He didn't use his team for the 1st 2 stage wins, he drifted off over riders. Unbelievable what he's achieved in his career.
  7. Make that 33!!! I honestly think he's gonna beat it if he can get to Paris... Would be amazing if he got to 35 wins on the Champs-Elysee!!!
  8. Where have you seen this?
  9. Is there a seating area, or is it just take away?
  10. Hopefully do Barrow if away fans are allowed.....
  11. Saw this on FB earlier. I think someone summed it up - he never stood a chance... Such a shame. One of his sisters was in the year below me.
  12. Another win today for Cavendish!! He's now on 32 stage wins at TdF, 2 behind the legend Eddy Merckx. Would be fantastic if he can draw level in this Tour. There's 5 more flat stages so if he stays fit & healthy it's on!!
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