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  1. I'm quoting the game on Boxing Day 77 was v Notts County. I know that Reidy's leg break was Jan 1st 1979....
  2. Twas Notts County, Boxing Day 77, no snow at all.....
  3. Cup tied as he'd played for Ashton in previous round.
  4. Not like you to miss a game.......
  5. True, but still 4th 😉
  6. They came 4th in that world cup.....
  7. Is it not because Austria are going into lockdown?
  8. jeep

    Quick quiz

    Shares first name with a radio 1 dj from the 70s.....
  9. jeep

    T20 WC

    Too dependent on who wins the toss - definitely not a level playing field. Spoiled the whole event for me....
  10. jeep

    Pizza Cup

    Harrogate or Doncaster....
  11. BWFC 3 Crewe Alexandra 3
  12. Were it not Kick Off on Friday nights, and The Big Match on Sundays?
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