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  1. jeep

    Euro 24

    5pm & 8pm today. No 2pm ko...
  2. jeep

    Euro 24

    Got Denmark, Hungary & Slovenia in 2 work sweepstakes..... FFS
  3. European, not Worlds... She is a great athlete, hope she gets Gold in Paris....
  4. jeep

    Euro 24

    Feckin hell, did Hitler bum ya wife.... 😁
  5. I'm sure Villa only used 14 players when they won the league in 1981.....
  6. jeep

    Kids Footy

    It's ridiculous that parents & coaches need reminding of this....
  7. Irani is a good lad. Must've ignored casino in a lift...
  8. Ripley was good...... Hope they continue with the rest of the books....
  9. How's your dog doing? Did you adopt a recue....
  10. Get rid - Santos / Jones / Morley / Vic / Dan
  11. jeep

    The Final

    😁 I think the LL Leg-End did more than you.... Won't be doing as many next season, they don't deserve us...
  12. jeep

    The Final

  13. jeep

    The Final

    I've hardly given the match a thought this week.... Looking forward to a day out in London with The General, The LL Leg-End & LL Leg-End Junior.... Without trying to be arrogant I just can't see us getting beat.... Hope this post doesn't come back to bite me.... 🙂
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