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  1. Ribblesdale League have agreed to merge with the BCL from 2023. More details to follow......
  2. Anyone checked on Redcliffe?
  3. jeep

    Lincoln (H)

    BWFC 3 Lincoln 1 COYFWM.......
  4. Aye, but he went a few away games in the 80s....
  5. Howfen Ultras, never the Elite. That's for others. Not you obviously.... 😁
  6. Nah, they set off early, but no ale touches their lips until arrival in the football town. Nearly as lightweight as AHM......
  7. jeep

    PA System

    I'm glad you did. Your sort don't deserve it..... 👍
  8. Who was who? Terrible camera work
  9. jeep

    PA System

    It has been shite all season, but was okay yesterday.
  10. jeep

    PA System

    No issues for the elite in the East Upper......
  11. BWFC 3 Peterborough 2 It's gonna be a cracker.....
  12. Twas 1998, Bob Taylor scored.... Highlighted sentence - spot on lad 👍
  13. Horrible cunts, at least some of their own tried to shut them up. Cheesy Foreskin & Nit wit in Crawley will be along shortly to say it their right to freedom of speech.....
  14. They lived there 74-77 Howarths. Then they moved to Shadey Lane.
  15. jeep

    MK Dons Away

    God Bless Our Northern Queers?
  16. You're right. After your 1 good year in 2021 you won nowt in 2022 👍 Did plenty sulking/fighting/abusing though... Although you've missed the point. It's not about having good juniors, it's about having lots of juniors wanting to play cricket.
  17. Even better 👍 Back in the 70s spent lots of time at Bradshaw as my auntie lived on Dene Bank. Reading Twatter it seems that Little Lever are also thriving with juniors. Heart warming to read. Although Blackrod's juniors are probably gonna get poached by the Racists....
  18. Correct 👍 FA/EFL have missed an opportunity
  19. I was chatting with a Celtic fan last night, and asked if he thought they'd respect the minute's silence, etc. He was honest enough to admit that he thought the Scottish Celtic definitely would but was unsure if the Irish Celtic fans would.
  20. Fair enough. I think the majority of folk would be respectful.
  21. Shite fishing, even by your standards 1/10......
  22. Were you planning on going to Cheltenham tomorrow?
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