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  1. We need to clear the deadwood. Next seaon unbeaten. Easy.
  2. I honeslty think hes sticking to the system and will bring in another player for Kachungas role. None of the others fit the bill, bod is clearly not fit and baka is bobbins. Charles needs chances and plays well too deep if Kachunga isnt playing. Dapo wants to be wide or in place of Charles. I get what hes trying to do. Hes just not been very good at it, there will be someone else in that position come Jan I'm certain of it.
  3. I like Eddie Howe, seems a decent chap. Not sure hed be leaving Newcastle tbh.
  4. Id say Walker was ahead of his time. So intelligent and a classy finisher. SJM would have to be fitter obviously but his way of being johnny on the spot was fuckin genius. Hed do fuck all, all game, then pop up with tap in. Both would deffo cut it today imo. Our crop of strikers could only dream of having their natural ability.
  5. Im boycotting this bullshit. That'll learn em How theyve managed to sell 58k tickets for it is beyond me. Hope the PPV is the lowest ever.
  6. Cant see anyone credible to replace him tbh. Not English anyway.
  7. Ewood Park and that's Jack Walker.
  8. We create enough chances to win games comfortably imo. Its not the managers fault Dion Charles has gone blind. He had enough to wrap the win up last night in the last 5 minutes alone. He cant wipe their arses.
  9. Aus/USA Barney Rubble for me.
  10. ....and the manager changes personnel every single week. That isnt ignoring it. In fact its completely the opposite. Hes overthinking it if anything.
  11. What should we do? Change our system every week? Or just get better at implementing the system we train all week for?
  12. What happened last night?! @green genie
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