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  1. gonzo


    Id rather the day trippers stay at home. Moaning cunts make it too busy and the atmosphere shitter than normal.
  2. gonzo


    Simon Jordon was brilliant today on the matter. Theyre hoping to have Mel Morris on tomorrow.
  3. Is there actually any need for that response?
  4. They won't be on peanuts. Shows there's a bit of dosh somewhere.
  5. Ive just told my lad evatt is leaving for forest. Hes crying and Im going to kill myself.
  6. The depressive bastard in me worries about him getting poached
  7. Sorry to rake over old ground and you know I love you dearly...but what? The behaviour of the Hungarians? Not.racist?
  8. What kind of a nonce makes kick off anyway.
  9. We should start an hour before kick off. All different stances for all subjects of abuse. LGBT should be a belter.
  10. What stance could we do for that one then? Maybe a cowering motion or summet.
  11. I see loads of stuff I dont like or agree with every day. I dont stand there booing at it though.
  12. Yeah they should raise a straight right arm with a flat hand.
  13. Absolutely heartbreaking. Like said above I hope the rest of his time is as peaceful and pain-free as possible. Love to all x
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