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  1. Good work Gonzo, you sound like a decent lad. Now, how much do you want for the KIndle?
  2. Correct on both counts - I feel redeemed Also bumped into Brixton - he looked well
  3. BWFC 2 Taffs 1 I'll be pished as a fart by ko
  4. jeep


    I'd be more than happy to rim her all night Proper woman 52 years old as well
  5. It was where we 1st met....... ;-)
  6. I've just got back this evening from 4 nights in Madrid - fantastic city! Loved it - 3rd visit (and I went to Atletico when the pigs were truncheoning every bugger!). So much to see and do plus the Madridista are a sociable lot. Echoing what's been said about Plaza Sant Ana and the surrounding area - some fantastic bars & restaurants. NB - give it another chance - you may be surprised....
  7. Watched "I Saw The Devil" last neet - Korean film. Think Zico had recommended it previously. Very good, love foreign language films as I concentrate more (jeep - attention of a Goldfish) Now having a Satday blast watching "Heat", cracking film, love it!
  8. Very good - am I the only one who clocked it!?
  9. This.... Same for Ribena (full fat of course)
  10. NB, when you have your Power Nap do you set the alarm or wake up naturally after 15-20 mins? Last few weeks I've been getting home from work and feeling a real urge to have a kip. Ps, I used to enjoy a kip in the afternoon (2-3 hours some days) in a former job.
  11. I think Whitt does this on purpose to wind up NB......
  12. I went to the Mount. Alan Cottingham was the cunt I hated the most. If I ever bump into him I'll twat him. Good teacher, but a cunt of a man. He was meant to be shagging some 6th formers. This probably made me hate him more :-) Another cunt was Aldred, cant remember his 1st name - history teacher - he never taught me but had numerous run ins with him. Widnes may agree with me?
  13. jeep


    Peter James - The Roy Grace series, I've read the 1st 5, enjoyed em. Jo Nesbo - Harry Hole, an alcoholic detective in Oslo, very good. Can even be read out of order. James Patterson - the Alex Cross series, plenty to go at there. Jeffery Deaver is good too, agree with StevieB. I read the odd biography, and about half way through I get bored with em. Gonna stop doing it. Thinking of getting a kindle, but do enjoy the feel of a book. jeep - old skool.........
  14. jeep


    I went to Lloret in 1985 - it was a shithole then... Went to Caella in 1988 - had a night in Lloret, twas still shit..., has it improved?
  15. Mark Foster is (allegedly) bumming Colin Jackson........ I'm loving these Olympics, fucking great!! Maaaarsh is entertaining too, very knowledgeable, plus he winds up some if the clique on here ;-)
  16. That Ozzie tart holding Bolty's flag - she had no rhythm - whats her sport?
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