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  1. gonzo

    Euro 24

    It's mad There's him and Leao who will be stars of this tournament and no fucker will have heard of em.
  2. https://news.sky.com/story/ukraine-war-latest-moscow-russia-putin-nuclear-kharkiv-frontline-sky-news-live-blog-12541713 Settling for the bits he's got....
  3. Well I certainly hope that doesn't end up being the case for our @Spider
  4. gonzo

    Euro 24

    How have people only just discovered Musiala? Swear nobody actually watches football
  5. Now they were Parky players
  6. gonzo

    Euro 24

    Be at city soon him. Watching these should make folk realise there's other teams with just as many superstars as us. We have 5 world class players in Walker, Rice, Kane, Bellingham and Foden who is pretty pish for England. The rest of the squad is littered with Crystal Palace, West Ham and Brentford players.
  7. gonzo

    Euro 24

    Basically singing about a nettle. Bunch of pissed up gimps.
  8. gonzo

    Euro 24

    This is fantastic Hope its 10-0 ya Sweaty cunts.
  9. I'm hoping this Chris Forino starts but if he ends up a regular fixture he's the perfect replacement for Cameron Jerome in the waterfall song. My 9 year old has just told me to tell all my mates after he shoehorned it into his version
  10. gonzo

    Euro 24

    I hope Scotland get absolutely smashed out of sight and it's 5-0 by half time.
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