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  1. SkyEurope fly from Manc to Bratislava as well
  2. Serbia have to be added to a pot with either Mexico, Argentina or Brazil. It's so there is no more than 2 European countrys in each group.
  3. Picked up mine this afternoon :D/ I was impressed with the new statue thingy mi jig. Has it got faces on it?
  4. How can you tell if someone's gay? Their cock tastes of shit......
  5. Nah, If Besiktas beat Zenit we "only" need a draw vs Sevilla as we'll have 6 point and so will Zenit. We'll go through as we have better head to head.
  6. I took 5 to Porto and then forgot to take them to the match. Bought 3 in the square, lost 2 of those and just blew the 1 up in the ground.
  7. Draw is 12pm on Friday, Dec 16th. All rounds are 2 legged until the final.
  8. http://s63.yousendit.com/d.aspx?id=1SKD85C...L607X1E4ZSK32IZ This may work
  9. Your winding me up? Me and me mates all ended up getting lost and had to get seperate taxis back to Porto, one of the lads paid 63 euros, I on the other mithered folk in the taxi queue and shared a joey with a fella and his daughter to the main square in Porto, still cost me an arm and a leg. I got the train back for 1.90 ???.
  10. The pub i work at has extended its opening hours, They will only serve till midnight mon- wed, and till 1/1.30 fri to sun. dont think too many will be open 24 hours. What about Thu nite?
  11. Me & my mate will share with ya. Pm if you wanna swap numbers, etc. How gay does that sound??? :-$
  12. Big Sam And just to prove how dull I am the game was played on Sat Oct 14th 1978. If I remember correctly Mr Allardyce slid the ball in from a cross?!
  13. easyJet Car hire do a Tranny van for ??104 for 1 day. How many do you think we could get in it?? 15 https://www.europcar4easyjet.com/?locale=GB Not sure if the link will work. This company also do a VW Polo for ??15!!! That is ferkin cheap!!
  14. How much will it cost? What time are you leaving Porto? What time are you leaving Guimaraes? Who is the poor barsteward that has to drive (& stay sober)?
  15. The Big Match was on Sunday afternoons. Kick Off was on Friday teatime presented bt Elton Welsby
  16. http://www.sky.com/skynews/article/0,,3000...3464227,00.html The fecker's at it again Bit that made laugh was that the neighbours were complaining about his singing
  17. You sure? These can be purchased as single items (??2) with packs of both 10 (??20) and 12 (??24) also available to ease distribution between family and friends.
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