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  1. That Penguin bloke had our @Piemonon toast yesterday
  2. Its Bears Cubs and Chasers weekend too. Got my mug already.
  3. Time to step up to the plate.
  4. For fear of opening up memories? Id say get it watched.
  5. This breathtaking is meant to be pretty good.
  6. The first series was superb. Never took to the Colin Farrel and Wedding Crashers bloke one. Who the hell was in the 3rd?!
  7. It was yes. The last ones were 99ish. I actually remember a piece you wrote about keeping the club going through difficult times. Spend money in the ground and buy a shirt etc. We were in the middle of a big lull. 2nd season down and gates were absolutely shocking. Club seemed be on its arse. ....upstep Sir Edddie and Big Sam
  8. Id spent all the pre game selling white love fanzines for @Smileywhich probably contained plenty of material by your good self!
  9. We only laugh at Bury.... They didn't like that did they
  10. Aye they certainly seemed to hate us in those couple of fixtures in 99. Never seen an angrier fanbase. Absolutely seething with rage
  11. Either way it is a bit shit we dont have a traditional bona-fide rival like your Blackpool/Preston, Burnley/Blackburns. Wigans the closest we will ever get as for them its only us. Shame really becasue a good derby is everything what ace about proper footy. It is what it is like.
  12. Napoli singing the Dacres Cogley song.
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