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  1. Think people need to watch a bit of Mick Lynch and actually listen to what hes saying.
  2. Dentists Vets Airports Weddings Funerals Name your fucking price. Nobody will ever not pay it.
  3. Been fine viewing. Reminds me of Barca toying with them in 94 with Romario and co.
  4. Id say he's being silenced because of his agenda with the MSM. Hes without doubt on to something. None of it sits right.
  5. Hes still coining a wage at Blackpool despite being out of contract. Injury happened on their watch and all that. Lives in the hotel at the ground.
  6. https://www.chroniclelive.co.uk/news/north-east-news/dangerous-driver-footballer-gary-madine-27749755 Waste of space this cunt.
  7. It would help if folk knew how to behave round dogs and respect them for what they are. Dont bend over the dog and instantly waft your hand its face. Nobody would like that done to them. Dont approach any dog without asking the owner first either. Get on their level and let them sniff the palm of your hand. They soon figure you're not a threat and you soon find out if the dogs is sound or not. See so many people fanny about dogs. They sense nob heads.
  8. Its bloody barbaric here. 60mph winds yesterday, still big gusts today with sheeting rain. Doesnt normally strike this early. Tail ends of 2 fuck off hurricanes apparently
  9. https://youtube.com/shorts/5PjkEGEUYoY?si=zKqo0gsB1vD3uqSh Wont let me embed it zico
  10. Last saw him riding against the wind near Gynn Sqaure. Pulled up along side and asked him if he wanted a lift. He just puffed his red cheeks out and said piss off
  11. She said he was reciting a piece on Leninism whilst he did it.
  12. Lay under a F reg Ford Escort dressed as Macho Man Randy Savage.
  13. A lot of mixed up folk about with all this. Right leaning gammons against cancel culture and protecting free speech backing a pompous lefty with outspoken views about the establishment. Likewise his hordes of lefty commy snowflake screecher mates having him cancelled.
  14. Reading won 9-0 tonight.
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