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  1. I get that a lot after the first one.
  2. Just give up the belt, beat AJ then beat Wilder again. Job done.
  3. Someone needs to pay wilder some cash to fuck off
  4. Videos doing the rounds of gangs of Muslim lads exacting vigilante style revenge on some dude that dared to oppose them on social media. This is the problem over here. All these professional protesters have no idea what they’re getting in to bed with when they back Islam. An absolute monster of a religion and set of backwards beliefs like no other. Nothing will stand in their way. How can anyone left leaning back these people?
  5. Reckon they’ll have a fight in between...
  6. Shame they don’t have the same passion when our kids are getting blown to pieces at music concerts.
  7. I think he’s alreet to be fair. Just a bit of laugh innit?
  8. I couldn’t give a shit what religion any of them are. They are all cunts. Every single one of em. Leave em to it. Hopefully they’ll wipe each other out and we can all crack on. As for the attention seeking bummers over this way hijacking the issue and claiming to support a particular side, they’re nothing but a shower of shit that needs to get a grip. Aye stick Palestine flag in your twitter bio, that’ll sort it. Piss off.
  9. Think they’re at LL not F-town actually Tomatoe Tomato
  10. @Tonge moor green jacketHave you noticed grass growing fast this year? My back lawn has been on steroids. (Use the term lawn very loosely)
  11. Plenty of our notrights in attendance there today
  12. Work in Helmshore every month. Been doing the job 3 years and it’s never not been pissing down every time I’ve been
  13. For isolated forecasts 3 days is your absolute max. For where the jet stream is going to be and all the shit that happens in southern/Western Hemisphere that dictates our shit, they are usually a good guide to the generic weather across our lands. Last thing we want is warm low pressure shit heading up to us. Need the jet stream to sort it’s head out.
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