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  1. I'd have voted but for 2 things - I forgot When I did remember, it was pissing down.....
  2. It's gonna be a tough game. Can see us bottling it..... Crawley Town 1 BWFC 1 Morecambe 2 Bratfurt 1 But still, COYFWM...
  3. jeep


    62 56 Ironing board these..... Edit: Above was Wednesday! Thursday 29 44
  4. In shops that I've been in the only cunts not wearing a mask are Honkeys. Usually young ones too, besides a few coffin dodgers with a lanyard round the neck, probably saying they're exempt. Went to an Asian takeaway t'other night. All had masks on - Asians & Honkeys.....
  5. Chelsea should be 3 or 4 up.....
  6. 50%????? Hahahahahaha..... What a whopper....
  7. Cheap as chips. I'll be renewing. Wasn't really bothered about a discount, but it is a nice touch by the club.
  8. Been nervous all week thinking about this game..... But tonight I feel confident.... So..... BWFC 2 Exeter City 1 B-Tech Okocha & Sexy Kieran...... COYFWM
  9. You're right. Gervais is very talented. One of the few comedy folk that cam make me laugh out loud 👍
  10. Went down in 2012, sorry.....
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