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  1. Grim mate. I suffered a trimalleolar fracture 10 years ago. You’ll know, but others may not, that that is where you break all 3 bits of your ankle. In my case it was 5 fractures in total. Got two big pins on the inside and a big long strap like thing running down the outside of my leg with 18 pins keeping it in place all down the bone. I kind of get the feeling this is just the start Ive only myself to blame for my other ankle. I badly sprained it 4 days before a stag go to Benidorm and instead of properly resting it I went on the last for 3 days. I roll that probably more than
  2. Cheers for all the info folks. Got some spazzy ankle support sock things. Updated my karrimoor hiking trainers and booked in with an osteopath dude. Dont hold much hope, as like Rudy alluded to Ive got no recovery time. Doing 10-13k every day 6 days a week won’t help. Gonna have a bash at swimming rather than running when I get back on the diet train.
  3. Any of you nonces got spazzed ankles like me? I smashed one to pieces ten years ago and sprained the other fucker about 6-7 years ago. Since then I’ve always had gip with them, which is to be expected. Pain when it’s cold and damp etc. Problem is now I keep rolling them. Got to the stage now I’m rolling either one every fucking day. Slightest divet or rock or summet and I’m down easier than Big E in the Windnes Vikings changing rooms. Rudy, can you strengthen ligaments? Anyone recommend them gimpy sock things? Should I book in for amputation and spend the rest of my d
  4. gonzo

    New Site

    Not been on for a couple of weeks. Became a bit too much hard work with all broken links etc. Hope happy is ok, and would definitely be up for helping financially if trafski or whoever wanted to buy the domain off happy or however it works. Personally I’d rather that than bugger off somewhere else and leave happy with an empty 20 odd year old site. Sure it’ll get resolved, just got to hope all is well happys side and he’d be up for discussion if it’s time for him to pack it in.
  5. Was thinking the same. It all of a sudden dawned upon me I’d been twatting about on here for the best part of 20 years and it’s going to just end. Some could say what a massive waste of time it’s been, I say I’ve met some fucking ace people on here, friends for life and we need to do everything we can to keep it going. Some fucker must be able to run a website if happy has had enough?
  6. gonzo


    Would it be reasonable to think that in a million years our own civilisation would have had advanced enough to develop technology that can send space crafts to other galaxies at speeds faster than light?
  7. gonzo


    When I worked at the tower one of the lads had a ghost app on his phone and took a picture of the job we were doing and put a ghost kid in background. It looked proper real. The picture went round like wildfire and all these ghost gimps turned up out of nowhere and it got that heavy Granada News wanted to report it and they were on about stopping the job to let production teams film in there. He bottled it and came clean
  8. That’s my point further up. There’s always going to be a percentage without the jab. That percentage is a breeding ground for the jab and makes the chance of mutation greater. Muslims, anti vaxers, kids, folk who can’t have it etc ...we will never be able to vaccinate the whole population therefore the thing will be around forever.
  9. There’s folk who’ve had two jabs being told to isolate.
  10. Aye all sat in their gardens yesterday drinking whilst their laptops on the side. One other fucker sat playing video games. There’s lads from BAE fitting kitchens on the side. It’s a complete sham. Folk are rinsing the system whilst other folks livelihoods are down the pan because workplaces are shut. Get to bastard work.
  11. If furlough, kick backs, bounce back loans and WFH ended tomorrow folk would soon change their tunes. WFH isn’t a right, get to fuckin work like everybody else. Neither are more bail outs. Switch the tap off and see how all these fuckers sat at home calling for more restrictions see it then. Nation of selfish wetwipes.
  12. Not a chance. Attention seeking? Not really. Just not adhering to a load of bollocks anymore. Ive been going to peoples houses and businesses every day for the past 18 months without a mask. Wearing one in bargain booze isn’t going to make a difference. As long as my town is packed with people like it currently is I don’t give a fuck. The only thing that stops the thing spreading is full lockdown. Restrictions don’t work. It will be with us forever as long as kids and flids aren’t vaccinated. It carry on mutating and we will go round in circles over and over. I
  13. Can safely say my mask will be going in the bin whatever they say. No more rules for me thanks. Time to get a grip you bunch of dramatic soft cunts.
  14. Youre speaking for yourself there. Theres plenty out there that do and there’s plenty of careers reliant on that industry.
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