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  1. Jesus Id put this fella in that special box at the back of my mind with Jonathan Grounds, Owen Garvan and the likes.
  2. gonzo

    Gary Speed

    Get yourself out to the match and meet a few off here pal. Theres always plenty in harvesters, hotel etc. Plus theres Fleetwood and accy coming up.
  3. My mates after a couple of spares if anyone hears of any. Obrigado
  4. Fuck me imagine that 不不
  5. Is this lower the lowest ever gate at Burnden? ....which would be Rochdale at home in the same cup as this...
  6. Wigan will be loving that
  7. We are a mid table league 1 club ravaged by injuries. The bar you speak of was raised far too high to begin with. This is our 93/94 season. Mid table and a decent cup run. Papa johns obviously
  8. Stick some heating on under the stands and some bench seating along the wall while they're at it.
  9. Grayson and Dunn been potted...
  10. Anyone lend me a client ref?
  11. Clubs on the continent embrace their fans and ultra scene. They give them safe standing and let them have massive flags and all the other shenanigans that goes on. We have one barely tasty game v wigan and every fucker gets slapped with a membership scheme and the banning orders come out. All because 3 plastic bottles got thrown at a member of the IRA. That's the difference.
  12. All boils down to recruitment like you say, irrespective of budgets. City sign players they need for specific roles and systems. United have just lobbed millions at players who people on twitter say are ace. They didnt need Ronaldo and they didn't need Sancho. Both were signed to shut the Norwich fans up. Ronaldo shouldve gone city.
  13. Aye theres some who would back us if the authorities had uncovered a peadophile ring within the club and lofty was bumming ball boys.
  14. They are the biggest club in the world and have an unlimited budget ffs 不不
  15. What on earth are you waffling on about 不
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