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Wanderers Ways. Neil Thompson 1961-2021


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  1. Anyone getting upset about these last 4 games needs to give their a wobble.... Roll on November, it's coming home...... 😉
  2. Not available, the cunts.
  3. I agree, kept his nerve....
  4. jeep


    Roy(land) Avenue Greaves...
  5. Hope Real stuff the cunts.....
  6. jeep


    Did Tony Kelly take pens?
  7. How many BWFC games la? 😉
  8. 21 Homes..... 13 Aways including Barrow.... Had some great awaydays with the other Howfen Ultra & The Little Lever Legend...... 👍🍺 Hopefully get to do a few more aways next season...
  9. I hope you stood up to the cunt 👍
  10. He's training to be a physio, so probably not gonna continue as a player.
  11. jeep

    PlayOffs 2022

    Get off the fence.....
  12. Warren Joyce John Sheridan to start with...
  13. BWFC 3 Fleetwood Inbred Cunts Town 0
  14. Well said Skippy..... 👍
  15. jeep


    He sups 3% piss, so it's not a problem.....
  16. Scousers are the biggest cunts going. I detest them and The Urinals equally...
  17. Howfen Ultras & The Little Lever Legend are taking liberties.... Looking forward to this one...... 🍻🍻🍻🍻🍻🍻
  18. Is that where Whitt & Grey drink?
  19. jeep

    Neil Hart

    I'd say you're more of a Supporter than a fan. A fan is someone who pays feck all to their club, such as Scum fans.....
  20. BWFC 3 Accrington Stanley 0 Charles, Sadlier & Bod.... Smash the cunts...
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