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  1. This absolutely horrendous. Im sure the other police officer couldve done something? That cunt in the camouflage is fuckin useless
  2. Id say thats exaclty what he meant by saying lost his bottle. Dont think it was a jibe, just a general saying isnt it?
  3. Was gonna watch Richard Riakporhe's win last night but going off reports I dont think Ill bother 2 punch and hold all way through and folk leaving.
  4. Every fucker I know is ill. All testing negative but this doesnt half feel like covid. The stevieb in me is wondering if the tests are different or this could be a new strain? Its spreading round like wildfire.
  5. Listened to game day yesterday on the wireless. Pompey were absolutely diabolical in the first half yesterday. As were Posh. Neither of them worry me.
  6. Resounding win for the under 21s last night. Trafford was great. Some good prospects in there, as well as under 19s. Bynoe Gittens will be a goodn. Cant get too excited though. Southgate takes the knee and made Kane miss that pen v France.
  7. No mate, we cant celebrate a dogged performance away from home in front of a partisan crowd at the European Champions. We can't celebrate beating the team and manager that out thought us on the big occasion last time. We can't celebrate going to ten men and withstanding a mountain of pressure or providing a first half display not many teams could live with. We cant be happy we handled inevitable Italian pressure and the way they doubled up Grealish and Saka and eliminated our outlet. Italy are no marks and their players are shite even though their league is one of the strongest in Europe. We cant be happy Declan Rice is proving himself to be a proper leader destined for honours or Jude Bellingham who will be a champions league winner. Oh no. We have to pretend its all shit because Harry Kane missed a pen v France or Sakas hit the post v Italy.
  8. Maguire is shit, KP shouldn't be playing, Italy are shit....
  9. This fucked up weather has given me man flu. Hot, cold, piss wet through....
  10. Doesnt feel right using that without logging on to lobster tube.
  11. Think Im back in the game. Still got the warning at top though.
  12. Me neither. Have to click advanced and carry on otherwise every page
  13. gonzo

    Wembley 🍕

    Pretty fucked up that isnt it. Almost incomprehensible. What I was saying about time being different nowadays. It doesnt pass the same now. Deffo a convo for a house party at 4am
  14. Playdays. The staple diet of any kid wagging school. Monday - Y bird stop Tuesday - Dave Benson Phillips and Lizzie that darkie puppet Wednesday?? Thursday?? Friday - Deffo had some kind of circus stop with a carboard cut out trapeze dude in a stripy top.
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